alright looks like it’s time to rob this
Bank Jake Jake you have to look at your phone
right now there’s a guy robbing a bank and he looks just like whoa slow down
what’s what’s going on pull it up on your phone click if you’re seeing
someone extremely handsome right now is live streaming as they robbed a bank
yeah Jake this can’t be good will the holdup pull the livestream all right is
this thing on we’re currently live streaming to the
mast Pappas YouTube channel there hold this thing I’m about to rob this Bank
the good old fashioned way follow me now the thing is this is worthless the money
they keep here is nothing compared to what they have in the backbone okay guys
so if you’re tuning in right now you know that someone named the max Papa who
looks exactly like me it’s currently robbing a bank Jake he looks just like
you the thing is Logan the only person who’s gonna be able to stop him is me
not the police not the other Avengers it’s me but what about me can I can I
help yes and you too Logan you can come along
no guys you know that my one and only superpower is my spider-man web-slinging
check this out so as you guys can tell I think I’m the right man for this job
now Logan we’re gonna need our gear to take on this robber he’s breaking into
that secure bank he knows what he’s doing now with a little bit of research
and the time I’ve had and a lot of money off of your credit card what I’ve been
able to perfect our spider-man suits I have brand new suits carbon fiber
finishes best for you and two new masks yours comes with night vision and able
and mine has cool little eye things I also added on a brand new sleeping dart
system loaded up like this then fire your sleeping darts and I perfected our
web slinging device so we now have a web blaster for you because but you don’t
have any superpowers Jake what’s this thing some kind of ladybug
spy gadget no Logan this is this is a vacuum
for the table sometimes get crumbs on the table and I eat all right Logan it’s
time to suit up and get out there I’ll meet you at the bank let’s go come on
and make sure we have a guide posted at every single checkpoint I don’t want
anyone follow me to the bank ball the great thing for all of you watching the
mass Papa is I’m gonna be teaching you just how you break in to the world’s
most secure bank see this Venn check yeah it’s locked by a titanium lock but
for us we can freeze through it with a couple tricks a highly compressed co2
cartridge freeze this lock out that’s I see easy peace let’s see what
we got down pretty standard bank vault entrance hey follow me and again post a
god here no one follows me follow me so you just said no one should follow you
no one should follow me but you’re following me because you’re live stream
filming me come on look what we got here oh this this makes me excited you know what I’m so excited about this
water because dummy they’ve got a door this solid it means they’ve got a lot of
cash stashed behind you looks like there’s one guard up front
lucky dress I just finished the compound on a new website Jake aren’t there
people who do this for a living like the police why can’t they do this bogey for
the 500 million time okay the police yes they could do this okay but when we
wouldn’t get to use all of our cool gadgets you think the police have this
wait for that all right the only way we get through this is to make it go boom
luckily for us I brought myself a little bit of TNT well if you don’t know what
you’re doing come on we need to save this Bank and save all the money maybe
we keep them Jake we are not keeping the money are the good guys okay are you I’m
spider-man and if you don’t put your gun down I’m gonna shoot that was messy yes be careful with these so long since
you’ve put off Logan watch out again very messy but effective yeah
locked and loaded you got ten seconds if I were you I’d get out of here fast
this is what I live for now listen for the boom perfect safe is all eyes if she
is just where I expected it what’s inside we’re about to find out now it’s
time to get the real money military grade titanium probably five to seven
inches thick and then we crack in this but it looks like we have a fingerprint
scan up here top the fingerprint scanner wiring is shine back past this here
access denied come on access denied all right listen mister you’re not
supposed to rob banks in fact Logan over here just told me that stealing money is
against the law so you’re gonna stay inside our spiderweb and this note
saying you’ve been a bad boys for the cops fun I’ve been a bad boy
really Jake no arrest me I’m stealing a bank what else should I write
all right Jake let’s stay alert okay attractive bidding the night-vision
goggles might helps out a little bit all right
night-vision is all in line not seeing anyone whoever was in here they made
quite a mess so money everywhere
there look some sort of ventilation shaft maybe he went through there Jake
you can’t take the money here you go first because I’m scared small
spaces I’m not going first go first Jake you’re the one who dragged me on this
mission I said let’s call the police and let them deal with it
not dress up a spider-man and go do this ourselves because the fokin put a hook
up Plan B make a home fingerprint fact
we’re gonna steal the fingerprint that opens this safe using a little bit of
putty shape it like a finger now perfect we got one now the big finger goes to
work it looks like it is and no one’s gonna get between me and this money spider-man
what do you mean to have a minute down what’s a spider-man alright
oh yeah whoever this mask Papa guy is didn’t leave a clean trip looks like
he’s using co2 freeze the lock this guy’s a lot of rookie we’re dealing with
some of the smart keep an eye out okay looks like there’s a door right
here just in case there’s someone on the other side I have sleep darts ready to
go careful even slowly will the sleep start quickly see I told you my god just
do come in handy yeah I still don’t see why we couldn’t just call the police he
snores really loud where’s the nice Papa let’s get him out of here
please don’t hurt me I’m just filming the mass Papa for you my name’s Fred
wait give me that oh if you guys are watching this you should not be learning
how to rob a bank okay you should be learning math or history or art no if
you’re watching the masked popper right now keep it the best thing and the
coolest thing to do is to smash that like button on our videos not his what
do you do with this guy Sergey you know where the mass pop is
what do we do with this guy looks like a real problem is this mass Papa we might
need to call some of the other Avengers to take him out
this gets deadly and extremely handsome as for you won’t you go to sleep for a
little bit no no Jake why did you take so long
patek paws try to let him get away all right you know what we’re calling
the other Avengers and we’re putting them to the mass papa guys if you want
to see us catch the mass pop and put it into a once and for all smack that like
button and let us know in the comments but this has been Papa Jake and spider
Logan and we’ll see you guys next time

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