The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 85- TV for women? 80% impeachment soap opera! Crypto-dividends Keto

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the beyond bitcoin show today
is what is it November the 23rd 2019 strong hand I’m confiscating bitcoin is
the next bitcoin personal responsibility is the new count counterculture deferral
of gratification Golden Age I’m outside and golden beautiful North Adelaide
Australia here in front of the library oh yeah hopefully this works strive for
greatness people have that ambition avoid mediocrity principles over
practicality ok check out this week in Bitcoin it disrupt meister calm great
show yesterday with zack ball telling you how to get a job in the space hello
my elite friends that are in the data right now if you have a question you can
do big type in bitcoin meister do a super chat and i will answer the
question but remember this is beyond bitcoin shows so we’re gonna talk about
subject matters that go way beyond bitcoin will talk a little bit of crypto
here their bitcoin but this is gonna be you know there’s gonna be some politics
i’m even going to talk about sports today oh wow and yeah this is my last
last weekend here in adelaide until i go back to Baltimore for Thanksgiving that
is gonna be a long flight on Tuesday that is it just let me tell you let
let’s start let’s start let’s talk about long flights people ask me how do you do
it Adam and I scheduled it too you know I’m leaving Adelaide very early on
Saturday morning it stops in Sydney then it stops in San Francisco that’s a huge
front flight San Francisco Sydney the San Francisco and the original plan was
to go from San Francisco to Baltimore but no they changed
for a number of reasons I got to stop in Chicago so it’s gonna be a long day and
the amazing thing is I’m leaving here like in Tuesday morning
it will still be Tuesday morning in Baltimore because of all the weird time
difference okay there’s your there’s your little update but I you know I can
deal with it I got the it’s long term thinking I’m gonna get home I’ve got I’m
not impulsive I don’t need to eat on the plane I just watch the movies okay elite
friends so let’s let’s talk about this impeachment hearing the best now I have
I wasted time on the impeachment Erin no no way man I’ve been living my life is
it’s a complete soap opera but here’s the best summary I haven’t watched a
second of it but I do hear other people mention it Ben Shapiro etc said are you
you get bits and pieces of it I am they’re even talking about it on Twitter
and Australia this but here’s the best summer yet from Jesse Jesse Watters I
mean it speaks to a larger issue impeachment hearings a bunch of cliques
of people talking about their feelings that’s all anyone really has to know
it’s a but it’s a clique bunches of cliques of people cliques of people
talking about their feelings and that works that works in society today
everyone wants to know what that clique feels it’s about feelings over facts for
and it works it’s a soap opera it’s a made-for-tv thing that is linked to
below if you want to read about if you want to read the whole thing but that
sums up the whole thing it there no facts behind it there’s just a bunch of
people that are angry and sad and they want to express to the world world their
feelings who they dislike and that gets people and rage and keeps getting people
to watch this nonsense don’t waste your time with it there’s your summary right
there alright let’s talk about we just talked
about me traveling let’s talk about I’m just seeing in a chat if there’s any
questions no okay remember do they’re super chance to they’re always they
catch my eye real nice but people should be able to willing to move huge
advantage in life when you’re you’re able to move and to get a new job and
the ability to move means you’re not tied down okay there’s so
many people that get tied down by houses and stuff that’s another reason they’re
not getting houses and stuff in cars you get tied down you’re unable to move
here’s an article it was originally from The Wall Street Journal Americans moving
at lowest rate on record the United States has been one of the most mobile
countries in the developed world in the 1950s about one-fifth of the US
population moved to a different community each year when factories would
close workers would move to other parts of the country to find jobs and new ones
young people flocked the cities and rapidly growing suburbs where jobs were
plentiful and cheap well guess what now people aren’t doing it anymore people
are setting up with it they’re like oh I lost my job just get on welfare or I
can’t get a better job anywhere else I’m stuck here that’s it and that’s not the
attitude to have people the attitude to have is like if your towns going down
the gutter going down the tube excuse me laying in the gutter going down the tube
you got to be able to willing the move okay people
Andrew yang I disagree with him on this he thinks that people in these small
towns instead of moving they should get a you should just write him a check and
then they’ll be able to do creative things there and they won’t have to move
come on people in the old days people moved another and again another reason
people aren’t willing to move anymore do they have they have mortgages they’re
stuck they’re just they’re too tied down this is why you cannot get into that
situation again from speaking from experience don’t own a house I don’t own
stuff I don’t have cars you know I’ve got friends and family all over so I I’m
not stuck in one for stuck you’re gonna be limited in the amount of money you’re
gonna be able to make you’re gonna be limited in your freedom it’s 8:00
weekend and the thing is we used to be a country the United States of more so of
people in motion they were willing to move now it’s it’s the lowest the lowest
rate in quite some years since they were measuring it so you can you can link to
that all right so let me tell you a little Adelaide story I when I slice I’m
obviously staying in North Adelaide which is just I mean it’s a few blocks
from Adelaide so I run downtown to Adelaide every day that I run basically
and on Fridays I’ve noticed at the Rundle the Rundle outside mall they
allow people to be political in that day I don’t know what it is but you see some
people waving the Arab flag and then you see this one guy this one guy and then
you see abortion protesters and then you see this who are Christian based and
then you see a one this one guy he’s got the Israeli flag and he’s just waving it
waving it is everybody’s walking by and this is like 6 o’clock 6 o’clock on
