Putin: Russia Is Facing Attempts To Artificially & Crudely Marginalize Russian Language In The World

Good afternoon, colleagues and friends.
I would like to begin as usual by saying a few words. The topics that we discuss and that are linked with our native tongue, the Russian language, the state language of Russia, are certainly some of the most important both for the country as a whole and for each citizen, for our compatriots and millions of people all over the world who speak Russian and use it in their work, creative projects and as a means of communication. Uniquely rich, versatile and multi-faceted, the Russian language is undoubtedly part of the world’s cultural heritage. But first and foremost, it is important for this country, for Russia, where it forms the basis of the mental and historical community of dozens of original cultures and peoples, and to a large extent ensures the sovereignty, unity and identity of the Russian nation. We, our country, bear tremendous responsibility for preserving, developing and spreading the Russian language and Russian literature, all the more so now that we are facing attempts to oust artificially, and I would like to emphasize this, crudely, to reduce absolutely unceremoniously the space of the Russian language in the world and to oust it to the periphery. The war on the Russian language is not being declared only by the inveterate Russophobes, as we are witnessing – this is an open secret, and by all kinds of fringe groups, but also by active and aggressive nationalists. Regrettably, in some countries, this is becoming the official government policy. But what stands behind this policy, and we must realise this clearly, is again pressure and direct violation of human rights, including the right to a native language, culture and historical memory. Under the circumstances, we face two equally important tasks. The first is to ensure a befitting level of knowledge and literacy for Russian citizens, and, hence, make the Russian language competitive and appealing on a global scale as a modern, living and dynamically developing means of communication. The second task is to provide efficient informational, educational and humanitarian support for the Russian language environment abroad. Much has been done in these areas recently. The issues of the Russian language and literature are reflected in our country’s key program documents and occupy a major place in the foundations of the state cultural policy and the strategy for the development of information society. The concept of teaching the Russian language and literature in Russia and the concept of state support and promotion of Russian abroad have been adopted as well. However, there are a number of aspects that require special attention. First, I am referring to improving the quality of training teachers for all levels of education, and creating the necessary conditions for the development of literary, linguistic, and educational initiatives, including those from our public associations. The media should also play a role. They can contribute to creating and promoting the relevant content, but the level, condition, and culture of the Russian language used in the Russian media industry, including the digital landscape, is also important. Furthermore, I would like to separately consider matters of legal support for Russian language development. Like all multinational countries, Russia sees its language policy as a priority for the state and a sensitive issue for society. It needs to be weighted, balanced and relevant; it needs to meet modern trends, and to be flexible and responsive to their changes. In this regard, it seems appropriate to review the respective clauses in current legislation and make the necessary adjustments, primarily to the Federal Law On the State Language of the Russian Federation adopted back in 2005, and of course, to the Law On Languages of the Peoples of the Russian Federation, which turned 28 last month. It is advisable to entrust this work to the Interdepartmental Commission on the Russian Language, so I ask the Government, with the expert support of the members of our council, to approve its new members and to update its authority. At the same time, I would like to emphasize that improving the legal framework and the norms of the Russian language themselves should not imply any revolutionary change, let alone any vulgar simplifications in punctuation or spelling. On the contrary, improvement implies endorsing norms that actually make our language so vibrant and expressive, and one of the most harmonious, metaphorical, and beautiful in the world. Along with updating the legislation, I also ask you to start working on a single corpus of dictionaries, reference books, and grammar books containing the norms of the modern literary language when it is used as the state language of the Russian Federation. They should become mandatory for use by all state agencies, including government bodies – the executive, judicial, and legislative bodies, schools, and mass media. Once again, our goal is to create an active and holistic language policy that will ensure the preservation and development of the Russian language and Russian literature both in Russia and around the world. The professional community’s involvement in addressing this problem is crucial. I ask the members of the Russian Language Council to get involved in this work. Colleagues, your expertise is in great demand today.

100 thoughts on “Putin: Russia Is Facing Attempts To Artificially & Crudely Marginalize Russian Language In The World

  1. Russia need have no fear. The Literature and Music of the Russian Language are without peer. The Russian Language is one of the most expressive, complete languages on earth. All this silly nonsense will fall away as the United States comes to grip with it's own collapse. The United States barely has a language of its own, and it's literature is very young. A flash in the pan.

