Ross Sharrott, CTO/Founder – vol.4 About himself | Meet the Moneytrees

first encounter with Australia was when
Paul Mark and I decided to leave the recruitment company we were working at
here in Tokyo and start our own mobile consulting company and at that time Paul
had moved back temporarily to Australia and Mark and I decided to go down there
for three months to bootstrap that company with all three of us in one
place so my first time in Australia was to go to Melbourne and work on you know
starting a company together so my first impression of Melbourne was that it’s an
interesting city and that all of the cool bars are hidden in the back of
alleyways which is a very Melbourne thing I know now but back then we were
kind of like why aren’t there any signs or any anything to tell us where to go
and then the other thing is that there’s no Starbucks it’s just full of
individual little cafes I like to go into manly Beach and surfing I like
taking the ferry and Sydney quite a bit there very cool very cool way to get
around and travel in the city I like to travel so I try to do that a
lot although we’re doing that a little bit less lately that’s definitely good
one we’d like to get a Shimoda locally so during a summer on weekends we’ll go
down there it’s basically a beach town it’s where the Admiral Perry first came
to Commodore Perry I guess I came to Japan and opened up Japan to the world
so it’s a very popular beach town you know a few hours south of Tokyo first
came to Japan I came and taught English for a year and it was really just a gap
year so I was kind of after a university I hadn’t traveled abroad during
University which is something I wanted to do and so I kind of looked around for
opportunities to spend one year that was my plan and I got a job at Nova which is
not really even around anymore but I came over to Japan then my one-year plan
turned into 15 years so that didn’t work out too well but you know I got a new
life out of it so it’s good and my first impression was really that Japan is very
was an interesting place because you had on the one hand he sort of had cameras
on Gattaca which wasn’t a thing yet in
America so some things were really kind of advanced and then also the ATMs like
took a break at night because they were tired or something so like when you kind
of combine those two things that looked a little funny from an outsider
perspective some things were really advanced and some things were quite
behind kind of chose me so when I went and
looked for that like where can I go for a year after University I just kind of
googled you know teach English abroad and know if I came up and I applied
online and the next day they called me and said come in for an interview and
then the next day they said you got the job and three months later I was in
Tokyo so I kind of know no overarching need to come to Japan specifically but I
am glad that that was the one that kind of found me Jeff Bezos is question of
what’s not going to change so in Amazon he thinks of it like customers are never
gonna ask for slower delivery or higher prices right so build your business
around what won’t change at money tree we think about customers are never gonna
want to go back to when you know the banks closed at 3 p.m. and you can get
money out over the New Year holiday but they’re never gonna want that world
again they’re never gonna want less automation they’re never gonna want less
control of their finances right so we try to build our business around what we
know is not going to change in the future you probably will have enough money to
do whatever you want but you probably won’t have enough money to do everything
and I’d probably got that from my father who did well but also taught me that
focusing on things that mattered to you was more important than trying to buy
every toy or trying to do everything you

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