Ripple Effect // TEASER

– Pretty early on David and
Megan shared with me their story about how he had sprung on
her soon before their wedding that they were gonna be Christians. I just found that incredibly funny. – There’s always that thing that comes out during the engagement, before a wedding, that stops the wedding. I was like, “Well I’m just gonna
bite the bullet and do it.” And I said, “Hey honey, one of the things “that I want is a couple Bible
verses in our wedding vows.” – And I said, “Why?” And he said- – “Well, we’re gonna raise our family and we’re gonna raise
our kids as Christians.” and (laughs) this was news to Megan. – And just so you know that
when we do have children, I wanna take our kids
to church on Sundays. – What? (laughs) So, that was how the conversation went and it was kind of an
argument at that point. – I guess I didn’t realize what was going to take place afterwards. I just wanted to have
a couple Bible verses and go to church on Sundays. (contemplative music)

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