  2. What happens? Are the politicians are mad 😠? In eighties a young man prophecy that USA will take the place of Soviet Union and Russia will be the democracy. Also a evangelical pastor told do not worry the Soviet Union because one day I will go to bed and when I awake no more Soviet Union. That prophecy was more than 20 years before happened. This pastor and the young men they do not know each other. Well Ukraine now very bossy because Soviet fall but before they kissing Russia behind. Sorry 😐 because my words. But It’s the true.

  3. Just when I'm learning the Russian language, some in the Ukraine and other places are trying to ban it! Not cool. Keep speaking your language. We must ignore the globalist and liars who push Russiaphobia to the extremes.

  4. "Vulgar simplifications" seems like a way of saying that the rather charming "local" colloquial Russian won't be tolerated. I say the everyday Russian has charm AND value.
    Like when someone calls a young girl "DoshKA" or "little daughter" as a way of showing fondness. Is that proper Russian? No. But does that give you a wonderful texture to the language? Yes.
    In English, a similar word to DoshKa would be "Sweetie" which Southerners do; but it's not the same.

  5. Am from India, in our childhood we use to get monthly Magzines / booklet about USSR history, culture , politics , education but not any more.
    Would like to see it happen again.

  6. I learned conversational Russian in about six months online with a great teacher here in the US. The more you get into it, the more you appreciate the language.

  7. As an American I totally respect that and don’t want the language to change. If I ever come there, it’ll be hard for me but I’ll learn while I’m there, and hope people will help me to learn. Being in the U.S., it would be to difficult to learn and master it here.

  8. The vocabulary of science and technology are already almost universal. As the world becomes more inter connected and technology spreads, this vocabulary will become universal. All languages will have to work with this reality.

  9. Я самостоятельно изучаю русский язык два года назад. русский язык лучший .

  10. This motherfuckin shit face should better explain why in his country idiots from the police and other security forces earn 100 000 ruble/month and a doctor in medicine 25 000?
    He thinks, russians don't need medical care and have to stay poor. The people see more and more what a piece of shit that guy is.

  11. Russian sounds very difficult….but our language….Afrikaans (South African white's language),also under attack by the black haters and black ANC govt.😢😢😢

  12. Stop using the artificial, Anglo constructed, Western Universities Humanities Departments word, "Eurasia". These people are the ones who invented the entire PC movement, the entire #MeToo slash and burn tool; the entire NeoLib movement which invented the entire of of transgender, racism, sexism, out of whole cloth. 2 people wrote a trashy idiot book and it's all come from that. These are the people who pushed the Franklin School, the Gramsci ideology, the entire NeoLib. And they also invented the idea of forcing you to ditch your identity as Northern People whose nation, Russia is unique, for some amorphous, vague, arbitrary, argued over idea called "Eurasia". And you bought it. Ditch it fast, now, for something objective and Geographical – and make sure no-one ever gets to address you as anything other than Russia.

  13. Here are my thoughts about Baltic states harassing ethnic Russian residents. Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania have completely different languages with about 2 million native speakers each. Those simply are useless languages. I feel sorry that ethnic Russians are forced to learn dying languages in those mini states. If it was a more prominent European language, be it English, German of French, then sure, all citizens would need to be able to speak it. But Estonian? Lol, i speak eStonian if i get Stoned.
    The general tendency in the world is reducing number of languages. The continent like Africa, fragmented in so many languages, is at disadvantage.

  14. I’m learning Russian it’s a beautiful language. Most important the people are very well educated and you can have great conversations with them. Many speak English.

    Long live Russia

  15. Wait can somone tell me who is trying to do this, is it china. China one China Policy? I know they are trying to get rid of RUSSIAN language in the upcoming years after President Putin is out of OFFICE DID they already start

  16. I don't think so, I'm meeting more and bolshoi people that want to learn Russian. I will start again learning Rusky on the Internet as soon as I have more peace of mind, I also want to learn basic Manderin.

  17. Don't understand this complaint. Guess Putin has to have some ax to grind so the restless natives believe he is thinking of them.

