Russia Stuns World With Underwater Launch Of Newest Submarine Bulava Ballistic Missile

The Russian Navy’s newest nuclear-powered submarine, ‘Prince Vladimir,’ has successfully fired a ballistic missile from underwater. Launch was carried out in the White Sea. Everything went well, the Ministry of Defense reported. The combat missile reached the Kura training ground in Kamchatka on time. The area was closed to other ships. This regime was secured by the vessels of the Northern Fleet. The strategic submarine “Prince Vladimir” belongs to the fourth generation of the fleet of Borei-class submarines. The submarine joined the Russian Navy in 2017.

100 thoughts on “Russia Stuns World With Underwater Launch Of Newest Submarine Bulava Ballistic Missile

  1. Reading lots of dumb comments here, there will be no happy ending in war between the United States and Russia. Preach peace and not hatred!

  2. Let's get this straight. The RSM-56 Bulava carries six 150 Kiloton nuclear warheads. It is also capable of carrying 10 to 40 decoys and has been in service since 2011. This was a regular missile systems test, but instead of being done during the day was done at night. It's operational range is 9000 kilometers (plus or minus a few hundred meters) with an accuracy to target of 350 meters. The new missile would be deployed per 16 missiles on the Borei I (Project 955) and Borei II (Project 955A) class submarines of which you have a total of three in active service. There have been 6 failures in 14 flight tests.

    The Trident II MK5D is capable is carrying up to fourteen 475 kiloton warheads (limited to 8 at the moment by the START treaty) and decoys and has been in service since 1990. It's operational range is over 12000 kilometers with an accuracy of less than 100 meters. It can deliver them at speeds of up to Mach 24 (so much for Russian hypersonic superiority) and any one warhead can flatten just about any Russian city. Trident II missiles are carried by fourteen U.S. Ohio class submarines with 24 missiles each. There have been 10 failures in 129 flight tests.

    I'm only providing this information as an ex-U.S. Military Soldier who hopes these never have to be used.

  3. The new biggest✡ star is arising to take down the propaganda evil ⛧star of the planet so we can cleanse the mother earth🌍

  4. They strong why they not start war show your powerful weapon to the world to prove it
    Russia – China – U.S only bark but no bite

  5. YouTube removed my comment saying that Russia was beautiful and America had problems. now I see that YouTube is the real suppressive regime and Russia is Paradise

  6. It’s hated by the very persons who want it and so far can’t get a war started to take it. BiBi has always Salivated for the procession of Russia and its unlimited natural resources. So has his crew the Central Banksters. Only IRAN RUSSIA AND VENEZUALA do not have Rothchild Banking- Central Banksters running their countries.

  7. Before they were seduced by the West

    At the end of April 1986 a blanket of radioactive smog lay across most of Europe. In Ukraine at Chernobyl The Kremlin mobilized the Armed forces and sent in thousands of Patriotic soldiers The smell of fear among those thousands as they approached that massive smoking ruin was palpable, each person was required to spend one and a half minutes on site, such was the level of radioactivity that 1.5 minutes gave them a lifetime dose. n an act of incredible bravery hundreds of men Russian's and Ukrainian's alike volunteered for multiple missions knowing this meant certain death. Battle hardened Generals were in tears as the walked up and down those rows of cots giving out the USSR's highest medal for bravery to those hero's, the so called "Liquidators" dying in the most horrible way. A spontaneous act and triumph of human spirit rarely matched in all of human history, that goes unsung in the west but a sacrifice that will never be forgotten by the Ukrainian and Russian people. – When they were as one.

  8. Like everyone alive has ever said "don't fuck with Russia and Russia won't fuck with you" Good peoples mostly… hey we all have our fallacies?

  9. No need to keep restraint, go nuke the USA already!
    US citizens know that their death and sacrifice are for the betterment of the whole world.
    They would understand that they need to be sacrificed! Go nuke USA already!!
    If I can only nuke USA, I can make the world a better place and everyone will thank me!

