The Benefits of Paying by e-Check

Here at the San Diego County Treasurer-Tax
Collector’s Office, we want to share with you the fastest, easiest way to pay your property
taxes. By e-check. What’s an e-check, you say? It’s an electronic version of the paper check
you carry in your wallet. When you submit an electronic check it allows
us to withdraw money from your bank account, just like writing a check! And just like the paper checks, the process
isn’t successful until the money is withdrawn from your bank account. Here’s how to smoothly and successfully use
an e-check to pay though our online system at On the next page, get ready to enter the payment
information , type in the account number and routing number, just as they appear on your
checks. Remember: the account number that you have
memorized may not contain all of the necessary digits. And you should not use the account and routing
number from your deposit slips. Go back and double check that account number
against your check. Make sure to include all digits, don’t forget
the leading zeros if there are any, and beware of transposed digits. You will not need to include the check number. As property tax due dates approach on November
1st and February 1st, be sure to pay early to avoid penalties. Your payment, if successful, will be credited
as of date and time submitted it. When you’re done, the receipt you receive
is confirmation that the transaction was submitted. However, the money does not immediately come
out of your account. An e-check may take up to five business days
to be reflected on your bank statement. If your e-check payment bounces, a 25 dollar
return check fee will apply. Additionally, if your e-check payment is returned
unpaid after the delinquent date, a 10% penalty will apply to your tax payment. That’s why you want to pay early. It will allow you time to take care of any
problems that may happen before the delinquent dates of December 10th and April 10th. I want to encourage you to take advantage
of this fast, free and easy form of payment. More than 50% of property tax payments are
now made electronically. You too can join the team and pay with them. Become one of our online payers and join our

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