  18. They attacking Russia now? Lol.. The two greatest minds (Trump and Putin)

    We stand with Russia. Take away language, you dont exist.

  19. Good night Mr. Putin just a reminder that I will be going into Nassau on the 7th-Thursday afternoon and in need of assistance please. My husband to accompany myself, medical assistance, housing, protection, and transportation. Thank you for any help you can provide along with the assigned Leaders such as Yourself and Governing Systems, The Holy Father Pope Francis my Spiritual Leader Advocator and Adviser, The International Courts, The Monarch Great Britain and my husband Prince Charles. Your cooperation, support and safety measures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, God bless you, PEACE.

  20. Даваи России!!! Даваи Владимирович Путин!!! Рускии отлично!!! Я изучаю русский язык в моя дома!!! Disculpen los errores, un saludo al gran pueblo Ruso!!!!!

  21. (Original text)

    I have been learning the Cyrillic alphabet. I find Russian fascinating. A very logical language unlike English. Speaking Russian is difficult, there are some sounds similar to Spanish; how they roll the R’s. I like the way it is also phonetic like Spanish. modern English is kinda a mutt language that steals useful words from all other languages.

    (Google translation)

    Я изучал кириллицу. Я нахожу русский интересным. Очень логичный язык в отличие от английского. Говорить по-русски сложно, есть звуки, похожие на испанский; как они катят Р. Мне нравится, что он также фонетический, как испанский. современный английский язык является своего рода дурацким языком, который крадет полезные слова из всех других языков.

    (Using google translate to reverse check what I’m saying in Russian: it’s more rude than intended due to loss in translation?)

    “I studied Cyrillic. I find Russian interesting. Very logical language in contrast to English. Speaking Russian is difficult; there are sounds similar to Spanish; how they roll R. I like that he is also phonetic, like Spanish. Modern English is a kind of wacky language that steals useful words from all other languages.”

  22. Russians must start making more babies. At least 500 millions Russians for Russia is not enough. You are getting stronger but no people to keep it moving. So let young people go wild and vicious…more babies won't hurt !

  23. The Russian language is one of the most beautiful language, I love it very much. But the problem is it’s hard to learn to understand or to speak, because other non-Russian tongues and ears are not familiar to.

  24. Russian is a beautiful language and I'm currently fully invested in learning it. It's worth it for many reasons, including for listening to Putin's speeches that are so full of wisdom compared to the emptiness of other politicians 🙂

  25. I love hearing President Putin speak and hearing his feelings of love for his country, culture and people. As an American, I am saddened by our leaders (other than Trump) belittle our people, our country, and our achievements. America was enriched by Russian immigrants and settlers and I love their homeland as well.

  26. Mr. President Putin sir you remain a light of hope, as we watch helplessly as our western nations have succumbed to the twisted diseased mindset we see from the left, destruction of culture, heritage, rewriting history, brainwashing our children and the moral decay we are witnessing should be enough to detour any other from allowing a similar such fate.

  27. Seems to be talking about Latvia, Ukraine, all the ex soviet countries. Which now have independent free democratic governments who decide what official language they will speak in their own country. Too bad the Soviet Union collapsed and made all those democratic countries. Big problem now for Putin.

  28. why are true christian countries like russia,poland,hungar,etc not taking any anctions against christians being oppressed and prosecuted in canada,uk and the us(dont believe me watch @christforgivness).pastor david lynn
    how let other countries critize you for so called "human rights violation" for promoting tradition family nad child innocence by having the anti gay propaganda law,
    But stand silent while the westen countries prosecute and humiliate whites and christians?
    please cover those western hipocratical satanists!

  29. The Americans want to destroy all other cultures around the world and replace it with their superficial Mickey mouse and Hollywood culture.

  30. Nobody cares about Russia’s small influence. Or language it’s not going to become universal. Is long is China’s still your daddy.

  31. In my opinion, in order to properly form the human soul and to know the divine grace of this world, it is necessary to understand the language of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy…

  32. Good speech 👏 Imo Russian is not going anywhere but into the future. I see comments all over the place like "I love Russian" and " I want to learn" also "Russians a cool language I am so glad I learned it".
    Looks pretty positive to me.

