Sasha Banks leads SmackDown into battle: SmackDown, Nov. 22, 2019

93 thoughts on “Sasha Banks leads SmackDown into battle: SmackDown, Nov. 22, 2019

  1. 11 months of year wwe be like : What is a brand split? take this comodin rule.
    November: "brands is the msot important on the businnes, why you are not excited?

  2. I still don’t get how Carmella and Nikki Cross will get along with Sasha? Carmella super-kicked Sasha when she saved Charlotte, and Sasha costing Nikki the title. Where’s the logic?

  3. No disrespect to Roman Reigns, but Sasha really showed both Roman and Baron Corbin who's "The Boss". I love it! She should be the Woman's Smackdown champion instead of Bayley.

  4. Absolutely the Halle Berry of the WWE, absolutely gorgeous and talented, and easy on the eyes, I guess I'm not too old to have a crush huh

  5. sasha cant lead the team  cause she anit got much energy  as charlotte flair(woo) , bayley should lead but she cant cause shes the CHAMPION BABY. so Carmella should lead like if u agree————————->

  6. Smackdown or raw they lost their alter ego has messed up the rest. it took a young
    dedicated not so either but dedicated hungry and you got superstars be able not sure why this woman is on WWE and causing Mayhem no that woman should get paid if your wrestler no get rid of a stupid idiot woman that are young females are watching this we don't want models just deluxe where real ladies are fighting and hurting in the ring but when they put on there nice clothes yes sister wrestlers can two Queen's wrestlers she is not a wrestler beside your daddy mummy give you that looks and this is what you have to show your very boring lady no skills no Talent strap up your boots lady and fight with the rest of the wrestlers female if not stand to the side and move yourself

  7. Sisters wrestlers keep up the good work we don't need models if they can't fight in the full circle with you get rid of them you are the champions of females keep up the good work any time wasting get rid of sisters that is holding the hold you back sisters get rid of that stupid woman because she's giving you that you've been a bad name when it comes to marriage she's a gold digger get rid of her you look I don't have a daughter

  8. I would’ve loved to see the Rivalry renewed between Charlotte Flair And Sasha Banks they had one of the best rivalry in WWE history

  9. Imagine if we had survivor series teams back in 2000-2004 for the women imagine tean raw (Trish, Lita, Molly, Jazz,Victoria, Jacqueline,Gail, and Ivory) Vs Team Smackdown (Torrie, Nidia, Dawn Marie, Shaniqua, Stacey Keibler, Jackie Gayda, Sable, and Hiroko) lol put your team down below!

  10. What a travesty this heel run has been. Shes not deliciously evil enough so you cant love to hate her. Shes not a tweener so there is no added dimension to her character. And lastly shes still eating too many loses and not looking formidable at all. With becky, bliss and charlotte not opposing her that is unforgivable.. But she made her bed and for the next 3 years she will be used and abused.

  11. If you don’t shut up Sasha y’all got embarrised y’all lost and that’s y’all show nxt beat y’all it’s time for raw to shine nxt and smackdown

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