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holders that that’s what it is so today hey when I was at a synagogue
in the morning a guy asked me he’s like hey did you hear that Facebook is
starting their own Queen yeah because he knows that I have something to do with
Bitcoin so I said yes I did hear about that I
actually made a show about that last night and I and then another guy said
was that that’s you’re into the kryptos yeah so I had a
big smile on my face obviously and I and I just thought you know did the people
who know nothing about Bitcoin this was a big this was a news story they heard
about he said he heard about a little fox news or something and it’s opening
people’s minds to cryptocurrency and making them ask questions they ask me
questions today they’re very basic but still it’s an opening if someone asks
you about it today or tomorrow whenever this is this is an opportunity it’s a
talking opportunity to say yeah the guy asked me if I thought it would do well I
said look through all right but you know bitcoin is the real one and you probably
can’t even get that and my point is that all these days that Bitcoin has been
going up in price you know it’s tripled in Fiat value you never asked me about
that didn’t hear about that he heard about Facebook you heard about the day
had a coin and so this is waking people up to the insider information that we
have I mean most people if they had heard a Bitcoin before they probably a
lot at the price that gets dead they had no idea just tripled in value since the
winter so this is a time to talk about it with newbies it is it’s it’s a
positive it’s a positive opening for us so I’ve got it
again if you’ve got a questions hundred pick one less your supplement says do
you think Libra boost or delays Bitcoin moon plans yeah I don’t think it really
has that effect doesn’t have an effect on it it was all baked into the cake I’d
say that before Bitcoin goes really insane that things like this we’re going
to happen so this is all part of the plan that we we know for a while there
big corporate coins corporations making their own coins and big names would get
in the cryptocurrency so it’s it’s part of the plan
a I guess it’s it’s not really that big of a shock that it happened 2019 they’re
maybe they’re rushing to get in before the
20 having it only helps though it does help get us closer busy he’s waking up
more people to the existence of cryptocurrency that’s what I saw today
in that anecdotal example that I just shared another question here do you
think we can possibly be entering the beast system first of all you got to be
a unique beast and not worry about all those rumors about this is the mark of a
base this is the mark of the beast I hear all these kids like oh it’s clearly
the mark of the beast okay great you can believe that what are you doing what are
you doing if this is the mark of the beast are you just crying and screaming
and dooming or did you buy Bitcoin you’re probably crying screaming and
dooming if you’re screaming about market be stopped now tap now to Val I’m not
saying you’re doing this but I’ve seen a lot of posts today when people are
ripping on Facebook coin or saying good things about it then you’ll just have to
merge to say it’s the mark of the beast is the mark of the beast and that’s not
really productive but of course dimmers aren’t productive they just like to talk
about worst-case scenarios and like hope that they happen so that they can say oh
I was right there was a worst-case scenario I’m just as broke as I was
before town that like fun but you say do you think we could possibly entering the
beast system in which you’re buying and selling of goods and services could be
stopped with the push of a button well we’re already in that system if you
opt into it yeah I if that system is easily up yeah if Facebook is making it
very easy for all the 80 percenters to opt into that system and the stim what’s
wrong with that look that’s up what’s wrong if people
want to be part of that system if they want to be if they wanna be monitored
and if they can be turned off at the click of a button by a central authority
I mean it that’s their personal responsibility that’s it again we don’t
have so the Bitcoin why do you need to worry about that if you’re in the
Bitcoin system then that’s not the system you’re in so yeah that system is
good you could be I mean people are already being deep lat or people already
being kicked off a banks and stuff there’s centralized authorities that are
saying you don’t fit in you can’t be part of what mainstream normies are in
and so I mean if you want to be part of that system you could follow the rules
follow the rules it’s already out there I don’t follow rules I’m the Bitcoin
system I’m a big court over then I can just laugh at all the people who worry
about oh about that big house can we get turned off though I can’t buy the wrong
thing I can’t post the wrong video I mean if you’re big you have to worry
about that oh yeah it’s out there and more power to Facebook to take advantage
of all those 80 percenters and intro and hopefully wake up some of those 80
percenters to the fact that they don’t have to be a part of that machine that