  33. I am Nigerian and we in Nigeria have lost our mother tongues to English, so i urge that Russians should beware of this calamity. I proudly speak Yoruba(my mother tongue), English and Russian. I wish i can trade my absolute fluency of English language for absolute fluency in Русскый язык.

  34. So what’s the point!?? Addressing these type of prejudices!??? Are you planning to make the Russian language an international language!?? Waste of time!???😠

  35. Хотелось бы , что бы когда нибудь Русский язык опять стал Образным. Что бы слово Русский писалось с одной буквой С. Но это наверное ни когда не случиться, по крайней мере в обозримом будущем.

  36. Language culture and customs must be preserved at all costs. Its what seperates one nation from the other. There can be no bargain about this.

  37. தன் தாய் மொழியை நேசிப்பவன் இப்படி தான் பேசுவான், ரஷ்ய மக்களுக்கு நல்ல தலைவன் இருக்கிறான்.
    தமிழ் உலகத்தின் பழமையான மொழிகளில் ஒன்று சொல்ல போனால் உலகத்தின் ஆதி மொழி. ஏன் இந்திய நாடு மட்டும் தமிழ் மொழியை அழிக்க துடிக்கிறது. தமிழனுக்கு நாடும் இல்லை தலைவனும் இல்லை அதனால் போல.

  38. Talking about the ex-Soviet states? Of course we can only admire the magnificent cultural, musical and technological achievements, as well as stoicism and determination, of our Russian neighbours, but it is not realistic to expect Russian to become a global language, as there is no need for it, and it is remote.



  40. Incidentally, President Putin has been teaching me Russian. I am in the U.S., learning Russian on my own, so I watch his speeches. It is such a beautiful language.

  41. Am in Kenya, East Africa and have started learning Russian. I wish i could get a friend i can be communicating with.

  42. Beautiful. I have been learning Russian here in Canada and it is very hard to find physical literature unless i order it online and wait weeks for it to arrive. Even then most times it's just a PDF and i have to print it off myself. The world needs to get along already so we can easily learn each others languages with ease and break this language barrier.

  43. out of all the languages i've listened to i have to say that Russian is the most beautiful. i've slowly been learning it here and there and it's actually QUITE easy once you understand the base/core of the alphabet is Greek with phonetics and all. if you really want to increase the number of Russian speakers you should outdo those language learning apps and make one for free! it will get people engaged in learning, just need to make it fun! you could even make one that's an "Augmented Reality" that identifies objects using the phones camera and display the words on screen for the corresponding objects! it would be immersive and something that people would pick up on very quickly! i can already see people walking down the street enjoying learning a new language in a cool new way! i got into learning Russian through the beautiful music and culture and when i have time am slowly picking up more and more words and phrases! it's a far cry from washed out trash they spoon feed us here in the US… just the same thing rewritten over and over again… even our movie makers have run out of ideas and they've been rewriting and remaking older videos and stealing from one another just to put their own spin on things…

    the only culture the US has is politics, religion and one of a globalist agenda… i laugh knowing that 9/11 was entirely our fault in that we had to go into Afghanistan back in the 70's just to deny Russia a footing on the global stage, we created the cancer that was the Taliban that has now grown into ISIS over the last 5 decades! unlike a lot of people here in the US i see our gov't for what it really is and it doesn't speak for it's people! our country is finally peaked it's "Golden Age" and is currently on it's way to a crash both economically and politically! i wish we could all end the wars and constant fight over resources while raping these 3rd world countries and trying to deny each other any attempt at growing this world into something we all can be proud of. i'm not religious and actually find it detrimental to society as a whole but understand that people do need something to believe in, i just wish it was each other more so than anything; one rule in particular that many of the would be "christian's" here in the US seem to ignore is "love thy neighbor"… in fact most of them just ignore all the rules while bragging and fighting over their religious rights and freedoms… religion here in the US is more of a cancer that is eating away at our culture-less society.

  44. Mr. President Putin, myself, daughter Gabrielle and husband Prince Charles are going to Nassau Bahamas for Medical assistance. Thank you so much Sir, God bless you and your Governing Systems, PEACE.

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