Seven Bucks Moment: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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  1. The Rock tu historia es absolutamente motivadora eres un gran ejemplo a seguir .
    EXITO saludos desde México

  2. God bless you Dwyane! one day I will look you in your eyes and firmly shake your hand and thank you for pursuing your goals and giving everyone the motivation to chase their dreams..

  3. Dwayne, this is a great video. But there are few things I want to point out:

    1. Somewhere in the video, you said you were '''depressed'' – I think that's a little bit of a strong word, in a meaning that is innappropriate for your case. Because depression is indeed is a synonym for ''hopelessness'' in a way, but DUDE – you've went through high school and university playing football, and simply didn't make the cut. That's alright, they agreed to have you give it another shot next year. They're impressed by you, but there are only so many places on the team.
    what THE FUCK do you call'yourself ''depressed'' for? bad things like this make you stronger, because you become more tolerant to the pain of losing.. I completely understand if you were a sad, because being cut does suck, I know it myself.
    but depression? come on.

    2. What the hell does it matter if all you had in your waller was 7 dollars? Judging by the animations, you seemed to be living in a decent apartment, and were also able to afford a gym membership , and I'm assuming a huge amount of food because… you know, bodybuilding lifestyle.. you most probably had more than 7 dollars in your pocket, or you ended up borrowing some cash from your elders at the time, which is okay. I'm not judging you.
    and you called yourself ''poor'', which I claim to be exaggerated for the reasons above.

    3. Also: ''all my friends, who entered the NFL, were now millionaiers.''
    I'm curious to know why are you claiming this today, when you should be proud you took the road less traveled by, and became one of the most successful wrestlers, that later discovered acting as another amazing gift. And you're the most jacked and charismatic actor since Arnold.

    I included this last part, so you can see that I'm not disrespecting you. You are one of the best in Hollywood.
    And your story is otherwise inspiring

  4. Dwayne thanks for being such a good guy and an inspiration to us all. I can't wait to see more of the "Seven Bucks" series. We wanna hear "Seven Bucks" stories from Jake Gyllenhaal our favorite actor. Yeah, sorry, that title is reserved for Jake.

  5. Hearing this story and listening to the struggles people are going through in the comments puts my $7 situation in perspective. Even now when I'm on the verge of getting downsized with all my savings wiped out, I definitely got more than $7 going for me.

    Thanks for the pep talk, Rocky and stay hustlin' y'all.

  6. Basically my seven bucks moment was when my ex husband left me and took every hope, and energy I had left in me. Not to mention I paid for his online classes too. So I was in a dark depressed place, my health was bad and I was really hating life. One day I prayed to God if he can take me early, because all I ever do in life is try my hardest to succeed and I always fail because people think I can't succeed. I was born with Tremors. So I've always had people even my ex tell me I could live a normal life and they don't want to be around me because I shake. So the day after I prayed. I got rushed to the hospital, I was hemorrhaging really bad when I wasn't supposed to and I was kept at the hospital for 24 hrs. Then the drs found a tumor that was cancerous. So it was in the beginning of two summers ago that I found out I had the early stages of cancer and I had kidney surgery two months later where they cut the cancer out of my kidney. I was in the hospital for a week and not only did my ex not visit me. But neither did my so called best friend Heather. So having a new outlook on life. I filed for divorce, I am not going to let anyone get the best of me like that ever again. But in my spare time I advertise my Beabull Facebook group page, between Instagram and other social media websites called Sammy the beabull on Facebook and even though I'm not getting paid for it. I'm having fun advertising my Facebook page. I now have the most popular Facebook group page on Facebook for beabulls ( beagle and English bulldog mixed breed of dogs that are called Beabulls.) and their owners. 👍🏻🐶❤️😎

  7. My seven bucks moment tries to reset every few years but I keep defeating it. The main one was when I was 28. I had been supporting my father full time for 5 years since he's on disability. Our landlord to our farm died and left no will so the estate gave us 30 days to get out. We had just planted that year's crop, had livestock and 30 years worth of memories embedded in that farm. We got out in 28 days and were homeless for 2 months. Fortunately I was still working so I tightened my belt and bought a house so I could continue to take care of my dad.

  8. Dawyne i want to tell you somwthing if you are reading this plz reply or at least like i love you so much i wish i can meet you you are the best and most famouse actress as my opinion , keep up your outstanding movies love you , who agrees?