Friday so it’s light outside and there’s so many people out there at the rundle
mall here in in Adelaide so I see I want one time I saw the guy and I just went
up and I kissed the the flag of Israel and he just saw me me smile and but this
time you know I I saw him waving the flag I’m like this guy’s awesome so I go
up to him and I just I start making a speech I start saying Israel Judea and
Samaria are forever part of Israel I didn’t know what I said okay
but I talked about Judea and Samaria and everyone got silent and listen to me and
then I kept on running and that was it and then on my way back around again the
guy saw me and he came up to me he’s like that was beautiful what you said
and I got to talk to the guy and uh he has been doing this for 10 years this is
a Christian Zionist a Christian man goes out there in the middle of Adelaide and
waves the Israeli flag with pride and I I mean I even told him I’m like dude I’m
Jewish and and he said you know what he said was beautiful and I said I’m not
you know they’re gonna they’re gonna hate me no matter what I’m gonna say
what I believe in you got to say what you believe in and you know I told him
you’re a Christian dude and you’re saying what you’re believing there so
many Jewish people wouldn’t eat when it would be scared to do what you’re doing
right here so I when I told the guy to watch the channel so I the guy really
had some conviction he’s been doing it for 10 years waving that flag out there
and I and he’s a great guy very nice guy so that that was my little experience
with the Christian Zionists and he was saying all this stuff he’d never been
the Israel and everything like that I told about Bitcoin he he said he wasn’t
rich so he didn’t have Bitcoin and found that like button by the way people so an
another story I there’s a there’s like no Jews here in
Adelaide at all but there is a Habad here so I’ve been
going there every Saturday and last week they had a bunch of young guys coming
from Sydney so we had enough for a minyan if they don’t even get enough for
a minyan here there’s so so I mean if you’re Jewish and Adelaide did you check
out the Habad or something more I don’t know nothing to be just be yourself
people I don’t know the Jewish people out here I’m gonna wear the the few out
here but have some conviction and you know the the Habad rabbi maybe he’s
watching this right now – was i I’m gonna I told him about it
he’s got conviction my my lord he just didn’t in the middle of a place with no
Jews and he’s he keeps on doing his a rabbinical thing every Saturday he’s
praying there with whoever comes out it might be only one two three four people
but he’s he’s doing his thing so and I gave credit to all the Habad people if
you’re Jewish or if you’re not Jewish and you want to know more about Judaism
you go to the Chabad website look it up Chabad org all right and the Habad
people they reach out they have they try to be all over the world to reach out to
Jews who need to do Jewish things who need to pray again it would be great if
all Jews just move to Israel that would be a lot better spend more time in
Israel Jewish people like like I’m I do right yes hopefully one day I’ll be
there permanently that that’d be great that would be great and I just obviously
have spent five months there so I’m doing I’m doing my part spending my time
in Israel alright enough that so let’s let’s move on we talked about Habad oh
let’s talk about sports for one time let’s talk about sports Oh first of all
real excuses how does Adelaide rank in Australian cities that you’ve been busy
okay very good question it’s it’s the fifth largest city in
terms of population and you can definitely tell that it’s not as big as
the top as Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane or Perth it’s it’s similar
field to Perth but they’re a little insular here I mean that everybody is
watching each other’s back it’s a it’s a little cliquish probably it’s got a
small-town feel to it but it is clear it’s a big city it’s a big city in the world to remind me of the United
States because it’s so clean and everything so it’s your Perth is really
quirky and but this place is more they call this the city of churches because
there’s so many churches around and a lot of the people are like church-going
little ladies there that wouldn’t mind other people’s businesses but there are
there a lot of good people here they’re quiet they’re polite they’re nice but
there if you are a newcomer you’ll get you’ll get some looks if you don’t you
know when they see me running around with my orange pants and my beard oh I
get a lot of look so like well why is this guy running in our neighborhood who
the heck’s this guy what’s what’s you do and you know whatever they’re protected
there’s that there’s a level of safety there I guess I don’t mind if they look
at me like I’m uh some wild man but I don’t know I am kind of a wild man all
right oh yeah this is that thing needs a wash it doesn’t it this hair the I fell
asleep before I could wash my hair last night okay so what we’re gonna we’re
we’re gonna talk about next oh this is beyond Bitcoin you’re getting all sorts
of stuff down the lake pal that like button and
seriously check out the show this weekend Bitcoin was really great with
Zack and hopefully this coming this week in Bitcoin on Friday the day after
Thanksgiving well we’ll be back to it having it live and three people the same
three people being interviewed at the same time and yeah this is live and I’m
getting an eighty 5.0 to upload speed here which is incredible you know
compared to inside it’s so sad that my Airbnb is so nice but the the Internet
these last but 10 days now has been it’s just I don’t know what happened
it’s sad but this free Internet is incredibly fast out here in front of
your library and all right so let’s talk about sports and having show you are
probably right with what you said I’m not gonna repeat what you just said but
that second part might be true there are there are some really nice there are
some nice houses here they’re probably worth quite a bit here but maybe not on
this block all right so yeah sports so it’s come to my attention people and
that you know you can’t escape this when you’re from Baltimore and it will come
to my attention when I’m in Baltimore that yes I have her
I have heard that the Ravens are a top team and they might be the best team
this year and so I want to remind everyone when I quit the NFL back in
2016 before right before the season started I’m like I’m not watching a game
anymore I did say I did say I will watch the AFC title game or the Super Bowl and
the Super Bowl if the Ravens make it okay
