Sheikh Imran Hosein About The Monetary System

the current monetary system came into being or was formally established with the second world war was coming to an end in the bretton woods conference in upstate New York and to put over this position in a nutshell because we don’t have enough time a monetary system came into being initially one currency had any semblance of being having integrity the US dollar was redeemable in gold at the rate of $35 around but only governments could really but the market is using it and so this is a something remarkably Boris this this semblance of integrity which was there with the US dollar was not there with any other currency in the world all other paper money all had their value in relation to their link with the US dollar good and then this disappeared when one man stood up in the french national assembly with admirable courage and integrity general jaws charles de gaulle no no voice on the world of Islam no voice on the hood of Christianity no voice in the world of Judaism the scholars but from France general charles de gaulle denounced the monetary system is unjust and they never forgave him for that they got him out but France and continue to redeem the others until nineteen simple on and then the United States decided we can no longer honor this obligation under international law to redeem dollars forgot and then came the United States in no man’s land united states dollar and from 1971 290 in symmetry there was a pretty curious vulnerability for the whole monetary system because the united states dollars in no man’s land a they orchestrated the 1973 arabi slightly war and there on both sides of the war because the Soviet Union was with them and that’s war it was that war was brought into being the better dollar and now either is using gold our prophet muhammad last blessings be upon him prophesied about the endtime and Muslims know about this he said that the river Euphrates with uncover a mountain of god this is the Prophet speaking in the symbolic language only a true prophet could speak like that he said that the river Euphrates will uncover a mountain of gold people who fight for the goals and 99 out of every 100 who fight for that goal will be killed but the believers in the One God must not touch that goal there’s one methodology of the selfie which produced is that uh we cannot but I understand this as under other than literally and so they’re waiting for a mountain of the metal to come out from underneath the river and we see well finally come little silver you got a long way to help you we understand it differently we interpret the religious symbolism and we see that this prophecy was fulfilled in 1974 when the United States succeeded in making a deal with Saudi Arabia that oil will be sold for only u.s. dollars even if you have gold you cannot buy all right you got to change your goal into u.s. dollars and then you can buy the eye and that’s when the US dollar became a petrodollar and while we we are living in the age of a petrol other monetary system with the gold you had to be careful that if you don’t have enough paper to to match the goal the bank and bust but that’s what happened in Vietnam or they were printing more people than they had goal and that jazzy course other but now with the petrodollar monetary system this guy is the limit you can print as much as you want but they’re gone beyond that because printing costs people money you you need to buy the people you need to buy the ink you need to have the machines you need to have the security vans you need the gods there’s an easier way to do it instead of having money made from paper you have invisible money intangible many digital money electronic money and all you have to do is obama signs at a check sends it to the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve then signs a check and send seven trillion dollars to the different banks and there you are you made so much more money now out of thin air and when President Morsi of Egypt who says he is a Muslim Quanah Muslim or is a great Muslim movement with great intellectuals in them and he now goes to the IMF tomorrow four billion dollars as he did when a contract is signed with the IMF only then does that become money because you now have a legal obligation to repay four billion dollars and so the I people who have succeeded in a manner which is unbelievable in producing money out of thin air and expanding and expanding and expanding a mysterious will make the banking system reach up and richer and richer deeply that we cannot allow the banking system to fall this Bank is too big to fall it lie monstrous lies after from the white house so we gotta head them so you send more trillions of dollars of the banking system this is a monetary system which is come from the Antichrist and if you are a Christian you cannot understand that you’ve got homework to do I ask the question who is my brother because we are the only two people on the face of the who believe that jesus will return nobody else believes that only the Muslim and the question so i asked the question when Jesus comes back will he use USD always use euros have you asked yourself that question and you’re a christian or will he use pakistani rupees of bangladeshi taka if you have more than peanuts in your head you will know the Jesus will not touch this bogus money and that Jesus will all need use gold and silver coins as money that the Lord God produced you think islamic banking will use gold and silver coins oh come on islamic banking will never use gold in the silver crimes not because islamic banking was created by them to further validate their butt but their monetary system because lammy banking is comfortable with people money and islamic banking will be even more comfortable tomorrow when there is no more bit of money and they’re welcome the new cash less well invisible money electronic money digital money this is my first response to this sort disc this curious creature called Islamic banking don’t come to me and tell me where the Islamic banking is trying to serve remove money being lent on interests and all that garbage because they’re not doing that what islamic banking is doing is lending money on interests but doing it from the back door the commercial banks are doing it from the front door so the commercial banks have more integrity than you doing it from the back do I don’t have the time to explain or listing but this is our response to this bogus monetary system and we look forward to the day when the Christian well and the Jewish world and the Muslim world will wake up from their brainwashing and recognize when Jesus comes back you’re going to be using gold and silver coins we call md now and tell him if that is going to happen when this when Jesus returns the cell Americans back what are we waiting for why is our why our our voices not raise why don’t we come together in a common struggle to restore gold and silver as money in the market

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  1. chick Imran mountain of gold it pure gold not oil…oil its everywhere no one care about war only usa ,,,,but with pure gold its an other story

  2. Great picture! You used a tripod for your camera!! -Thank you! Tripods are few and far between on the internet.. But what's up with not using a mic stand??? The mic is being dangled about throughout the video. Is the microphone the star of the show?

  3. at least u should check the spelling and your understanding first before u make a subtitle. sorry but it is annoyying to heard another but to read someother ..

  4. Without lawful Money of Substance, there is no Law of Substance, so what exactly is happening with this engineered state of Bankruptcy………… Q, Have the People been converted to Human Resources…..Doh, it's a tough one, can I call a friend ?

  5. Why are comments banned on some of his videos and not on others like this one? As if they use it as a study to see what we think or assume we know about their corrupt system?

  6. I loved you so much dear imaam… how intellectual you are…. SubhanAllah… may ALLAH grant you good health and long life…and bless you as well in akirah in jannathul firthouse… aameen

  7. As Salam alaeykoum for your friend's ,with french subtiles ; sous titré en français ; ici paix sur vous

  8. the digital money comment he made is so spot on. recently the west african country of senegal is going to be the first country to implement a totally digital currency with the 'help' of the african central bank. may allah continue to bless us with knowledge that is to be useful to us while protecting us from knowledge that is not useful to us.ameen.

  9. Sheikh i have more than 5 zears that i am listening to zour [email protected],and i dont find anz error or somthing except lapsus error and i dont find anz wrong argument so God bless zou Sheikh.I easilz can saz that zou are a ulama and an advisor of umah and the onlz one that dare to tell the truth without fear.I am from albania and i wish zou and the real belivers in the world all the best

  10. Did prophet Muhammad… peace be upon him prophesied the intangible money? Where can you find it in Islamic texts?
    Could it be talking about bitcoin?

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