Peaceful Kyoto: Golden Pavilion and Gold Leaf Ice Cream!

Want to eat some gold, Haruchan? Mmmm! Hahaha, Haru! I’m ready to eat some gold! Haru! You should have saw Haru’s expression! You’ll see it later. This is very pretty right here. How is it? It’s good! It’s that one. That one there, huh? Yeah. Cool. This cool stamp dude. Where we at? Ryoan-ji? We’re at Ryoan-ji! What do you think of the rock garden, Kaisho? Isn’t it a rock park? Huh? Isn’t it a rock park? Sure. Koen, ne? Koen [park]. What’s up buddy? You think you’re gonna get in there? What do you think? It’s beautiful! This is what we want our garden yard to look like someday. Someday. Yeah, it’s definitely one of
the most beautiful and peaceful gardens. Beautiful maple trees. It’s cool! It’s cool? 15 years ago George took me on
my first international vacation. Before that I had never left the United States. On that trip we went to Thailand and Japan. While we were in Thailand he proposed to me on a long tail boat on the beautiful blue water and I said “yes!”. Then we headed off to Japan where we met up with some friends and took the Shinkansen bullet train. One of my favorite sites while we were
in Japan was Kinkaku-ji, the golden temple. I remember when I first saw it I told
George that’s what I want our house to look like someday. I may not be as
obsessed with gold anymore now as I once was, but whenever I think
of my dream home it’s definitely Japanese influenced. We’re here! We made it, Kaisho? Yep! Just in time, huh? Yeah. It actually is after 5pm already, but it looks like we made it, since there’s people waiting here. What are we getting, Kaisho? This right here? Matcha, and with the sprinkles! We’re here to get some gold leaf ice cream. Nice! We got our gold leaf ice cream. It has real food-grade gold leaf on it. Some match ice cream under there and red beans. Kaisho’s favorite! They also serve vanilla, but Kaisho really wanted the matcha. Let’s try it! You want to eat some gold, Haruchan? Mmmmm! Hahaha. Haru! I’m ready to eat some gold! You should’ve saw Haru’s expression. You’ll see it later. Mmmm! The gold leaf just melts. Boomchan, how is that? Oishi? Totemo oishi? Yeah, the gold leaf just melts right in your mouth. You’re getting some minerals in your body today, huh? They use stone-ground matcha and raw milk cream for making their ice cream, so this is some high-quality ice cream. And gold to boot! Oooh, look at my spoon! I’ts gold now! Wow, look at that! Do you want to try a bite yourself? Thanks for sharin’. Oh, Harumi wants some. Are you eaitng a mochi ball? Is that why you’re chewing so long? Is that why you’re being quiet, Kaisho? I see some gold leaf hanging off on this side there. This ice cream is really good quality. You can really taste the creaminess. Very creamy, yes. How’s the gold, Kaisho? Just melts in your mouth? Like Kobe beef? You better get some more George, before it’s gone! I don’t know if Boomchan is going to save me any or not. That’s the best matcha ice cream we’ve ever had! You can really tell the way it’s made with the raw cream and high-quality matcha. And Kaisho is fishing for the mochi ball at the bottom. He found it. Eat it, eat it before you drop it, eat it! Seriously, eat it before you drop it! Before you make a huge mess. Hey, Haru Haru. Yummy stuff! It was worth the $10.

5 thoughts on “Peaceful Kyoto: Golden Pavilion and Gold Leaf Ice Cream!

  1. Hey guys! You did an amazing job filming~! It's super relaxing and meditative 🙂 The kiddos eating ice cream is precious!!! Hugs hugs hugs <3 Keiko

  2. Looks soooo good and I definitely want to try it. Do you have any suggestions for places that are dairy free? We have a dairy and peanut allergy in the family.

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