so let me just remind you again the Ravens made the playoffs last year I did
not watch the game I did then they lost us I said I was about to say San Diego
Chargers they’re called the Los Angeles chargers now a disgrace but um I mean
like Los Angeles cares anyway um but no if they make the AFC title game this
year I will watch that game I will I and if they made watch the Super make the
superboy after that I will watch that game no doubt about it
and I’ll figure out what’s going on with the team at that point I know the
quarterback what’s his face he’s been doing he’s very impressive
apparently he’s like Michael Vick but better a lot better and bigger you got
to be bigger than Michael Vick in order to survive in the NFL because Michael
Vick got destroyed busy wasn’t that big you gotta be a big dude when you’re
getting tackled like you anyway so um no but but let me tell you so even though
the Ravens are very doing very well you know I’m not gonna start watching their
game story thanks I’m not gonna watch your kids whatever whatever but again
AFC title game I’m watching it Super Bowl I’m watching it if they forget if
the Ravens are in it that’s just the way it is there’s a certain level of
connection to it spending that it’s better than worrying about it every week
like all these people are addicted to it they have to study it every single
solitary I’m telling you right now I’m trying to plan to watch two games if
they’re there and yeah I’ll be happy I’ll be yeah I’ll be happier they won
the Super Bowl of course I’ll be real happy um just that’s just you it brings
happiness the Baltimore it’s one of the few things that does so and and I have
it in my past that I liked football at one that I really loved it I really love
to follow it my dad that was my dad loved it too the day he died and stopped
he was I’m not gonna criticize my father but he was sitting in front of the TV
watching that stuff a lot of people do that in Baltimore that’s the way it is
all right dudes want to give you that so yeah I realize
what’s going on with the Ravens I do people tell me I can’t escape it
after I guess they maybe when they beat the Patriots that’s they I heard about
that immediately so but don’t waste your time with that stuff but I wanted to
just warn everyone like don’t see what Abby said we’re never gonna watch the
NFL again but I sure know it was I wasn’t good watchable Ravens an NFL or
paid close attention unless they made the AFC title game again this is far off
it’s far up still so speak since we’re talking about sports and a sport that I
really don’t like I mean it’s a complete waste of time is the NBA
okay National Basketball Association which does a lot of marketing I got a
say in Australia and in Asia they’d like the focus on this side of the world for
some reason and I guess because a partial part of it is because one of
their anchor teams is the Lakers which is on the west coast and you can catch
it the west coast of the NBA the Lakers the the Golden State Warriors they’ve
been growing a lot so there’s you see people here in Australia with Lakers
with Golden State Warriors or senators but the reason I bring this up is
because they’re gonna try something new in the NBA I got to give the
Commissioner Adam Stern he’s in motion now they don’t have the tradition of
major league baseball like major league baseball you could not do radical
changes like he’s proposing but he’s proposed like an int or in season euros
type of tournament and I guess you soccer fans in Europe are used to this
you have tournaments in the middle of the season and you can get another cup
and there’s not just the end of the season playoffs and everything like that
United States we’re just used to there’s the end of the season the playoffs your
championship you don’t have an in season tournament where you where you can get
another championship where you can get a cup or something like that
and he wants to do this and I think is I just think it is a great idea it will
because the NBA is boring as a most I mean some of those regular-season games
do you want to see the Sacramento Kings play the Washington Wizards I mean
really who who wants to see that do your people who are outside of America even
know there’s a team called the Sacramento Kings and the Washington wins
Wizards are the Charlotte Hornets do you even know that you their new New Orleans
pelicans who wants to see all those teams so Adam Stern is easy very said
his name Adam I think that is then confused he’s obviously uh of the same
religion I am whatever his last name is his name is add it was David Stern was
the computers well whatever his dar name is he is smart and Adam silver oh my god
so I caught him dick Stern was the old would add Adam silver is his name
another uh-oh there’s last names of the people of my religion may I get them all
confused you see Stern silver Goldberg and ever hilarious yeah thank you to Val
for the for the correction there but it’s it’s a it’s a good idea and it will
get more 80 percenters just addicted to it because right now they’re I think
they’re hemorrhaging American people watching it and stuff okay there’s my
commentary on sports way too much of this
hopefully you’re playing this side so so hex awareness team says talk about hex
it’s a pretty cool project no I’m not talking about it dude
I talked about it enough we you know you got your shot dude I said it’s free I’ll
be up keep everybody updated once you’re able to claim it okay I’m not giving
that dude any public he doesn’t need the publicity because no one should buy that
no one should stand up any on on a red shade up coin like that okay and it’s
it’s definitely it’s definitely a wretched one but if you’re gonna get it
for free okay and you could turn in the Bitcoin then you get it for free and you
turn that’s the only thing it’s good for most crypto dividends and then you know
no offense to hex awareness teens any almost crypt of dividends anything the
only thing that good for is getting them and turning them into Bitcoin that is it
the person behind that coin okay hey I mean I get he tried to come on my show
in the middle of the show and I was unable to do that if he wants to come
and I’ve said this if he wants to come on my show in the middle of my shows
again when I’m in Baltimore he can do that I’m not scheduling that dude to be
on my show cuz I’m not promoting his coin I’m not
putting it in the title I he was lucky I put it in one title okay because I don’t
want anyone to spend a penny on that thing
the unfortunate thing is because of the way it’s set up there’s a whole
affiliate marketing they’re gonna be able buy it they’re gonna be all these
