¿Qué está pasando con Ethereum? – Bitmain sufre modificaciones | #18 Noticias del Mundo Cripto

Hello everyone, my name is Juan, welcome
to our weekly news summary on cryptocurrencies. Ethereum: what is happening? “Hard fork” by Ethereum: a very event
expected within the crypto universe and definitely the most important of the year. Ethereum Constantinople is the name of the
new update of the network. Surely you heard or read about some
of the Bitcoin forks: in this way they were born Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, for example. These bifurcations usually create a
parallel currency and with different value from the original. But why not with Ethereum? It happens that in this case the fork has the support
TOTAL of the entire Ethereum community. When there is no disagreement, the changes
in the protocol they have everyone aboard the same boat. This means that no one is left with one
old version of Ethereum. Because of this it is considered an update
before a fork proper. At least that’s how Vitalik wants to communicate it
Buterin (the creator of Ethereum). In a nutshell, this update optimizes
the execution and verification of contracts smart and off-chain channels that work
outside the block chain, something similar Bitcoin Lightning Network, reduces the
reward of the blocks and increases the Mining difficulty. Technically, this is a big step towards
the change of the Proof of Work method by Proof of Stake, which would eliminate mining in Ethereum
completely. It is undoubtedly a key moment for Ethereum,
the most popular crypto after Bitcoin and the main platform for smart contracts. Bitmain changes leader and leaves another branch Bitmain, the giant of cryptocurrency mining,
closes its offices in Amsterdam. This news comes after massive layoffs
and the closure of its offices in Israel, what we had already talked about in another episode. According to South China Morning Post, a recognized
middle of China, the project leaders Jihan Wu and Ketuan Zhan would be giving a
step aside and appointing a new CEO for the company. This massive restructuring began just
during the Bitcoin Cash fork, as this cryptocurrency is part of a strongly faction
backed by the founder of Bitmain. Followed by this, the current “bear market”
of Bitcoin did not help a recovery either fast of the company. Bitmain recently launched its IPO to offer
publicly shares in the company. These sudden movements worry the
investors that came betting strong to that Bitmain remains the great power in
crypto mining all over the world. They hacked Cryptopia! Cryptopia, the cryptocurrency exchange based
in New Zealand, known for listing a huge amount of cryptocurrencies, stopped their
operations after receiving an attack. This became the first massive hack
of this type so far in 2019. The exchange announced the news on Twitter,
indicating that the site “suffered a violation of safety that resulted in significant losses “,
but still the executives did not give information about the value of the losses, the tokens
and the affected currencies or the measures for reimburse users. The Cryptopia website uploaded an announcement
which says: “Cryptopia is currently in non-scheduled maintenance mode. We will be back soon.” Meanwhile, the Whale Twitter account
Alert published that more than 3 and a half million of dollars in ether and other tokens were
transferred from the Cryptopia wallets towards an address unknown on January 13,
but at the moment it’s not clear if those funds were moved by the perpetrator
or by the same exchange. These were the most important news
of the crypto world this week. Do not forget to subscribe and ring the bell
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