  9. Been gone through 7 bucks the past year. Had a seasonal job was saving up to become a pro wreslter lost the job I'm 21 now, broke, living with my parents, just got out of high school 2 years ago with high aspirations, I still have hope itll happen but I cant find a job and it sucks

  10. I remember my seven bucks moment, but it was more like less then that. I remember struggling all the time to eat, i always wanted to save my money like 75 every two weeks for my monthly metro cards while i was going to school and one day i found my self at work chewing on my retainer and breaking them, i did that twice and 2nd time i couldnt get the insurance to replace them. I was struggling with anxiety and weigh issues. One day i had left my friends house super hungry had to walk like 10 blocks to catch the bus like around midnight, i went inside the store cause i had two dimes to get a lollipop to help pass the hunger on this 1hr long bus ride. I walked in and they were its 25cents and i said never mind, walked away and cried. I felt so embarrassed people saw my face but i ran out. I couldnt believe i couldnt afford a single lollipop. I took all my moments like that to give me the example of where i never wanted to be again. More moments earlier in life made me save my 75 bucks every two weeks. Everything was a struggle monthly metrocards for school and work was 100+ a month, everything else paid for hygiene and school supplies for the month.
    Looking at your videos i appreciate and notice your humbleness. God Bless.

  11. My name is Małgorzata Kliś. I am 38. I’m from Poland. I would like to tell you about my „Seven Bucks Moment” experience.
    My “Seven Bucks Moment” meant seven years of writing a screenplay starring you in the leading male role.
    I devoted seven years of my life and hard work to write the screenplay as I was driven by a living memory of my best friend of my youth, who died tragically at the age of 23.
    I started to write the screenplay at a very difficult moment in my life. Fortunately, my youth recollections about the greatest friendship of my life helped me to become focused and face the big challenge of writing the screenplay. It laid the grounds for my new life.
    My screenplay belongs to the category of magical realism, aimed at young viewers. It tells the story of a businessman who buys an ancient artefact shrouded in mystery. The secret completely changes his cynical way of life…
    I would be extremely grateful if you could read my screenplay. Please, keep in mind that it is the result of seven years of my life and my personal commitment. At the same time, it was an incredible and fascinating life adventure. I would appreciate if I could submit my screenplay to you for your consideration.
    I hope that you will give it a try and while reading my screenplay you will also experience an unforgettable and magical adventure. Will you take the risk? 🙂

  12. My seven bucks moment was when I took a big shit in the toilet and I keeled flushing it but it wouldn't go down so I had to stay in bathroom or like one hour.

  13. My 7 bucks moment was when I sat down at High School Graduation and saw everybody there and realized that how disappointed I was in my dating life. I was a virgin and I had never even kissed a girl. I made a commitment to get better and I’m now in my 5 year of college and I’ve slept with 11 girls which is a long wat from where I was. Never give up guys on anything you want to change about yourself, You can do anything you set your mind to.

  14. I keep coming back to this video when I face some problems in my life. It gives me hope that life will figure everything out as long as I will keep fighting and pushing forward 😊

  15. A year ago I posted here, since then and now I have had a great job I enjoyed and saved up enough money for a 2 month trip back to my country. Now I am back and I have fallen again. It seems life had another lesson to teach me. I didn't expect to fall again and be back exactly where I was a year ago – financially and professionally.

    But, there's one huge difference, I've grown, both mentally and physically, I have gotten stronger. I have less fear, more drive and focus. I am prepared for the misery that comes with failure, I can take one in the chin and recover and throw one back at life.

    The point of my message here isn't that "life is harsh" but merely to reaffirm myself and others that you don't just fall once, you fall over and over and over again. I just need to get back up and in a few months time I won't even remember this feeling.

    The road to success is paved with failure.

  16. Dwayne you are an inspiration for me not because of the money and status but the heart and soul. You seem to be a great friend and someone reliable and if I see you, I’ll shake your hand and tell you how much you inspire me. Respect from Israel.

