10 thoughts on “STUDIO ONE SIMPLIFIED: Automatic Gain Staging Macro | 3 Plugins To Start a Mix

  1. Johnny, it looks like the link for the tool bar down load is not your new POWER tool bar. i think it is the HST favorites macro toolbar. i like the icon for the pan and fader resets in the new POWER version. At the end of yesterday's show you talked about creating your own tool bar items and renaming etc. Very helpful. thanks much

  2. 🤣Johnny and his laborious Record-Panel…⚙️At the bottom left of the word "Metronome" is that little⚙️for opening and closing the Record-Panel with one click.🧐Johnny, you haven't see it in all that years?🙄You are really blind.🤣

  3. correct me if I am wrong & this is not to start any argument – 6 months ago & earlier – you would have said "I never use normalize – I don't even know why anyone would" – I've always used the normalize feature in ANY DAW or software (in particular Adobe Audition) – it mathematically raises All event volumes to a designated level without peaking past that set point. – allows for a "re-set" of recording input level – in case it was low when originally recorded. We know that if you record too hot – you are stuck – but bringing up the wave to optimum is usually my first step to gain staging – as you demonstrated with your macro. Granted – if ridiculously too low – normalizing to -.1db or zero – it would be amplifying the silent "noise" – if that happens it could be a flag to re-record!!

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