eighty percent suckers who’s gonna buy it and that’s just the way it is this is
where the big boys play so he’s allowed to do whatever he wants to do I have no
you know people are just screaming at him oh he should be stopped he should be
this this should be that whatever he should be arrested no I don’t know I
know I don’t think shit I’m not gonna inform on the dude just because he’s not
the greatest dude in the world doesn’t mean you go inform on him and you know
let the market decide okay he’s free to make his free altcoin and give it out to
people because you know that but I’m telling you not to buy you don’t buy all
coins you never buy stuff that you can get for free so there’s no dip you know
it’s the same thing I’ve said about all the different crypto get dividends so no
I’m not I’m not going to talk about it I’m not going to give you like a free
promotion or whatever that I’m not gonna talk about the holes this whole stinking
nonsense behind it there were people that tried to correct me like you
automatically stay blah blah blah blah you know what I’ll deal with it when we
think we’ll deal with it when we deal with it look first thing there’s got to
actually be a claiming mechanism that still doesn’t exist yet there it’s a
long way off and the reason it was brought up originally is because people
do ask me about it again bottom line is don’t buy it if you can if it’s able to
be claimed like they say it’s gonna be able to be claimed I will try it out and
update to everyone if it’s if it’s really happened or whatever so right now
it’s all in the ether it’s still in theory good luck to those guys okay okay
not that far away he said I mean they’ve been saying that for a year it’s not
that far away for you I’m patient about it if someone’s gonna give me something
for free I’m gonna be really patient about it
and I’m not gonna I’m not gonna promote it we’re not gonna have promotional you
know shows with within the title saying oh you know ego corn guy is coming on
the show okay people the reason I say it’s alright for people to join my show
the middle you know if I’m talking about it and then someone says hey you’re
talking about me it’s the right thing to do
you know I want to come on your show I gave my side of the story the person’s
somehow found out that I’m talking about them in the middle of show I’m gonna let
him be on the show again I could not do that the other day because that’s just
it’s impossible right now the way I have this set up when I’m in Baltimore it
will be and some people gonna say well it’s wrong it’s wrong of you to let
someone like that on your show to schedule someone like that on my show
you’ve got a legit argument okay but again if I’m talking about them in the
middle of show and they somehow find out about it and they’re in my chat and
they’re like hey I want to go I want to go live on your show right yeah go on
the show I think it’s kind of cool I think it’s kind of neat I mean I mean we
had um I mean that’s happened with other people in the past I think tone days or
Charlie Lee or long ago you know they came on in the middle was Joe well if
any lay camp came on in the middle of the show I mean that’s uh that’s
infamous right there we got people walking by people probably wondering
what why is there an American talking in the light sitting on the library front
steps all right so we went a little way beyond big when we talk about crypt of
dividends but again I like the whole crypt of dividend process I really do
so if you’re gonna mean if they’re gonna be some shady cryptic shady crypt their
dividends won’t let them be let them be shady I don’t whatever you see this is
the thing people are so willing to to go out of their way to criticize that that
that crypt a dividend process but they’re not willing to criticize these
supposedly jit iment organizations that say if you give me your Bitcoin you’re
going to get interest if you hold it okay I mean people are willing because
people there are organizations people are encouraging people to give up their
Bitcoin it’s a third party so they can get interest on it okay I mean to me
that’s much worse than receiving a free then control your private key and we’re
told and returning greed and getting a crimp of dividend it’s so I mean it’s
it’s very interesting that some people are really to take sponsorship money
from organizations that say that encourage people to give away their
Bitcoin to them to trust them with their Bitcoin
and say they’re going to get 1% interest or 2.5 7% interest on their Bitcoin so I
think that I think these Bitcoin interest providers where they can swear
you no longer control your Bitcoin oh no they’re definitely worse than receiving
crypt of dividends I mean and and the people might have the greatest
intentions in the world and they might be the most pure people in the world
compared to the ego coin guy but what they’re in current now again ego going
guy is also saying you know do this state stuff do this XY you know the
other stuff that you that they’re adding on to the nonsense
yeah that that’s ridiculous the state stuff is again I said with the steak
with the staking stuff you’re scamming yourself if you were staking something
that you don’t have to state that you’re getting for free and you’re not turning
into Bitcoin you are scamming yourself because if you’re tempted if you’re
getting something for free and you have the option to say I’m gonna stake this
or I’m gonna turn in the Bitcoin and you think staking it is a good idea now it’s
a bad idea it turning the Bitcoin is what you should be doing and then again
it’s some people say well so it’s automatically state okay great what’s
that mean to me if I’m getting something for free and then they’re gonna tell me
some of it is automatically state that stuff that’s automatically sticky it was
never mind it was never mind it was that only the
stuff that I could get for free is mine and so if the actual you know if it’s
only 10% you can get for free don’t add that on to some steak and B nonsense
okay we really we started talking about crypto here way too much but okay I can
see we’ve been on for 26 minutes or play to set to X people be efficient with
your be efficient with your lot here this is a should I do you guys like that
scenery better I mean okay pound that like button live viewers I don’t really
need this shit so yeah this will definitely be shade
before you go into international flight you can’t look like you’re freaking Abu
Abu need al bot bane bane bin Laden or whatever man it’s not a good idea
looking like that when we get on a plane okay what do we have here your shirt
