Ripple (XRP) To Launch xRapid Solution Very Soon

welcome back guys I’m gonna shoot a
quick video on X Rapids and XRP guys so talk about Y X Rapids could be launching
quicker than expected and then as usual guys I’ll do a quick analysis for x RP
and where the price is going next so guys if you’ve been watching my videos
of to talk to about X Rapids a lot and what’s going on with X Rapids and the
price increase if you bought x RP when I made my videos and tweeted about it you
should be sitting on a good profit but guys I did the article that kicked it
off was M this this article where someone from repo someone in the popular
and reports a girl I can’t pronounce this guy’s name he came out and talked
about x RP X Rapids being launching within a month or so and if you if
you’re not aware guys X Rapids is is is one of the products for ripple that
actually uses X R P so the other ripple products don’t use x-ray m XR P so we
are really interested in X rapid skies and sunshine by the head of regulator
relationships were Asia and Pacific and Middle East a triple came out and said
it could launch within a month or so so this was huge huge news guys and XRP
rallied crazy guys I didn’t take as much profit as up to there I took my profits
before but still guys it was a great it was good to write that and write the XR
P wave an X up he actually launched the crypto bit of the crypto bounds usually
Bitcoin leads the run this time X from X RP led the bounce so it was good to see
that so why do I think that X Rapids could be launched quicker than a mile or
sooner than you expect this is because this guy c3 Nick is a great it’s
actually a good Twitter the Twitter account to follow I follow it and I
think you should as well it that he releases some good information
specifically about x RP as well so that he tweeted the ripa website now also
states that x RP may be used for liquidity by both X V R and X
current customers both access levels have the ability to settle transactions
instantly through XRP that does not mean that all ex current customer will use
xrp from day one and this was twitching a while ago so I don’t know when the
report so this is the Ripper website I don’t know when they updated it but this
is what it says he talks about how the ripple networks and you’re already where
the amount of partnerships reports go so it talks about XV r and x current which
do not listen do not use X Rapids but at the end of the video look at what
they’re sorry end of the video the bottom of the website this is what it
says access on-demand liquidity with digital assets both access levels have
ability to settle transactions instantly through XRP a digital asset used in
ripples X rapid product eliminate pre-funding in foreign accounts and send
payments 24/7 using XR P so this is this makes me think that X Rapids could
launch sooner than expected this guy said it could be launched within a month
or so about two weeks ago I believe early about two weeks ago I think it
could launch sooner guys I mean and when that launches guys we could see another
big price jump this was just a quick update guys I’m not saying I’m not this
is bit of this the front bit of it is bit speculative guys because I’m not
sure I’m not an ex-cop insider and although I make a lot of example videos
I’m not an expert on XRP and I have got my reservations and I’ve talked about
some of the negatives of XR P as well so and so that’s just my thoughts guys and
this makes me think that it could be launched sooner than expected I’m not
sure when there is the new weather is just happened occur within the last
couple of days or weather has happened before but this is interesting to see
and this guy posted a couple of days ago and so I think it is quite new that
they’ve updated on their website so X Rapids could learn sooner than expected
that could give a massive price jump so guys let’s do a bit of a technical
analysis and give you a quick update not much has changed guys I was so we still
where we were before so not much has changed one thing I was looking at was
where we get that bounce from the top it bounced at 50% it was a
strong bounce guys as you can see you probably could have got a good profit on
there I didn’t I didn’t played that trade what I am looking at is breaking
above this trendline guys and this is what one of my favorite trailers
whatever you kind of consolidate after a puller him after a bounce or a big bull
run I love to buy in at the breaker of the trendline this is something that I
looked look out for a lot so this is a strong potential that I am looking at if
it doesn’t break that trail line or if it kind of goes up and then breaks down
and I see there could be a potential bounce at the six one eight level and
the moving averages are moving up as well if not we have got some confluence
on the seven eight six level so those are two levels we’re looking at if it
doesn’t break above it if it breaks above it out you can expect it to
probably do a double top and then concert performing higher lows another
thing that I’m looking at is I didn’t I didn’t want to have everything on my
chart to make it confusing because few people said it can get really confusing
so M so I deleted another thing that I was looking at another thing that I’m
looking at on the daily timeframe is the inside inside bar guys a repo has formed
for in inside bar another inside bar guys and the break of the inside bar
could be a good entry and could break higher or lower we’re not sure but with
the X rapid launch it could break higher but the thing that that will determine
is where bed con goes as well where the whole cryptocurrency goes so this is
what we need to be looking at guys I don’t think it will break today tonight
hopefully it will break to the tomorrow because I’m going to bed soon and I
would like to be at my computer when when this plays out so the the thing
that will depend on where it goes above or below is where Bitcoin goes go so we
need to keep a close eye on Bitcoin and if you guys have been following me I’ve
started doing technical analysis videos on all the crypto top cryptocurrencies
in every couple of days so I’ll be doing a bit corn analysis tomorrow along with
repo XRP again so watch that video to find out a bit more about it but this is
what I’m looking at m4x RP and there are there are published some
trade plays that you can do on the shorter timeframe I’ve been quite busy
so I’ve not been playing those trades but there are potentially some trades
you can play on the 15-minute and the shorter timeframes but this is the trend
line that I am looking at guys you could have probably played it oversold bounce
on this level guys RSI it was quite oversold and you can see
the MACD histogram as well so you could have been potentially played a trade
there B and there are potential trades in the shorter time frame guys but I’m
not looking at them now but I am looking at is this daily inside bar break guys
this is the main trade I’m looking at for XRP there are other potential trades
you can do in the cryptocurrency market before XRP guys that is the key thing
that I’m looking at the inside bar break so thank you very much for watching guys
and I hope you’ve enjoyed it could excited about it could go up or low
could X rapid launch actually break those inside bars and those trend trend
lines and go up and we see another price up or could it push it down so that is
what we think you’re looking at guys hopefully for the because a lot of my
subscribers are XRP fans for the sake of the fans are hopefully it breaks up but
if it breaks down I’m probably gonna get out of it but again I’ve talked about
some support levels as well so thank you very much for watching this video guys I
hope you’ve enjoyed it hopefully in my next video when I talk about XRP they
will see another will see the breakout and we’ll see how it plays out so with
that in mind guys I’ll end this quick video that I made about XRP Rapids xxx
RPX Rapids and a technical analysis so thank you very much for watching this
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you very much you

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