  10. The same things north Korea are doing.. the wars came for the reason. You have and I want to have too. Because I don't have . The envy the jealousy between Russia has to USA because they never was accepted in NATO.. they're bite themselves and they want to show their weapons to intimidate USA and NATO when they know in a nuclear war Russia can't endure that kind of attack even when they have nukes too

  11. India can weaponise migration 150
    Million Muslims and Christian deportation equates to 2500 megaton
    It will organically paralyse any country.

  12. Every nuke detonated poors unneeded radioactive particles into atmosphere. This display is Kinda like that man with little junk driving around in the big4x4 dodge lifted a foot with over sized tires also with his big mirrors flipped out.. Over compensations ..
    Same ole same ole..

  13. Vladimir Putin is The best great man and president in the world, love❤️, respect and long live for you cesar 👑, god protec you all time.

  14. Honestly, "GREAT RUSSIA" is real SUPER POWER & "KING PUTIN" always does BEST for every single Country. I appreciate YOU wholeheartedly😊😊👍👍

  15. What a tragic end to everybody. If the biosphere still survives in a century, with people still on it, they will look back in amazement at the stupidity and barbarism of humanity which somehow didn’t end most of life on Earth.

  16. Russia preparing for nuclear war, which noone can win…..Russian leadership = jews. Russia is being destroyed and the west also.

  17. Russian missiles tend to crash right after they leave the pad. Still desperately trying to cling to world power status. Puny Russia no match for any real power. France could probably take them in a week.

  18. What is war machine and for what purpose is it should be what one should be concerned. Is it to defend “our” interest? Our is for each of us to define ours. If each is not accepted or recognized by the political system then what is the meaning of telling him he or she is citizen of a country or the world? If one’s ideal recognize all (in principle), then all will accept that principle as theirs and the leader as their leader. If my interest is not protected then how will I accept the leader as mine or others will recognize that leader as mine? Communism as I know it is “internationalist” means it recognize and respect the independence of each. Then armament if it is for the international cause we should all support it. Because the principle incloses is, our interest. I am proud that once I was “ communist” because I recognize the whole world and my opposition was against the one who came against me or against others.

  19. Us is the reason for all this nations are seeking weapons of mass destruction as there are way of being safe from bulls …cos they see how the bulls have destroyed all poor countries with no military power

  20. If Hilary Clinton becomes president of United States she will start WW3. Maybe even Biden would start somthing with Iran then hit Russia.

  21. Aum mane padma hum ll
    Aum mane peme Hung l
    RHA raja sama ha l raja sa ma ha l raja sama ha l ma lai ha l
    Aum vajrapani hum phat phat Savha ll
    Om diwa wai shu vajra hum hum hum phat savha l
    Aum mane peme Hung l

  22. 🤔🤔🤔 I think that those tests have nothing to do with war but with the developping of 🛸 crafs for space traveling! 😇😍

  23. Russia is run like a mafia, an organized crime syndicate who's boss is Putin. Like all criminal enterprises, they all come to an end and Russia is no exception. This is what happens when you continue to steal from your people to enrich a small group of elites. You can get rid of political opponents for so long before this house of cards comes crumbing down. Shoot all the missile you want but it will never change this fate.

  24. f uckmthe people who give w 00000 Rms salaries 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻🎗🎗its enough to make your w 00000 Rms sleep not for nagazaki 👈🏻👈🏻🎗🎗

  25. Should invest more in his own people than buidling weapons. Just think about it: during Putin's presidency life expectancy in Russia has decreased. Nuff said.

  26. Russian and syria,turkey,jordan,pakistan are just doing there jobs in the name of peace in world… AGAINTS AMERICA,ISRAHELL,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,INDIA, (ALL AMERICA's Allies in the UN) TRYING TO CONTROLLING THE WORLD DOING DIRTY WORKS,KILLING INOCENT PEOPLE

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