Stavridis On Syria: ‘We Have Devalued The Currency Of Our Word’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

66 thoughts on “Stavridis On Syria: ‘We Have Devalued The Currency Of Our Word’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  1. Trump messing up again and people are getting killed because of his bad decisions. He has shown he is unreliable.and by extension the USA.

  2. Our elected leaders have failed us – both parties! The Democrats are as pathetic and weak as the GOP is ruthless, lawless, and cruel!

  3. That’s exactly right. Trump re-located troops to Iraq to please Erdogan. He is more afraid of being un-popular with foreign autocrats than his own people.

  4. Trump has been keeping innocent children in cages for YEARS now! Our reputation has been crap ever since Trump was elected!

  5. Something the republicans haven’t realized is that trump is too fkg stupid to be their dictator and he’s too fkg stupid to be their puppet dictator. Actually he totally useless except for the fact that he made them all tax exempt. Except for the working class dumbfks that worship him. They’re just dupes to be used then disposed of. Trump is a fraud in every aspect of being. I wish to god that fast food would put him in a coronary.

  6. More like Trump pleasing his boss Putin. Trump's focus on foreign policy is to Make Russia Great Again. Trump is a lying traitor.

  7. and invading a country to find WMD's…
    and not punishing banks for laundering drug cartel cash…which they knew was cartel drug war money
    giving child rapists 6 day work releases after raping dozens of kids…epstein
    working with foreign military's to win elections… right wingers are just a money making mafia

  8. TRUMP — If you have to hurt people in order to feel powerful, that makes you an extremely weak and pathetic individual.

  9. Important reasons of self preservation will force a serial lier like the "president" to speak the truth but is actually meant to conceal a greater truth behind a lesser truth.
    What will be the "president's" tell at that moment of "small" truth telling?
    Will that "small truth" :
    reveal uncommon/uncharecteristic strength and courage?
    reveal an intimate part of the self?
    be accompanied by fear, regret, humility? Action?
    be understood more as a lie than a truth?
    tactical or sincere?
    voluntary or mandatory?
    be cheap?
    cause more damage to our country and none to himself?
    seem more like a legal redaction of his transgression?
    shine a light or obscure?
    be unfamiliar to the listener?

  10. Oh, please. These supposed anti-war leftist applauded Obama for pulling out of Iraq so I'm not buying this fake outrage.

  11. MSNBCannibals are in Syria trying to keep their Ground BEEF supply of Syrian Refugee business going !!! #JustSayNoToMSNBCannibalBurger !!!!!

  12. The Official Excuse: "If I was really robbing this bank 🏦, with this gun 🔫, this demand note 📝 and this money bag 💰, filled with stolen cash 💸, would I be stupid 😕 enough to do it in broad day light ☀️, on camera 🎥 and in-front of dozens of witnesses💃🚶👫🚶🏃? I do this all the time, get over it! 😠". OK. You're free to go 👮 ….

  13. To be fair, the USA has always grossly over valued their "word" as some sort of currency of truth/integrity.
    They are cheating rats of the highest order and every country except, seemingly, themselves knows it and has known it for many decades.
    Trump isn't the progenitor, he's the product of this type of America.
    Get real America, you've been a major arsehole for ages!!

  14. Rudy Giuliani & Mike Pence: In for a penny, in for a pound. Then the erosion of their integrity grows. First for only a few easily overlooked thousands of dollars 💸💰💸, then a few hundred thousand, 💸💰🤑💸💰🤑💸💰🤑💸💰etc. Then they are in too deep, no longer protecting the president but really protecting themselves.

  15. Our mission in Syria was a success. We should have withdrawn our troops a long time ago.

    Also we can't be the world's policemen. That's the UN's job and the very reason it was created after WWII.

  16. All those young children waving at the American Soldiers will be seeing the bullets fly and bombs again really soon after tomorrow night while many see the parents and siblings slaughtered thanks to trump , so sad. Trump needs to be removed now once and for all.

  17. Bring our troops home! Let the dirty Muslims fight each other. Like they have for centuries.
    Trump. 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  18. Do democrats think it was wrong to pull out of Vietnam?
    Boy you people sure are easy to manipulate…
    Please open your eyes people.

  19. We have devalued the Lives of our Armed Service People by engaging in Conflicts which don't serve our Interests.
    My Family and Neighboors have been blown to bits in Combat in the Middle East and North Africa to satisfy Democrat Warmonger Bloodlust and keep their Military Industrial Complex Fat Cat Sponsors happy.
    2020 Elections are fast approaching. We shall throw Warmongering Profiteers out!

  20. The President and the GOP have sold out all of OUR core values as Americans. Trump is a narcissist and will NEVER understand that he’s caused more problems than anyone else in the world, but republicans know EXACTLY what is happening and refuse to stop it. None of them deserve to remain as OUR representatives if they don’t vote on removing that bonafide traitor, Donald J. Trump, from office.

  21. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣our 'werd'.
    are u serious?
    the president's word is worth 10,000 trump universities. oh wait. yes that's correct not worth shyt.

  22. USA is globally reviled and loathed for their greed and tyranny. Putin has millions of admirers for preventing USA destroying small nations like they did Iraq and Libya.

  23. USAs strongest allies in Syria has always been Al Qaeda! The so called moderate rebels that Obama gave a $1bn in weapons to who are now killing Kurds for the Turkish. MSNBC just wants USA to keep starting more wars and killing more civilians.

  24. No oone ever wanted USA in Syria. They killed 8 x more civilians than ISIS fighters and were only there to steal the Wheat and Oil from the homes and plates of innocent Syrians.
    No one has EVER Trusted USA
    USA in globally known for greed, exploitation and corruption.
    Nothing matters to racist Americans other than money. That's why the entire world loathes Americans. USA has no allies or friends, just proxies and vassals who are all looking for the first chance to be rid of US Tyranny.

  25. Trump kept his promise and is now bringing American Soldiers "HOME" to Saudi Arabia & Iraq. And the blackmail of our ally, Qatar, which had strategic American air bases, until they bailed Jared Kushner's 666 Fifth Avenue building out of foreclosure. And they get away with all of it.

  26. Trump has decided that it's more important for our troops to guard oil fields, than it is for them to guard human beings.

  27. We devalued our word . " Do you think " !! Someone said , " If your words no good , you're no good " WHAT DO YOU THINK ???

  28. I guess if your girlfriend leaves you, it is Putins fault.
    Unbelieveable how stupid parts of the american society can get these days.

  29. Anyone wanna take bets that some of those betrayed Kurds will become terrorists? Trump may have increased the threat more than anyone knows.

  30. Since L B Johnson and Vietnam War – the USA has NO credibiltiy in anything ever! Disgusting!
    Carthago esse delendam!. Destoy the Elend of USA destroying the entire world!

  31. DEAR USA: Pentagon wanted this terror corridor to destabilize & overthrow the 5 countries surrounding it. In this order: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey & Russia. THIS WAS GOING TO LEAD TO OUR LANDS BEING TORN APART. THERE IS NO WAY IN THE WORLD WE'D ALLOW THIS. CONSEQUENTLY, WE ARE & FOREVER WOULD BE WILLING TO FIGHT TO OUR DEATHS TO PREVENT IT.

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