says deke red what is your opinion well again this shirt I wear
because the great crypto graffiti gave it to me for free it’s a really
cool-looking short it’s it’s an imitation of John Paul George and Ringo
my opinion of deke read don’t buy I mean they again governance was like a trendy
thing in 2016 and 2017 and there were a lot of big coiners that actually warmed
up to deke read like Charlie lead because Charlie Lee said good stuff
about it it’s one of those altcoins that Bitcoin maximalist are like oh that
one’s okay or manera is okay because they had people that warmed up to the
big coin community I don’t think much of it I think it looks nice on the shirt
basically no don’t buy it you only buy Bitcoin you only value your wealth in
Bitcoin that there are some smart guys over there doing a very creative
something yeah you listen to me at a adam meister bitcoin meister on youtube
i’m disrupt adam meister the bitcoinmeister yeah do you know about
bitcoin yeah man it’s it’s changing the world and stuff yeah yeah so it’s on
youtube this is live on youtube right now if you want to be all and you can
say you’re all dressed up where’s everybody doing this morning what’s
their party’s a baptism yeah I would just say it’s a very religious City here
okay yes your bitcoinmeister on YouTube you’ll see this you’ll like hear your
voice yeah take care take care yes hey all right you see I’m um spreading the
word a Bitcoin here to the baptismal crowd alright um what else do we have okay we got hexane stuff yes so the D
cred did everybody hear that conversation by the way greetings from
Norway says the having show Oh Norway it must be dark well I don’t know what time
it is there but it’s cold there I know that it is beautiful and sunny here so
by the way it is it’s already Sunday here in Adelaide that’s why they’re
going to like church stuff I know it’s Saturday back in the United States still
hey remember if you tell Eve speaking of not Church stuff tell
Matt Lakeland if you’re a television a at 6:00 p.m. at the Embassy that’s
Bitcoin embassy to have itself special over there
okay moving what were we talking about this is gonna be right please play this
stuff at 2x if you’re watching this on tape please play it ed to it yes Ellen
says Adams secret love of secret I think people love to interpret these uh you
know that just because there’s something on a shirt that I sure that I got for
free that was a cool looking shirt that I like it okay to Val dacra is asked an
interesting question would you ever go to stonehedge I mean it’s it’s not
something I really want to visit but I’ll never say never dad this guy Dan
just said t-shirt for free scam exactly that’s the logic of some people t-shirt
anything for fries the scam anything’s for free is it must be a scan
okay and I yes sure by the way again I am not calling that ego coin a stamp I
refuse to do that and he can be the stimulus person on earth by the way I
mean he’s been involved in some really good controversial stuff but if it works
the way it’s supposed to work if you get something for free without pay if you
don’t pay a cent for it or whatever if he takes nothing from you it’s not it’s
not escape what’s he lying about you’re you’re opting into it you’re totally
opting into it totally opting into it okay free free Fiat says so I mean and
they’re all these people that are just saying words though the whole thus
taking part of it is a scam they they’re keeping 90% of what you’re supposed to
get for free you were never getting the 90% it’s all made up it’s it’s mumbo
jumbo with it it isn’t really even gonna be state what is state of a coin that
does not exist yet the only thing that matters to you is
what you’re getting for free okay and if they say well you’re only getting 5% of
what you really would have got but what you would have gotten you get what you
get okay claim for free don’t buy it’s that
simple that’s what Zygons I said okay playing for free don’t buy it again
you don’t have to do it you you don’t have to do it and I plan if they
actually allow you to clay now again if you never can claim it then but you can
buy it then then you’re getting into some treacherous territory then yeah
then it is then it is a scale of corpus there’s been a huge big lie you’re gonna
get this for free oh do you have to pay for it
that is a scam yeah obviously but know that that hasn’t happened and I’m not
gonna if that does happen I’ll call it out in a second but again I’ll go
through the process I’ll go through the claiming process when it happens I will
believe it when I see it that the claiming process exists and then I will
do it and I will report to everyone you know what it is but don’t worry about it
people don’t worry about it someone say claim is the same way as nimble Wimble
coin no no no no no it’s not the same it’s not the same it’s the same as Sir
any ‘m what it is it’s very similar to serenity too much time spent on that think so
okay we’ve had people talk to me during the live show which is awesome you know
people walking by learn morning learn about Bitcoin suddenly I got to stand up
it hurts to say I don’t not used to so here’s a health tip people I mean just
don’t sit down all day I rarely ever sit down so just sitting down for that long
period of time I’m not used to it I got to stand up so we’re now we’re gonna
stand up okay so we talked about that keto let’s talk about keto god I please
I hope your guys are fair there’s gonna be little political stuff coming soon
guys so if you’re watching this on tape just fast-forward through all you know
that nonsense that you just this is wise to be on Bitcoin shame you never know
what you’re gonna get pal met like button many more pounds over there yeah keto so Carl denature the market
ticker guy he wrecked it is a very good article about you know eating in a keto
way of life a low carb he says it helps keep sickness away there’s a study
doesn’t shock me at all Akito can help keep the flu away it’s
linked to below check it out Thanksgiving break for all you people
that are not Americans it’s Americans are so spoiled now it’s such a golden
age that people are already starting to take off okay
many kids will get out of school on Tuesday now instead of Wednesday
Wednesday used to be the last day of school before Thanksgiving now it’s
Tuesday for some kids you’re not you’re gonna see a lot less traffic here on on
YouTube on Twitter that that could actually affect the Bitcoin price in a
way because they’re gonna be able there’s just not gonna be a many as many
Americans out there on the internet at all internet numbers for America is just
such a huge Americans are such a huge part of social media that you will
