Redbull And Milk Challenge! (GFUEL EDITION)

100 thoughts on “Redbull And Milk Challenge! (GFUEL EDITION)

  1. Milk in a bag sounds good. I always remember the guy from Scooby Doo Kids selling brown paper bags filled with soup XD

  2. well im sick at math but I was thinking about buying gfuel with the 30% off. but I was buying for 5,99 and it put -0,59 for code that wasnt right huh?

  3. After drinking that, I imagined a bear eating an entire bee hive's worth of honey and roaring to the forest lol. True champion, Pete.

  4. I just spent 11 minutes watching a muscular Canadian chug down 700 milligrams of caffeine and milk.

  5. I'm bragging about eating 2 burgers in the time of 2 minutes. And this guy puts me to shame by drinking a week's worth of milkshakes in less than a minute. Damn

  6. That would seriously give me a heart attack. All that caffeine 😷🙊 Even one redbull gives me heart palpitations and anxiety attacks.

  7. Considering you took twice the recommended daily amount of GFuel all at once, I'm sure that's what played hell with your health.

    I drink the Blue Ice stuff with milk all the time in smaller amounts, and it tastes about halfway between a Strawberry milkshake and a Shamrock shake. The most it ever gives me is fruity burps.

  8. Try Eating a entire ( 3 ) Red velvet Cakes with a lot of White Icing and Drizzled with chocolate syrup and drink ( 3 ) cups of Chai tea

    Don't Use skips or forward skips or time lap Don't !!!!

    It's a challenge will you accept my challenge? Yes or No

  9. People saying where is the red bull do you see that it says gfuel edition that is meant to replace the red bull it wasn’t a mistake he made

  10. You never did the red bull and milk challenge lol. That's like saying, hey pour me a glass of Orange juice to go with my breakfast and you come back with orange Gatorade.

  11. Not to hate because I'm in team furious but more came on the table than it came down your throat .(not a hater )

  12. I got chest pains just by watching this. More caffeine than red bull? And 6 packages of it? That's a stroke in a cup

  13. pete, i´m still waiting for the german-mre taste test 😉 you can find them on amazon. just search for epa. you will find it^^

  14. What about your British friends? Come on man we pretty much made canada then let the french settle with us :p

  15. this video has indeed the wrong title…..where is the redbull!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    L.A. Beast did a real video with redbull and milk!!!

  16. I’m a girl, but I play football!!! I always have a nice glass of Blue Ice GFUEL before practice and games!!! GFUEL is lit!!!

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