welcome back guys a script Oracle here and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about XRP so guys in this video we’re gonna talk about if X up he could make you a millionaire in the future so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna look at some key articles and some numbers because this video is speculative but we’re gonna look at numbers because numbers do not lie we could look at a new saying X RP will go to $10 hundred dollars and five eight nine dollars or whatever some people are saying but we’re gonna look at some numbers and tell you what x RP needs to be for you to be a millionaire we’re gonna look at two scenarios so guys without further ado let’s get into the video so first question you need to ask yourself is do you believe in ripple and x RP do you believe in x RP do you think x RP will get used do you think x RP will get adopted because ripple and x RP are different you need to be aware of that X Rapids is the ripple product that actually uses X RP which is what we need so 1 1 so that was the first question you to ask yourself if you believe if you do not believe in report do not huddle report and and just hold repo cause someone told you it will make a millionaire you need to do your own research about repo happy so guys so the second question I said do you believe the first question is do you believe in report do not believe in report get out I don’t want you to be huddling in and spent that you don’t be spending your mortgage money on on XRP because someone on the internet told you to buy x RP do your own research if you believe in x RP after you’ve done your research you can do your own research yourself you can watch my videos you can watch other people’s videos and then make that decision so that if the question to you first our question is yes I do believe in you it’s that the answer to your first question is that you do believe in report carry on watching this video so I’ll do a quick and price prediction for all x RP the main value proposition is if you look at the number of money that’s been transferred in the world 155 trillion dollars across the border and the monopoly is currently owned by Swift so if x RP can get a small percentage of that think about what the price of x RP could be and if you look at the the security and all the positive that XRP has this could be a potential where I’m not saying exactly we’ll get to $10 $20 but it’s just a potential XRP we’ll need to keep delivering there are some negative some heart that I’ve talked about report XRP and ripple in the past about it being centralized or some of the negatives I’ve talked about in this channel I like to look at the positive and the negative and I want you to make your own decision so if it can happen XRP could get to a crazy amount of value so this is the kind of the main argument around it and there’s it’s not just myself saying that there’s a lot of people talking about $10 hundred dollars and it looks at the supply the current price and future potential so with that in mind how much what does report price need to be for you to be a millionaire so I’m going to look at two scenarios the first scenario is if report can get to $5 what will how much report will you have to hold so if ripple can get to $5 so first of all let’s look at what’s the percentage increase for ripple to get to $5 oops 5 divided by not point 28 just do double check my mats and I’m doing it over here so ripple will need to go up by almost 1,800 percent if ripple goes up by 1800 percent that would mean that ripple can get XRP look if XRP get goes up by and 18 hundred percent or it goes up by 18 times then rip XRP will get to $5 if x RP can get to 5 dollars how much x RP will you need to huddle to be a millionaire so to do that we can do a million divided by 5 you will need to hold 200,000 x RP to be a millionaire if ripple gets to $5 and if ripple gets to $10 the situation plur it will be a hundred I said slightly slim place it’s a big ask it really gets to a $5 or $10 guys it will be the dream so if you hope if you’re if you’re holding a hundred thousand XRP and ripple gets to $10 you will be a XRP millionaire again sorry I’m trying to mix it up my rib for an exile because I’ve always been saying ripple as exile piece apologies for that I mean XRP see if you hurdle 100,000 XRP and XRP it gets to $10 you will be an x RP millionaire so that was the kind of the gist of the video and again this is very speculative video I’m not saying it would be it will get to $10 and you’ll be a millionaire it’s just just like speculative video I want to do to do a quick update on reporter technical analysis but I’ve been a bit disappointed with the market crash so I thought a speculative light-hearted video might make you feel better about yourself and if you’re hardening report I thought Ripa would get better would get a big bounce there from the six one eight level I actually bought ripple around there it bounced up but it couldn’t a Bitcoin crashed again and it went down again I think we were pulleys in a strong position if ripple can break through that trendline and our size our saw is looking good there’s a MACD crossed and we need the volume to come through and if ripple can make break through that air resistance line and I’m expecting a Bitcoin bounce as well so report could be going up in the short-term and ripple needs to stay above I’d say 32 cents 33 cents if ripple can stay above that you can start being slightly bullish on your pop again we need to look at Bitcoin guys if Bitcoin is crashing so much is difficult to say so I wanted to do a technical analysis but due to what the market sentiment has been like and the market crash I thought I’d make this speculative light-hearted video to make you feel better about yourself today and one thing to notice guy ripple hasn’t crashed as much as Bitcoin and other currency especially theorems been getting hammered I’ve mentioned it tweets about short selling and selling your etherium so if you have sold etherium and that if you if you if you were holding a theorem and you sold it you must be happy about yourself so thank you very much for watching this video guys I hope you’ve enjoyed it what are you thoughts about ripple do you think it sorry what’s your thoughts about XRP do you think XRP can get to five dollars ten dollars what’s your future prediction for XRP I’d love to hear your thoughts guys leave your comments below about your XRP prediction fee so please subscribe to my channel guys I’ll make videos like speculative interesting videos like this I do not just read out news articles I’ll share my opinion on it so I try to be a bit creative with my videos as well so subscribe to my channel for more XRP and ripple videos and price prediction technical analysis and I will be uploading loads of interesting videos and let me know what videos you want me to make you want me to make more technical analysis more price predictions more news updates or talk about the technology a bit more just leave your comments below and I will be providing you that I’ve been making a lot of XR PV and ripple videos because people have been watching them and commenting on them so we’ll be making more so thank you very much for watching this video guys smash that like button subscribe to my channel turn on the notification button and share this video with your friends and family

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