notice a difference it’s starting today basically starting today and so
Thanksgiving even though it’s not your Thanksgiving Americans really have a
huge say so be aware of it I do want to point out when you have these Black
Friday sales all over the world which make no sense to me if there’s no
Thanksgiving but it’s just become a thing now Black Friday is an
international thing which is so fascinating it says we have export
America has exported its hyper consumerism to all over the world which
again people produce you don’t have to be don’t follow the American 80
percenter way and hyper consume because you end up with nothing but people like
stuff that’s there’s no doubt about it and I do want to say for the American
worker out there who thinks everything’s doom and gloom Thanksgiving provides an
opportunity for some of you to practice savings and to practice deferral
gratification I know it sounds real bad but people can work on Thanksgiving if
you’re work retail like some places are open on Thanksgiving now I mean they’ll
give you triple time won’t they if you’re in America and you can get triple
pay on that third on Thursday on them do it and save it and then in the future
you know take a couple days off to help start your own business because you were
to have already earned the money you would have worked you would have earned
on that day okay by working regular time by
working triple time in the past and I want to say this it isn’t the end of the
world if you can’t have Thanksgiving meal on Thursday you can have it on
Friday this year I’m actually having Thanksgiving on Friday with one family
member with some family members and then on Thursday and then on Friday and I did
this on the pay in the past another time there’s nothing wrong you know and I
grew up with that weird mindset like oh it would be terrible not to do
Thanksgiving on Thursday and to do knurl Friday instead all all these divorced
families what were they doing I feel so bad for them no not bad at all I was
wrong uh-huh and so you if you if you can get triple pay on on Thursday do it
okay and arrange it with your family it’s a deferral gratification it’s a
long-term thinking type of thing it will get you out of working for the man
faster if you can get triple time now save some of that money and take a day
off in the future to really figure things out all right
and I gotta go back to my uh let me go back to my uh I will say this because
there is no Thanksgiving here in Australia they put their Christmas
decorations out earlier and I think I walked by a Christmas party yesterday
it’s pretty surreal to see Christmas parties where it’s the summer or it’s
it’s basically summer spring here and it’s Christmas parties in November very
weird air what is this Eric kronborg this is a funny one a
Facebook employee who got my battery I hope my battery doesn’t die that’s
something to take into account here a Facebook employee who blocks Facebook
for their kid an Ivy League professor who has their kid homeschool not attend
University a VC who tells their friends to bootstrap and not take VC funny
funding what’s the best term for this type of phenomenon and so someone in
that thread said informed and hypocrisy found that like button I think that’s a
good summation but yet take that into account people there are a lot of people
that’ll tell you to do certain things but they won’t do it themselves
their own children or or for their their own cells a facebook employee who blocks
Facebook for their kid and Ivy League professor who has their kid home school
and not attend University all right and it is quite a phenomenon informed
hypocrisy that’s a new one so let’s talk about foreign interference in the United
States election what would it basically was is you know stupid people in Russia
and the Ukraine and other and maybe China buying advertisements on Facebook
if your student that really influences people advertise this on Facebook and
Twitter I mean it just it just degrades elections even more I mean I don’t think
elections are that important again it’s putting is putting these government
officials on pedestals it’s a it’s it’s wild that people worship that the vote
so much let them wait I call it I don’t think it’s election interference I call
it foreign investment in our in our in our companies okay I don’t have a
problem with them wasting their money on stupid advertises it’s every and the
United States interferes in other every single in other elections whatever who
cares people are influenced by it shows you how meaningless voting is if people
are really influenced by advertisements like these mindless advertisements and
if you can’t figure it I mean make your own decision based on facts like you can
tell something’s la a lie or made up especially if it’s coming out of China
or something like that so yeah I think it’s a bunch of noise it’s since 2016
all this election interference it’s been such a noise and hysteria and I just
have a different spin on it it’s just like they’re throwing their money away
advertising on Facebook and whatever else there I don’t know what else
they’re spending money on and how big it is I don’t give a darn about it if
you’re worried about it you’re wasting your time there’s all these countries
have intelligence services okay China Israel England everybody even Pakistan
okay they’re gonna gonna try to do things they’re gonna try
to give it then some would rather have Trump so will rather have Clinton it’s
the free market let me express this I can you make up your own decision by the
way I see a gold Mazda drive I went I saw a gold Corvette
the other day a stingray corvette which remind me of my dream was that
rocford file gold 1975 Trans Am that’s what I want it was actually an American
Corvette because the steering wheel was on the American side I saw it driving
around it was kind of cool gold stingray here yeah I saw it here in Adelaide have
you been the Russia or the Ukraine room and you said yeah I I was in the Russian
airport because that was a layover so that doesn’t really count
my ancestors that the meister side of my family is from the ukraine though jews
and they were jews in the ukraine and the whole what was the ukraine and
russia and poland and lithuania it all switched around so who my ancestors they
were from all that little area even though my mom saw my dad’s side but my
father’s father’s side we actually traced it back to some town that still
is in the ukraine all right would you trust someone again after they break
your trust it mean if they’re drug addict no that’s a family member
yeah a family member i would someone that I’ve known for a long time you know