fitting name is totally overrated and you don’t need a mortgage from Bank of
America to to be successful you know I mean you know I mean in order to impress
many people most people yeah you you need to be in debt to Bank of America
and Wells Fargo and have a gigantic house and be at their mercy if you say
something wrong they can turn you off and they get Facebook is making it very
easy with this centralized point and all these people are gonna be what to be a
part of and the thing is you know I I’m talking about in a pretty high up level
there that people just old I don’t understand that I you know I can’t be
turned off I don’t say anything wrong I don’t know do anything maybe you don’t
have anything to worry about but there’s a whole nother level of
people who are just like who Facebook is starting our own coin I want to get in
on this Facebook’s a big corporation there are people out there that just buy
ripple because they want to be involved with a coin that says it has something
to do with a bank if ripple can be successful if ripple can have all these
people blindly but in a centralized currency a centralized digital currency
that Braga’s main selling point is that it does work with banks and MoneyGram
then Facebook is a much better buy than that so they’re gonna be all these
people that are rivers that have the rip ler mindset they’re gonna buy Facebook
coin and it’s all ridiculous it’s I don’t know why here in the Bitcoin
overlay where we are we were like why would you want to even be part of why we
might want to opt in to this well because some people see the ripple has
gone up a lot value so they think even though Facebook is a stable coin
supposedly or maybe stable maybe it’ll go up in value or maybe I’ll get some
benefit from it that I just don’t know yet and then there are some people out
there who will be confused enough that they’ll be like they’re they’re making
their own coin now and thus this is just like if I wouldn’t
I mean on the Facebook I think yo that I wasn’t allowed to be part of there are
gonna be people to think it and that might boost the value of this coin you
know it’s supposed to be a stable okay okay that’s great if people are that
confused and think if this is an IPO type of thing it’s not it’s not but some
people will interpret it that way and that’s what they’re gonna buy it that’s
why they’re gonna want to hold onto it that’s why they’re gonna want to be a
part of it I need a video back in late 2015 when I was in Auckland New Zealand
or was it early 2016 was Rea around New Year’s where I said buying Bitcoin at
$400 is like a Facebook IPO for a regular person you can look up that
video disrupt meister calm it is there now the original Facebook IPO back in
the day we you have to be a qualified investor in order to get in there’s
certain rules in order you know in order to get in or like IPOs like they and
everybody knew the Facebook IPO was happening and everybody knew the Google
IPO was having everybody knew that you if you bought it you would you would you
very well but regular people who are not qualified investors could not buy it and
we all remember that everybody knew that and I made a video in late 2015 saying
that this bitcoin is the equivalent of that it’s the equivalent of a Facebook
IPO that every single person on the planet earth can be a part and I said
that in 20 15 minutes $400 and I said therefore people get 10 to
1010 Bitcoin and I was right I was absolutely right and you know in a sense
that that’s what bitcoin still is every single person on this planet can get in
on this thing like they couldn’t get in on the real Facebook IPO it is still an
incredible growth opportunity is it as as big as the Facebook IPO so I don’t
know I I don’t make tremendous predictions like all the click Bader’s
out there okay let’s say big big there’s gonna be a million dollars in five years
I’m not into that okay I’m just valuing I’m trying to get as much big point as
possible but if I got it wake some people up and say it’s like a Facebook
IPO stilt then it’s like a Facebook IPO still okay it is it is very it’s still
insider information the people that again they hear more about this Facebook
point leap Libra or whatever its called then they do about think the price of
Bitcoin going up they know more about Facebook than they know about Bitcoin so
we still have insider information okay so it is in a sense it’s like
giving ah it’s an insight or buying opportunity to get you know Bitcoin and
again once you get Bigpoint you get the creek but you get interest on your
Bitcoin if you control your own private key that’s a little-known fact – you get
these air drops and and and in Forks Krypton dividends as they’re called so
yeah it’s it’s these people thinking that the people who will foolishly be
thinking that buying the Libre coin is like a Facebook IPO when even to this
day buying bitcoin is much much more like a Facebook IPO and definitely in
2015 when I was saying it was like a Facebook IPO it was much more so than
because again it was only it was only four hundred dollars in that thing now
it’s a $9,000 there is a difference there but still Val your wealth and
bigpoint just try to get as many big we don’t worry about the price and there
