Ripple Foods Wants You to Drink More Peas

Ripple makes milk from yellow peas, and
yellow peas are really high in protein and we use that protein in a way where
it’s ultra pure and that allows us to make products that taste like yummy
delicious milk. It’s a great source of protein, it’s lower in sugar and it’s really rich and creamy the way that dairy should be. Alternatives to dairy are needed because the dairy industry is actually the largest contributor of
greenhouse gas emissions in our food ecosystem. 25% of all food-related greenhouse gas
emissions come from the dairy industry, and that’s more than beef, more than chicken, it’s six times more than eggs. We make milk products, we
make plant-based half in halves, we make kids’ milks, we make yogurts. Our biggest line is our line of non-dairy milks. In the lab we do everything from our
protein work to analytical work. We break down the peas and extract
the protein out of the peas and then our pilot plant that’s where we’re able to test out
lots of new ideas and new ingredient techniques that allow us to create
foodsthat are nutritious and delicious. Peas are very sustainable on their own.
On top of that, they’re grown in amazing places in places that don’t need a whole lot of water. Nuts, almonds for example, use a huge amount of water. Peas grow where
it rains so it doesn’t have that problem. Carbon footprint’s much lower because you don’t have to move water around so there’s a lot of benefits there. Ripple Foods is a certified B Corporation. We’re also a public benefit corporation meaning
we’re incorporated as a company that exists to create social and
environmental benefit. Our products are all non-GMO, and we use
a lot of organic ingredients too. The product tastes great. The
customer feedback that we get is unbelievable. People love the product. Now we’re in over 10,000
retail outlets in the United States and growing rapidly. We manufacture in different locations primarily
to cut down on the miles traveled. Miles traveled obviously adds cost but it also adds carbon emissions to our supply chain. All of Ripple’s bottles are made from 100%
post-consumer recycled plastic that is in turn recyclable. In just the last year, we’ve saved over a hundred and seventy-five billion gallons of water, we’ve saved almost
20 million pounds of carbon emission, and we’ve gotten people
five hundred tons more protein and five hundred tons less sugar,
so we’re really proud of those impacts. To us, it’s important that we drive that
environmental innovation that will allow our food system to become more sustainable. What I’m so excited about with Ripple Foods is the opportunity to really fuel
a revolution in the way that we eat towards something that’s more healthy for us and more healthy for the world.

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