Southwood Gold Club, Rushmoor charity event – GnERGY Sponser

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Pritam. I am Sales & Marketing Executive of GnERGY. And I’m here at Southwood Golf Course, today with Councillor Steve Masterson here. How are you? I’m fine thank you. Very good. Fine thank you, nice to see you here today. Nice to see you too. So, what is the main purpose of today’s event? The main purpose of today’s event is to raise funds for my three charities, which are: Parity, Disability – A local charity based in Franborough Step By Step Again, a local charity but based in Aldershot And SSAFA, the forces charity which over arches the three services: the navy, the army and the air-force so that’s the main reason for choosing those charities So I see on the list there are 21 supporters today and GnERGY is being number 1 at the moment so what sort of impact have we given to this charity? it’s marvellous because I’ve known Tikendra, CEO of the business for many years and he’s very kindly help with the business – supported this with the first prize in the raffle and has been generous supportive of myself, throughout political career and when I use to work locally as well so I’m very grateful to Tikendra and your business for being so strong in their support of today’s event. if there’s a any, like a short message, that you would like to give our viewers? I’m just delighted that your company has taken the time and the trouble to come here and to support the event I wish you well as you grow and develop, and I hope you prosper in the future. Thank you very much for you time today. Thank you.

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