are people out there there are people out there that are cheering on the likes
of Maxine Waters who is virtue signaling in the Congress now saying that she
wants to question Facebook and give him a hard time
I wouldn’t everyone who’s cheering on Maxine Waters to take a step back and
think about what they’re really cheering on then if bitcoin doesn’t need four
competitors for icos for for its centralized coins to be investigated by
the likes of busybodies like Maxine Waters by sociopaths like Maxine Waters
who like to micromanage every aspect of private individuals lives Bitcoin
doesn’t need that you don’t need that you don’t need to be thinking about that
if you’re cheering her on it’s cheering on such a horrific person
as that – – because again you should read what she’s saying like Oh Facebook
has done so much bad we need to they need to take it slow and what they’re
doing what break that she had to say what a private corporation it does with
their with their product right the she say she said stuff about Oh they’ve uh
with their inability to block Russian ah silliness this understands nothing she
hasn’t gotten her bride yet obviously I understand that or she doesn’t realize
she’s got her bride yet but again if you guys are thinking there’s some people
out there oh it’s so good that the Senate is they’re gonna try and delay
the Facebook point this is great there’s good you know I mean it might be taking
some of the flack that it’s distracting some people from Bitcoin which is pretty
big one doesn’t need that big boy doesn’t need perfect it’s not a pleasant
to glorify people like that like Maxine Waters is is not uh it’s not ethical I
think it’s I think it’s wrong I really do think is wrong because she’s not
doing this to help you she’s doing it to grandstand okay and take it to gain more
power for herself this isn’t people individuals out there
don’t need their grandmommy looking after them okay let mommy government you
know worry let them fail on their own just people think it’s a freaking IPO
let them learn the hard way what it is okay she doesn’t have any clue it’s
first of all found that like button but and if I cos i ce o–‘s are turtle scams
and people are back let them learn the hard way they don’t need the government
to come in and regulate everything and and be the mommy and the daddy
we’re grownups we’re freakin even 80 percenters are grownups even though
they’re 80 percenters and they could learn the hard way so again think long
hard if you’re cheering on the US Senate and the likes of a Maxine Waters just
just take a step back and think about your life if you find yourself cheering
her on in this situation because it’s again I you don’t have to be a big fan
of Facebook coin or Libre but you don’t decry for government regulation on it
either or for the government to to do your dirty work you need to destroy it
I mean that that I mentioned this before I mean to creation and not destruction
and our bunch of people in this space or look let’s kill all the off coins let’s
destroy this is well I on the other hand I feel like I like people working on
Bitcoin creating Bitcoin products creating Bitcoin through dividends
creating being also creating more new stuff it’s it’s not it’s it’s more its
abundance new stuff is abundance which happy in abundance we have people out
there who cheer on stunting growth which is all the government is which is all
that Maxine Waters is is the stunting of creativity and this space this life that
we are given is all about creativity and creation and not destruction but there
are so many people who favored the destructive side of things and I just
want to throw that out there again I’ve said it in other ways on the show before
but I think long and hard about what what your work what you’re supporting
when you’re cheering on certain entities and when you’re talking about
destruction and I wish this would go away I wish it you know what things will
go away things do disappear you should focus on being productive getting more
big points for yourself everything else will work out fine I’m sure
bitcoinmeister do you think Libra boost your oh here no that one that Bitcoin
Meister is coinbase a reasonable on-ramp for new people how else do you want poor
people I think it’s reasonable yep I just tell him to go to coin base and get
their Bitcoin off of there as soon as possible but then that’s the other thing
there’s a caveat there okay it’s a great it’s easy way to buy Bitcoin again the
government’s gonna know they you know Bitcoin okay there you go are there
other other ways for new most movies really don’t care about that okay
they’re gonna when they sell it they’ll pay their taxes etc etc etc I mean if
you don’t if you want to it’s it’s a reasonable long rap now unreasonable
on-ramps or for really for more experienced people you do what tone did
you go to the back alley with a bunch of cash and you buy Bitcoin from some dude
you don’t know who could have a gun and you might have to have a gun on you and
I mean that that doesn’t seem very reasonable but you’ll get it anonymously
that way but coinbase isn’t easy reasonable way to do it and but again
the caveat is get it off learn how to move your Bitcoin immediately and how to