there’s a certain level and everyone should grant the certain level
forgiveness to people but you know people I don’t know very well to break
my trust you got to be able to you know have a line and just and just cut people
that you don’t know what very well did you know that’s it you know but if you
know someone for years and years and they break your trust you should be
willing to give them a second trusted second chance and just try to figure out
the situation but people I don’t know where
well they break my trust there’s only so much time in the world I have so they’re
probably gonna get cut you know take each take each circumstance yeah and
their special circumstances every time you got to study every situation every
situation is a little different but Jake in general to give you a general answer
that question yeah I don’t know him very well
you only have certain amount of time on this earth and you got if some really
lies to you just you get rid of them most of the time all right
here is a video from forgive but don’t forget forgive and don’t forget for some
people yes but then some people you can’t forgive win whoa TM sent 499 thank
you dude I know what that says this is for he says thank you for showing us a
good example of how to live in the Bitcoin system Bitcoin overlay what’s
your ultimate goal with Bitcoin uh I mean just to I mean I’m already at the
point where I don’t really have too many financial I don’t have any financial
worries about the future you know to keep that up you know the my if I ever
have a kid they’ll they’ll never have to work if I don’t have a kid my nieces and
nephews won’t have to work the other thing is well there’s a few things that
you know make make more things more comfortable for my mom obviously my
grandmother other family members just enjoy enjoy the ride and just just enjoy
it’s just II owe one thing but being a long-term holder if their life extension
technologies be able to have enough Bitcoin to pay for that so clearly if we
hit upon some life extension technologies it will at least call it at
first and they might not be in America you might have to go to China or
something it’ll cost like a million dollars so yeah the be in a position
where it will be a big deal to try out some
experimental life extension technologies I’m interested in that that stab that’ll
keep me you know not getting rid of my Bitcoin for quite from a whole life
basically I always hold on the some just in case you know they’re gonna come up
with some new technology that’s gonna cost millions of dollars that I’ll need
to get my savings into but you know over time I’ll uh you know one thing
sometimes during these trips and everything I’m just so used to being
frugal I think you know in the 2020s not to be as frugal to just to get the
mindset in the late 2020s just not to be as super frugal as I I have unknown to
be now I mean I am loving it I love eating the berries off those trees but I
just had this mindset like no you’ve got to go on public transportation you
cannot take account you cannot take a cab and if you guys understood you know
the amount of Bitcoin I had you you would be like what does he wise even do
that so it’s yeah a long-term goal of Bitcoin is to become more comfortable
with being wealthy I just be more comfortable with being wealthy as the
2020s progress because I’m not fully comfortable with being I’m not fully
comfortable with being wealthy I I do not live like a wealthy person act all
at all and a I think a long-term goal with with Bitcoin is to eventually live
do some wealthy person type of things but not yet not yet dude not yeah that’s
I’m still young come on man I know sounds strange for a lot of
people but it’s a stream of consciousness there and I mean I love
I just love seeing the innovate I love being involved with new cut you know I
love the freedom the Bitcoin gives me that that’s a long-term goal to to
constantly be able to say whatever I want to say but I’m already there so
I’ve reached some of my Bitcoin goals already you know being able to say what
I want to say where I want to say it when I want to say it not having to work
for anyone else those are all Bitcoin goals of mine that I’ve already achieved
but I want to continue them I want to take them to the whole new levels and I
just want to have more fun with Bitcoin that’s that’s a that’s a long-term goal
to and bring more fun to people and I mean meet meet more people
I love it’s I’ve always lived my life thinking there’s all this glorious
unknown out there and if I’m involved with a certain technology and it was the
Internet at first that I am just going to be exposed to all this glorious
unknown and I just look forward to this and so my I was correct as a younger
person when I was thinking about the internet and the glorious unknown that
it would bring me I thought to myself like just stick with this internet stuff
and do internet business then I’m gonna I’m not gonna hit upon this glorious
unknown Monday that’s gonna take me to a whole new level and that glorious
unknown was Bitcoin and so I I still see I’m smiling everything there’s more
glorious unknown out there involving technology maybe some life extension
stuff maybe it’s helping I would love to be part of a movement to get people off
this planet to get people and Venus to get people on Mars to get pictures of
exoplanets there’s so much and Bitcoin will allow me to be involved with that
type of stuff so there that’s a really long answer there and it’s kind of I
ramble on but I’m known to do that I hope you like that because it got me
thinking the glorious unknown it’s very it’s very difficult for me to put to
really to me I understand that concept I know what it means to me and I love it
so much and I’ve always lived my life but the glorious unknown my mom you know
when I got into Wash U and everything she was just letting you know she wanted
me to be an accountant and like I knew that
like everything oh I don’t have to I’m not worried I’m not going to college to
be a specific thing I know I will be something one day that will be glorious
and awesome and I was right I was right I I don’t know there’s some people that
just like to get themselves set up and very specific like ways of life like I’m
gonna be an accountant I’m gonna go to school here then this X Y Z X Y Z then
I’ll be accounting then I’ll get a big house then I’ll have five kid three kids
then I’ll retire at age 65 but that’s so not me
that is so not me and I think Bitcoin gives you that freedom to be that to be
me to be the person that doesn’t have to plan things out now again you still have
to have rational skills like not being impulsive like the furrow of
