Sheamus cashes in Money in the Bank contract at Survivor Series 2015

The emotion,
the tears in the eyes of Reigns.>>It’s the way it should be. [MUSIC]>>Sometimes when you come so
close and you come so close, and you finally get to the summit. [MUSIC] It becomes so special. And here comes congratulations, special congratulations from the boss, a official congratulations from Triple H. [MUSIC]>>And a spear, a spear to Triple H! The definitive moment in the career
of Roman Reigns has come tonight! Wait a minute,
a Brogue Kick, it’s Sheamus!>>Wait a minute, Sheamus is cashing in! He’s cashing in!>>Sheamus is gonna cash in! Sheamus is gonna cash in! You got to be kidding me! Reigns is out.>>Ladies and gentleman Sheamus is cashing
in his Money in the Bank contract.>>The cover, there’s two! Kick out, kick out by Reigns! Reigns has kicked out! Sheamus has cashed in,
this match is now official. Trying to fight his way up,
here comes Reigns! Brogue Kick again! Sheamus cover!>>One, two, three!>>You got to be kidding me!>>We’ve got a new champion!>>Sheamus is champion!>>Here is your winner, and the new
WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus.>>Hell.
>>Are you kidding me?>>I told you Roman would regret it.>>Sheamus has held that
contract since the 14th of June.>>The hell have we just witnessed?>>Reigns speared Triple H and he turned around into a Brogue Kick
by Sheamus, and don’t tell me.>>This is awful, this is awful. [MUSIC]>>Sheamus is now a four time
WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

71 thoughts on “Sheamus cashes in Money in the Bank contract at Survivor Series 2015

  1. I was probably the only one that was delighted over Sheamus's cash-in at Survivor Series 2015.

    BTW, I hope WWE doesn't ruin Sheamus's return. I like him as a tweener.

  2. I just realised something
    Triple H was involved with or associated with 4 different MITB holders and cash ins
    1: He was the referee for Punk v Cena at Summerslam and witnessed Alberto Del Rio cash in his MITB contract on Punk
    2: Randy orton cashing in. Triple H pedigreed Daniel Bryan and cost him the WWE title
    3: He was Seth Rollins's mentor, who was the holder of the MITB briefcase at the time
    4: He was speared by Roman Reigns before Sheamus cashed in his MITB contract.

  3. I was so excited to see Sheamus as the champion. But I was soon disappointed with his storyline that followed on.

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