store it on your tresor immediately and so you’re not worked it’s it’s not
reasonable to store your big point of coin base that is not reasonable but you
need to buy it there yeah and there are other ways to buy it you know cash app
and all these other things that I have never even tried before there but again
I mean the government’s keep a track of that too so again it’s it’s reason yeah
it’s the long answer there sometime Maur bursa has something you and Rush
Limbaugh have in common we’re both incredibly overweight now ah
only people I don’t I don’t know if he’s still overweight is he I don’t know
only people who understand what they’re talking about can talk about it every
single day they aren’t there aren’t any left this don’t art talk radio
interesting point there marver interesting interesting part point
I know Rush Limbaugh used to be a big a big football fan and I used to be a big
football fan alright it’s nothing we had he come I
think he probably still is one Jordan Scott Baker Meister who would you rather
have dinner with king of the trolls or Jim Jim oh definitely king of the trolls
definitely king of the trolls I I don’t want to have I don’t want to have dinner
with a psychopath I mean again I I could handle king of the trolls I can no we
haven’t we have dinner he’s a healthy guy maybe
we talk about health food and stuff I don’t know
but no I he’s a much more normal individual about a most reasonable he’s
not a he’s not a psychopathic liar like like Jim Jones probably is then they
really are two different I mean I know people try to compare them as they’ve
been involved with you know be cash one of them and the other one of BS V but
there’s no comparison at all and I’m no fan working in the trolls either no
comparison I’d rather be around king of the trolls and Jim Jones much Jim Jones
is just a pathological lawyer it’s it’s unbelievable that people believe a word
he says but big clip terminus is bitcoinmeister they are control freaks
I’m sure you’re talking about Maxine Waters yes that you must be yes that
many of the people in government are that is just a great word I was thinking
I’m trying to think of that phrase before they are control freaks so yeah
Jordan big boy prepared is Marber and Bigfoot thank you for the questions guys
thanks a lot thanks for for being here you guys are awesome all right remember
type the bitcoinmeister it doesn’t turn colors unless you type in Bitcoin
Meister and I can’t see it otherwise okay so we talked about the opportunity
to talk about Bitcoin two newbies because of
what coin puts it out on the table there and I just again I mentioned how again
if people want to buy ripple thinking that it’s a corporate coin and again I’m
not vilifying the word corporation they’ll really want to get you know in a
real truck a huge court face because a huge corporation much larger than than
ripple much larger than some banks so yeah they would logically people who
were interested in ripple for that reason will buy a face book but again
Libra let them learn let them learn we don’t need a we don’t need a the the
control freaks to be in charge here and say no you can’t do that a Bikram
Meister I appreciate you being here tonight I sold a painting for litecoin
earlier today and all he had on his hot wallet was pretty cool and you know
where that that’s going alright yeah now your wealth in Bitcoin turned that LTC
into some VTC Nick Carter has a good article out there now that we live in a
post Libra world it’s as good a time as ever to reflect on the trade-offs
involved in cryptocurrency design and why bitcoin is the way that it is some
of its most puzzling trade-offs explained and to me the the five
trade-offs that he talks about in this article they’re not puzzling at all to
me they’re all about long term thinking and long term planning but a lot of
people would like to ripple in Bitcoin well why aren’t why can there only be 21
million there should be more we should be able there should be a there should
be a government that can change the monetary policy again read his article
and it combats all that Fudd I’m already I’ve already got a strong
hand against all that fun I mean that’s why I got into Bitcoin I get the limited
supply come on and then you could do that you could
send it anywhere in the world and no one could stop it but a lot of people don’t
get that and that’s why they’ll buy a Libra because they just like a lot of
people are using it even though Facebook can stop people from using it and it
won’t be able to be sent to certain countries and they’ll be able to make as
most of Moe as much of it as they wanted to still abaya
I’ll opt into it and that’s that’s what you got and I already had Facebook’s so
why not they’re doing your line for free why not again if Facebook gives away for
free and allows you to turn in the Bitcoin turning the big point
immediately that that that would be awesome
that would be awesome but a lot of people are gonna like start spending it
on their uber and they’ll get hooked on it then I get turned off by uber one
thing we’ll see what the we all see the difference between a centralized coin
and a decentralized one soon enough it’ll be great but again it’s waking up
