Private Banking Pathway

So my name is Andrew Jordan. I joined on the
2015 Private Banking Graduate scheme with RBS and in that time I’ve rotated through
various departments in our private banking brands and I recently rolled off the programme
to be a specialist mortgage advisor. So if I was to give a fellow graduate a reason
to join the bank as a grad, I think it would be the opportunity to affect change. The bank
is really going through a period of transformation right now, and graduates have been at the
forefront of that. And I think that’s really because graduates come in with fresh ideas,
and the bank has been very good to tap into that thinking. So I think my proudest moment so far is having
my first client buy her first property. She was a young client, about the same age as
me and she didn’t know anything about mortgages or anything about lending, she was clearly
a little bit anxious to get this house bought, and I was able to take all of that stress
and deal with it myself and it was a fantastic moment to be able to call her at the end and
tell her the money was on its way and she was going to be able to buy that property. As a graduate, I feel I’ve been given plenty
of opportunities since I’ve joined and that’s because you rotate through different departments,
so you get a real chance to experience different parts of the bank. Often when opportunities
do come up, you’re often right at the front of the queue as a graduate because you’ve
had so much exposure to the wider bank throughout your scheme. I’m very lucky in that my office environment
is very very sociable and also I’ve met a lot of friends through the graduate scheme,
so there’s a lot of kind of networking events for graduates, but also we do our own thing,
we’re all friends in our own life, whether that’s just going to play football on a
Saturday afternoon, going to the pub after work every now and then, I think we’ve all
really bonded really well just through the experience of the scheme. In five years’ time, I’d think like to
manage my own team. I’d really like to grow my client group to a large size where I can
be selective around who I take on and work with as individuals. I think I’d really
like to have a couple of my own grads to look after as well.

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