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Hi Friends Welcome To 123 Telugu Facts. We even don’t where does some news come from & spread. Because of elections,some news is going viral on Social Media. That is Ram Currency notes are used in Netherlands. They are even posting pics of these currency. That currency have 18 languages on it & its value is higher than Euro & Dollar. Some news papers have also published this article. Ram currency is used in this country. 10 Euro is equal to 1 Ram. Let us learn real Facts in this video. It is proven that it is false that Ram Currency are used in America & Netherlands. Those 2 countries have never accepted Ram Currency as official. As Issue on Ram Mandhir grew because of politics. So these kind of posts are going viral on Social Media. America Twitter user Spoken Twilight. He said in his post that it is used in some American states. As per writings in twitter in Feb 2018. They created this account. The Moto of this account creator is to spread Hinduism in America. The Ram Currency is printed by The Global Country of World peace,which is in Maharishi Vedhic City in Iowa,America. That currency was distributed in Netherlands in same year. This Global Country of World peace was started by Maharishi Yogi. After he died in 2008,there was no clue about this currency. This currency is 1 of attraction in Vedhic city. In 2002 Feb 24 in Vedhic website this currency came into use. For development of vedhic city & growth of business. They said that city council is agreeing for Ram Currency. 1 Ram Currency=10 $. Any 1 can buy that currency for that amount. 1,5,10 Ram Notes are available is said in Website. This currency will be only valid to people who belong to this Ashram. Pankaj Jain Maharishi who is working as Associate professor in Texas University. He tweeted that Vedhic city have started agriculture & organic farming. Once upon a time Maharishi yogi used to have 60 lakh followers. The Americas famous Be teals Music Band are also Maharishi Yogi followers. In Mahesh Yogi time Ram Currency was sold in the form of Bonds. Because of some old plan,in 2003 Netherlands 100 shops & 30 villages started using Ram Currency. At that time Dutch Central bank said that they are spying on Ram Currency. Mahesh Yogi team said that this currency must be used only inside Vedhic city & should use it against law. Based on Netherlands Bank Vedhic city have printed around 1 lakh Ram Currencies. But never said that currency will work officially. This currency is only paper pieces printed by some company & added some value to it. They must used for exchange of work or some goods. Umad Singh Chwala who says himself as Santana Darma Head in Gujarat. He said Ram Currency value is 10 Euro. He also added a question to it. He tagged Nrendra Modi & asked why Ram currency is not Valid in India,if it used in other countries. To spread Ram community in India some people are saying to bring & use Ram Currency in India also. Some people who want to build Ram Mandhir are saying to bring Ram Currency to India. In Social Media the discussion is not only about ram Currency. British East India Company in 19th century , as part respect they have printed Hindu Gods on there currency coins. But this also not real. The Yashmorian Museum Coin Specialist Sailendra Bandare. These coins are designed using modern technology. Some coins are used by some religion people. Fakir & sadhus have these coins. The people who want to be rich & want kids will be recommended to put these coins with them. Bandare said that in-spite of that those coins don’t have any history. Ram currency is used in some places but it is not official. Subscribe 123 Telugu Facts , Click Bell , Like , Share.

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