a lot of people and you know people are talking about the basket this is
supposed to be a stable coin anything you need butI in israel who i will see
you soon I’ll be there July 11th until like September 25th in Tel Aviv
but Rudy brought up a point that it’s got a basket of crypto currencies it’s
gonna be based off of its its stability it will be based off of a basket of
currencies whatever that means and it’s obviously
it’s it’s not as easy to to hold them accountable you know when it’s a it’s a
basket of currencies like you’re not going to know if they have the amount of
the amount they say it makes it more complicated they know if it’s based on
the dollar because then what we have 18 million dollars and you can check it
here you can check it here we have 18 million dollars but with a basket you
don’t even know what the basket of currencies is maybe it changes here and
there may be some this big point so it’s it’s gonna be harder to tell if it’s
actually backed up by anything but at the same time people already blindly
trust Facebook so much with all their private information they’ll blindly
trust Facebook that yeah one Facebook coin equals exactly what Facebook says
it equals and they will blindly trust it and so there won’t be any need to hold
them accountable I guess for the people who buy into that but they they are
definitely complicating matters and that helps them kind of dodge accountability some of you might remember Adam Cal Nike
is a a boxer in Brooklyn who’s a Polish descent he’s got a coming out in August
against a guy who used to be the title holder and it’s in Brooklyn
and I linked to his up Twitter before because he is a huge big point fan and
if he wins this fight if he wins this fight he will be on track to fight the
the champion of the world his name is Deontay Wilder and that would be a huge
if that actually and that will be in 2020 if that had Deontay Wilder will
fight Adam coun a key in 2020 around the heavy in fact so by this show again Adam
has to win his fight I guess the ante has to win his next fight too and it
looks like that would be the biggest marketing matchup they could have so
they would have that in 2020 and it would be huge
we’re talking about mainstream knowledge of Bitcoin right now Adam only has like
11,000 Twitter file their followers and he’s a huge he’s really a huge
heavyweight fighter if he is scheduled to fight Deontay Wilder he’ll become
like a household name Adam cowl-neck he is like the white George Foreman
basically so I read that comparison somewhere and so a fight between white
George forming and this chiseled Deontay Wilder dude I mean that would be a huge
event for the 80 percentage for everyone and Adam will I hope we’ll still be
talking Bitcoin and it’ll be another way to introduce Bitcoin to the masses right
there so there’s a topic you’re not gonna hear anyway so wish and wish Adam
well in his August fight I’m sure we’ll give some updates and if if he does get
his title shot against tiant day Walker Wilder in in 2020 near the having that
would be quite quite awesome quite a quite a fight
all right now who’s this Scott Marva says dying in your bed years from now
will you be willing to trade your fiat for one chance to come back here and
tell the globalists that they may take our gold but they’ll never take our
Bitcoin well I don’t like to think about that yeah I don’t get that what exactly
I don’t care about the global don’t worry about if you understand that no one can take
your that no one can take your Bitcoin you’re in good shape I’m not about I’m
about living in the present and telling people right now Bitcoin is on
confiscate bullying and gold is not and if the government wants to take a bow
they could if Peter Schiff came to your house you could just you know ding in
your yard and take your goal with you if you wanted so yeah it is it is the truly
uncopyable assets that you can take across borders and it is a newfangled
savings account all right now we’re done with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency aspect
of the show someone just said go Raptors okay
the Canadians you’re still like I heard the people got shot during the parade in
Toronto which is reminiscent to what happens in Baltimore when the Ravens won
the title was Super Bowl xlvii a few years ago I think someone got killed in
Baltimore during the parade I was at the parade actually so yeah Toronto you
don’t want to go to Baltimore out there at least no one got killed but yes
shootings happened but yeah guys yet you hockey fans I’m sure your your big
basketball guys now all right don’t waste too much time on that it is
surreal that the NBA title is in Toronto all right all right always someone had a
legendary all 99 said Adam Cal Mackay brisk Chris area or areola August 3rd
yeah that’s what I was saying he’s fighting a former champion Chris areola
August 3rd in Brooklyn and then Adam bursts
Deonte in 2020 hopefully that’s what it looks like yes to be he has to beat
Craig he can’t he can’t overlook that guy Chris he’s got it
that’ll be great for Bitcoin we want him to beat Chris so he can fight DNA what
about the end-of-life planning do you have a plan yeah I got a plan how will
you pass on your keys I’ve got people there’s there’s a lot all sorts of other