  17. I'm in 7 bucks moment already 1,5 years (after my win in bodybuilding in my area) and trying and trying to do. Actually it's my second 7 bucks moment. I have a lot of ideas about how to improve the bodybuilding sphere and motivate the teenagers to be in sport, but now I'm trying to go from the bottom of life. Even haven't the phone with internet. I've trying to be a speaker, I've been a videomaker, an actor, concert man, journalist in fitness sphere. Even teach the english with author program like I was teached this. I don't know how I will to do this, but I believe, that some day I will develope the bodybuilding on another level of popularity. And mb will compete on pro level.

  18. I would LOVE to see one of your friends who hit their rock bottom in their addictions, and overcame it and made it, and what they had to do personally, to make that happen.

    I am a House Manager/Kitchen Manager at a small IOP Sober Living in Palm Springs, CA. I've got 28 months sobriety. Everyday, I try my hardest to incorporate what was so freely given to me, to all of them. Especially in my kitchen. I came out here from Osage County, Oklahoma, to do this. I had to leave my (then) 16 y/o son behind to do this. (That part, I regret.) I've shared with them what led up to this decision (a stroke on 5/11/15, my attempted suicide on 11/13/15, and when I realized I needed to do treatment here, to get right.)

    I work 60+ hours a week, live at our sober living in a room next to the kitchen, making less than 4 figures per month, and take my job here seriously! I try every single day to remind all of them that, they matter! Their lives matter, and that I love them all, and I remember; that, they're journey in this part of their recovery is what helps to keep me sober, because I remember what I had to go through to get here, today.

    I'm rambling. I'm sorry. I'm not even sure if you're even reading this. If so, that's what I want to see, to show our men and women – young, middle age, older, gay, straight, etc. – to know that, this actually can happen!

    Thanks so much for reading this! Oh, and my family has a huge history in the history of Professional Wrestling; Lester Welch was my Great Uncle. ☺

  19. Sir, You are biggest inspiration for me. Respect, Respect and Respect from Suresh Selvaraj

  20. My 7 bucks story is I am 35 now. Still not able to find where should I go what I have to do in my career. I wasted 10 years in IT which I am not comfortable with. Now God knows what I will because I am still not able to find my purpose of life.

  21. So basically…… You killed your own football career and passed it off as "not being good enough", in a recent interview. Great.

    I had something WORSE than a "7 Bucks Moment". I call it a "Rise From The Ashes" Moment:

    After 7 years of playing youth basketball and acting in local base theatres and doing talent shows in military bases as kid with Autism and Aspergers, I tried out for my high school basketball team where there was NO FRESHMAN TEAM, and every freshman (including me) except for 3 got cut, but I made my first high school play, and had to give my main role to another classmate, since I had to leave halfway through my freshman year, to another city amd a bigger school.

    I was excited a tad to make a mark in the school, but it sort of took a while. I got an early JV tryout for my sophomore year as a freshman, got cut AGAIN, but ended up being the star of my Special Olympics high school team, after seeing them play in a game, at my school. I failed to make 1 musical by that point, 2 shows, and a productions team that would've allowed me to compete against other schools in 1-act plays.

    My junior year, I thought I FINALLY hit the big time by joining the Cross Country team and making just ONE play, after failing to yet make ANOTHER play and productions team (which was the final time a tryout could be done, since it was for senior year), but I was again cut from JV and Varsity basketball, despite me rocking the SO stage. And after another musical tryout, I was cut….. AGAIN. And I'll never forget what the teacher that cut me said: "You're a hardhead.", and I was so angry, that my senior year felt like a downward spiral. The basketball coach wouldn't allow me to have a senior year tryout, and Cross Country was the same period as basketball, my senior year. My SO Basketball coach and I won a gold medal, but the Varsity coach felt that wasn't enough.

    My senior year despite being told by the "insiders" that I'd get roles because I was a senior, turned out as a MEGA disaster. I didn't run my JV district meet because of a bad grade, constant homework and makeup assignments to do, hours and HOURS of tutoring, feeling that despite two high school plays, two church plays, an infomercial appearance, amd two summers worth of youth acting workshops and performances, one season of regular youth basketball outside of school and an ignored gold medal by an entire school, I felt Hollywood AND the NBA slammed the door shut, on me.

