Rocky About The – SPRO – Ripple Profighter 145

If the Ripple Pro runs about 2 meters deep… And the pikes are in 2 meters. Then I have the feeling I’m fishing the right way. And fish for them in the right depth. At this point I like it best to use this lure while trolling. Just because the fish is located a little deeper, and there is baitfish spread out. Then 2 meters deep gives a nice presentation. In search of pelagic pike. The Ripple Profighter is this unique… It is a jointed crankbait. With a nice rolling and searching action. And of course it is the first hardbait with ripples. The ripples create distortion. So turbulence will be created next to the body. I’m sure this will lure a lot of fish. The nice thing about the Ripple Pro is… It doesn’t pull that hard on the rod tip. So you can fish it easily on a lighter rod. You can feel it working. But it’s not hard to work with! The most important thing is to keep an eye on your velocity. Use a sturdy rod with fast action. Keep a close eye to your rod tips to see if the lure works. Every now and then just pull your line. Then the lure will speed up, and slow down again. That really is an effective way of using this lure. I have got the feeling that… This summer, when there is a lot of plants on the big lakes. Casting, at about 0,5 m deep… easily pull the lure over the plants. I really think this lure will produce a lot of big fish then. A very good feature of this lure is… When you stop. It slowly rises to the surface. So also when trolling with 2 rods. And one rod is connected to a fish, the other one will rise slowly. So it doesn’t get stuck to the bottom. So you have your hands free to work the fish. I really think this lure will work all year round. Especially…. If you have small or big canals. That are not too deep. Then this lure will be effective all year round. My favourite colours are… Firetiger, because the waters here are dark. And also the pikey green colours… But I’m also a big fan of blue. So I find it difficult to choose with 6 stunning colours!

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  1. Instagram: @jessyvddonk if i win one i will give it to my nephew because he just started fishing and want to give him a good lure

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