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Hello and welcome to my thanks so Bank review. For those of you looking to trade with a real
bank this could be the broker Sachs Bank is known around the world and has operated as
both a broker and a market maker. However there is a somewhat high bar to entry. There are two different account options essentially
that’s an all inclusive price plan which it offers spreads of two pips on euro dollar
and a fixed bread environment. There is also a volume price plan which offers
an average of about half a pip spread plus commission anywhere from two to six dollars
per side. The company itself is sacks o bag and it is
a Danish bank. It’s licensed and Denmark. Several other companies it has offices in
Asia Europe Middle East Australia South America South Africa is regulated in the UK Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates Switzerland France Australia Singapore and several others. Because of this you certainly can feel relatively
safe when it comes to this bank. As far as the security funds obviously now
the initial deposit is where people were going to run into trouble. It is a ten thousand dollar minimum or sixty
five hundred for sixty five hundred pounds for British residents. It’s a very high minimum no comment some brokers
will allow you to open a bank account with no deposit. However you are gaining access to a monstrous
amount of instruments thirty five thousand plus and you probably have the most secure
market condition a retail trader can find it’s spreads are tightened quite a bit. Volume pricing as you can see right now it’s
often point eight but you can see just how many different options and ETF bonds future
stock CFD forex options that you can trade. I mean it is just astonishing maximum leverage
is only one to one one to one hundred which is a bit low for most UK based platforms and
EU platforms but quite frankly you know the higher the leverage the more damage you can
do. Here is sac so trader pro sex or trader is
the professional platform go is basically web based application and for your phone to
thinned out version if you will of the platform itself used to do meditator for a bit and
in May of 2015 they got rid of it as far as extras are concerned. There is a lot out there that they offer. So for example. They have webinars and courses they have news
and research to click on market research and so on. So a conductor signalling a tech crash you
can look up forex for example. So obviously a lot of value to be had and
these are top notch analyst these are analysts that actually work with Hassan So bank most
of this analysis you can get straight off the website you don’t even need to have an
account so that’s pretty impressive. Sacks So is a as a definitely a professional
situation you know if you’re looking to to dabble in the forex markets this isn’t the
place to do it but if you are looking for a truly professional environment. SACKS I was most certainly a very viable solution.

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  1. they are scams, they didn't gave a cousin of mine his money back, his balance and his earnings, they didn´t say no, but they never hand him his money back with argues.

  2. @Diary of a trader- Are you sure the min entry is £10k and/or $10k? I live in Oslo,Norway.
    Have just entered the Go platform. My min deposit was NOK10k which equals roughly £1k.
    I doubt the differences can be that big for a Scandinavian citizen compared to one from UK

  3. Never ever go with Forex trading/Forex Options/ CFD trading with SAXO bank. They are terrorist , they will decide how you close your position. They always do negative slippage , Every other broker hit SL but SAXO didn't with last move of January 03, 2019 (AUD pairs). They didn't return any money who has losses due to their shitty system but they took back money who had positive slippage! They had the same issue with 2015 CHF floor crash. You will find them in Youtube. They took hours to close my position no matter how many times you hit the mouse, it happens very often. My internet is perfect, Others platforms worked (e.g.ThinkorSwim/td ameritrade, MT4), and I use 2 different broadband lines and 2 different 4G mobile data service with WiFi 24/7.

    They will show you some T&C bullshit which basically says they can do whatever they like with your money. I'm not the only one who is a victim read this reviews (these are genuine reviews, if you are not a newbie then you already know this site I'm going to court this week.

    SAXO Bank is a financial terrorist, Don't walk away, Run away from them. Most traders got attracted by their huge collection of assets but that is their primary weapon to hunt your fund.
    And even if you make good profit they will disable your account and took all the profit and will charge you tons of fees by the claim that you practice unfair methods.

  4. We would like to inform our followers that the info about the minimum deposit you find on Saxo Bank site varies based on which country website you are visiting.


    However, for EU countries minimum deposit is $2K for the classic account, $50K for the Platinum one and $1M for VIP accounts.

  5. As a UK trader I just wish we could trade with Thinkorswim – all of the othrr trading platforms for us Brits are pathetic in comparison it seems

  6. The reason we are all trading and loosing today is because we are afraid of taking risk, just like Mr Scott Adrian (My Mentor) will always say " Every successful man today once took a major risk which led him to success" am proud of you Scott, your strategy is speaking for itself, success is damn sweet.

  7. I am so happy that I contacted Mr Andrew Nelson the day I saw his video because the bold step I took that day is paying off with a weekly cash out of $9,000, with his incomparable strategy, I have had countless success as a Forex/binary options trader and still counting.

    Feel free and reach him via email: [email protected] com

  8. Alarm bells should be ringing with Saxo…..A bank / market maker…. There not going to be taking the other side of your trade are they ?????

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