    So I withdrew from my senior theatre class, after I felt betrayed by everyone around me, and helped my fellow Spec. Ed. Classmates in a SPED class, and emailed the man who'd soon be the college theatre professor who saved not just my career, but my LIFE. I went from 2 out 13 shows with NO MUSICALS, to 4 out of 6 shows, with two BEING MUSICALS. I graduated with an Associates in acting, started off as an paid extra for an Aaron Eckhart film (Unlike Rock, who started as a guest star on "That 70's Show"), in between 2 semesters without my name on the end credits, and NOW I'm a paid actor in my city, with 2 years of college left, searching for my basketball redemption, since my juco coach and base coach followed suit, from my high school ones. I never changed majors at any point (the average student does it 7 times), and I graduated (only 6% graduate from my former juco), and stayed COMMITTED, no matter how much I felt my fate was sealed.

    Once I get my basketball career back and get offered a pro contract if it happens, I'm saying "yes". And if I get cut after college and get offered another shot by the team that cut me, I'll refer to my acting redemption and tell myself "I will NOT repeat The Rock's mistake, even if it led him to a bright future as something else." Like Andre Ingram who spent a decade in the G League before becoming a Laker, I'll stay the course, until I get what's mine. I aim to OUTROCK THE ROCK'S CANDY ASS!

  22. My seven bucks moment was when I had my volunteer job I’d done it for years the funding had ended so I’m turning my life around as a disabled screenwriter/voice artist

  23. My 7 bucks moment good job a nice range rover bunch of girls I got stuck on some bullshit conspirancy going to jail spend alot money on lawyer lost my job everyone turns the back on me thanks for the grateful of god I m back on my feet again working for Ferrari thanks god for everything you do for me

  24. Hello Dwayne. You inspired me indirectly and now I got mind blowed when I heard the part about cleaning your house. I was around 12 or 13 years old when I watched your movie of you playing football and taking care of that little girl… And I got Inspired so I cleaned hole apartment didnt now why but I wanted to become rich like you….
    This is mind blowing I swear I am in tears 🙂 4:27

  25. my moment was most of 2005…my mom had passed, I was goin through divorce, my X lied to my young kid's brain washed them told them I didn't want them (lie), didn't see both kids for 10 yrs (still to this day don't see my son 🙁 it's him not me) had to move, filed bankruptcy, stressed out lost 45lbs (I needed that tho!), had bouts of my internal illness (CD) flair up constantly, weekly stays in & out of the hospital…I could keep goin but you get the picture!!! I know it's a 7 buck thing but through it all I kept thinking of my mother saying… what are you afraid of ur doing LIFE all by urself (you had to be there) the one thing I didn't lose surprisingly was my JOB… but I still didn't have very much $$$ through it all & 13 yrs later I'm doin pretty good considering…

  26. The hardest feeling to cope with is when your friends go on to make huge money and you are totally broke with nothing to do.. exactly what the rock describes at 3:36

  27. Thank you dawyne for your motivation… I watch all your videos, given me the push to try be more with my life. Finally stated a YouTube channel 😁 finally.

  28. Eres el mejor!!! Mi sueño es poder conocerte algún día beybe me motivas para seguir entrenando en el Gym eres mi inspiración y motivación todos los días

  29. Litterally I have right now 7 bucks in my wallet…With no job and no motivation I think suicide is the only way… :/

  30. Mr. Johnson. I can't tell you how much this inspires me. My story is a tad different.. imagine $0.25… You need to obtain food, diapers are not getting paid jack. Fast forward 5 years.. My wife, son and I moved a few times and now we both work, budget and invest everything possible. We have doubled our income (or more so) and things are finally turning around. Paycheck to paycheck for five years to almost an estimated $12k in investments by Feb. 2020 (starting from 2 months ago). Having nothing to having a plan and acting on it has saved our lives (literally). Thank you for the motivation of your inspiring story, to keep going.

  31. Do you feel like you've been knocked down, beat up? Do you feel like life is getting the best of you? Is that how you feel- IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW YOU FEEL!!!

  32. i had 6 bucks moment because of i trusted a bitch named kiara mia aka Deanne Munoz so now i am trying to recover and stay on the path

  33. My Six bucks moment came when i spend 600$ gift card in hopes of meeting Deanne Munoz pornstar/Instagram model and she never came to Jackson Mississippi she lied to me and i was left broken and pissed off and my mother found out she was hurt about what i have done. i was behind on rent and my bills and it was awful for me and i went to store and bought water for 10.00$ and it left me 6 bucks but i have learned from my mistakes and came a long way to be the person my mom needs me to be!

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