Bitcoin Meister’s out there I’ll leave it up that so guy Bennett just sent five
bucks thanks to you just a friendly reminder that we are within five years
of to having oh yeah leave Libra to the 80 percenters exactly
and stick with the unconscious capable king pound that like button guy bennett
thank you okay now now we’re really done we’re really done with the cryptic
courtesy asked of the show I want to bring up something and I kind of got
wrong on yesterday’s show at the end of at the end of yesterday’s show you know
crypto Corbett you’re saying we are north we are the champions it is so
funny if you’re a hardcore Baltimore Oriole fan like I am we do not like the
Blue Jays at all there there was a long history there’s a lot I’m not gonna get
into it and people shouldn’t take those things too seriously but I mean I the
SkyDome that’s what it used to be called okay I
am no fan of the SkyDome I’m not gonna get into any stories and hey I know but
yeah it’s all game and everything and yeah I do think it’s interesting that
they they won the NBA title but I’m no fan of Blue Jays III I couldn’t believe
it you know you go anywhere in town oh they got Blue Jay hats on so I assume
like this is Canada’s basketball team now I do not you know all those years
you know being an American least against the Blue Jays I didn’t know that like
when they played in Seattle like so many people came down to cheer them from
Vancouver and so I did not know that until I was in Vancouver and solve it
the things you learn I mean America East has some major
Toronto is that’s Canada’s team then you have Boston in New York which were these
tremendous fan bases and then you have Baltimore which and Baltimore is beloved
because they we had such a win anyway and people want to hear about this so
what I did want to say as I was talking about the yeah that TV show not maverick
as my father also like maverick but a Rockford Rockford and the gold Firebird
and I said that if if I were to buy a classic Firebird it wouldn’t be more
than a Tesla and I’m wrong about it so I started looking up with prices of
classic Firebirds I was worse than thinking like classic Corvettes and like
a Tesla cost like what $80,000 that’ll cost quite a lot of money i I
don’t know they’ll go ahead with between sixty and a hundred or sixty and a
hundred twenty thousand I don’t even know to show you how much investigations
I’ve done into that but you can get a classic Firebird from like 1978 for like
$20,000 not that much money now if you wanted the gold Firebird if you wanna be
gold Firebird from Rockford like the specific one that one I think they have
one like in a museum a few of them I think ones in a museum that would
probably cost you more than a Tesla but if you were to get it’s a Firebird it’s
not a Corvette so if you were gonna fire burden had to paint a gold it was from
1978 it would be a lot less than a Tesla so I was wrong about that yesterday you
can tell them thinking about that I started investigating it a little bit
cuz I really like how that gold Firebird looks I think it’s kind of cool I think
it would be kind of funny to have one you know once I convinced myself I can
buy like one frivolous fee where will that be in 2032 or 2033 okay everybody
I’ve adam meister the bitcoin and if you don’t want to talk about with rockford
and the gold and the gold Firebird and my father watch the end of yesterday’s
show I’m Adam I should be composing this
rotmeister we had a little bit of a be on big coin show at the end of today
this is what Saturday’s shows all about pan that like well now that emotional
most disrupt meister subscribe his channel like this video share this video
pound that like one bang at delpan thanks a lot everyone i’ll say hi to you
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  1. Fbcoin/libra is xrp cardano neo ox all the no proof of work tokens created out of ethereum platform Adam you mention before about Vitalik Unicorn he is rich he is by creating scam ethereum well let go backnto tue subject of fbcoin yes i loved this libra why coz all the same instant creation token saying its fake not a blockchain its centralized lol its fun watching them example xrp keep saying they partners banks in the future well fbcoin is partner already with visa master card uber and the main hub is in switzweland and tue mother of all bank is in swiss πŸ™‚ just enjoy how this instant token hiding in the name of coin bash fbcoin co if people own a proof of work coin they dont have to worry lol bitcoin is the king of proof of work

  2. "And dying in your beds…many years from now…would you be willing… to trade…all your fiat…for one chance…just one chance…to come back here…and tell the globalists…that they may take our gold…but they’ll never take…OUR BITCOIN!"
    -William Wallace

    A globalist is anyone who attempts to make the nation-State as irrelevant as possible in the name of global governance ie Barack Obama and bureaucrats at the IMF.

  3. No one calls it a "Crypto Dividend". but the Miser.
    NO such thing as a "crypto dividend"😏. They're simply airdrops and forks which takes potential value from the root coin . πŸ€—

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