gratification you’ve got to have a base okay you gotta have a base of a 20% or
type of living stuff don’t be impulsive all right I’m gonna sit am I gonna sit
down now and then I’m gonna keep standing up we’re sweet good this is uh
wow this show is really long how’s my battery this has been a fun show like I
like being able to do a show where I’m not scared the Internet is gonna go off
at any moment you can tell I’m a lot more relaxed Adam relaxed that’s weird
alright alright so fitting game is overrated I’m about to talk about
economic invincibility has a very interesting YouTube video you should
take out below a check out below he says that inequality of knowledge is
something that is just it haunts mainstream society people are talking
about income inequality I agree with him that there is an inequality of knowledge
most so many people don’t know how to compete anymore they don’t know how to
present themselves anymore to get a job so they think the whole world is rigged
against them and again these are tips of fitting into like the 80% or mainstream
world I mean there’s nothing wrong with getting an 80% or mainstream job there’s
there’s nothing wrong that but there’s so many people who
can’t even do that and part of the reason is because they’re growing up
single mom household you’re not going to learn and other abusive and abusive
household if you’re if you’re if you’re living in one of them you’re not gonna
learn normal social skills and that is the inequality of knowledge there’s so
much people don’t know how to do resumes people have people have become so
obsessed with like flaunting value list qualities about them flaunting
superficial aspects of their lives that they don’t learn basics anymore
they don’t learn basics I mean people know how to you know how to get the
greatest tattoos where to get the greatest tattoos where to uh you know
where to be seen where to but they don’t know how to make a resume they don’t
know how to dress they don’t know that you know you can’t get a job at a
certain place if you aren’t altitudes if you got tattoos on your face and stuff so watch this video
there’s definitely knowledge and personal responsibility is new
counterculture people have to you know break out of this a valueless life and
like understand if if they want to make some money if they want to get a job
if they want to go to school they’re going to have to in under you know
basically 80% are terms even they’re gonna have to acquire some basic
knowledge and so there is an inequality of knowledge out there he talks about it
in in being in the inner city being in Appalachia people just don’t know
they’re gonna need to know last week to show cut off when I was talking about
people being afraid and alone afraid and alone don’t be scared of those words but
the thing is most people are scared of the words afraid and alone and they will
do anything to avoid that they will do anything to fit in and to be part of a
crowd and true innovators with mega success they’re not afraid anything
they’re not afraid of being alone and they stick out in order to have mega
success you got to be willing to be alone it’s
not that hard to be alone people trust me it’s not that hard it’s not that
scary to be alone at times you you’re not truly ever alone okay you’re not
truly ever alone so here so many people are afraid to be wrong and alone this is
a tweet they are so afraid to take career risk that that they migrate from
being alone into being with the crowd but when you migrate to the crowd side
you take away being right and alone and that’s where fortune and glory reside
found that like button and again alone might not seem easy to a lot of people
but it’s it’s not as hard as it appears don’t let those words but they have
psychological effects on people here let me go check the super chat oh we do have
questions what if this is Roma Q what would advice would you give to your 20
year 20 year old self asides buying Bitcoin oh my it would involve it would
involve winning it definitely would involve winning do not you got to be you
can’t spend your time chasing women let them chase you you know beat and then
with that time that you didn’t spend chasing women use it to buy Bitcoin yeah
again everything turned out alright for me but I didn’t manage my time as well
as I could have and I didn’t I was guys don’t have to be chasing women
especially this is superficial to say I mean if you’re smart and you’re pretty
good-looking you shouldn’t be chasing at all and and then and then if you are and
if you’re not spending a time and you’re attaining wealth that’ll even make you
more attractive to them and stuff and I did not understand that at all I thought
you had to completely chase them you know worried about when to call then
this that and the other and a it was it was a waste of time and I stand I did
pretty well too I mean I picked them I picked the plenty of women a bar
you know that’s where I would need women at barks I you know I I did I did I did
well for myself based on my looks and my personality and you know and everything
but it initially it’s just your looks they’re looking at but then you know
some of them that I some of them that I was not able to totally well something
that didn’t have sex with that I wanted to have sex with those ones I spent a
lot of time on like what I should have done was like cut it off and say okay
that’s it great you don’t want to do it now that’s fine and some of them I would
have been able again you shouldn’t worry about you know adding matches either but
at when you’re 20-something you are quite worried about adding notches and
huh and you’re obsessed with it and they’re some of the ones that I didn’t
add but notch with I should have just cut off and I probably won’t be been
able to to get them just because I was that I am good-looking whatever you know
superficial BS because some of those were the ones that were really
superficial they’re really I mean I guess if you’re involved in valuing your
wealth and women you’re gonna have to deal with some disgusting superficial
stuff so I would tell myself to really I would I would drink I would give myself
the red pill knowledge okay it would have made giving me a lot more
free time and her nose all right there is it but if I and you can that advice
to any young men any young man now that don’t be desperate with the women don’t
don’t you don’t be dead don’t spend time with them just because all right you’ve
made some really good progress with the really hot one but if you hit a wall
with them then run away then that’s it it’s it’s better to run away don’t don’t
try to get them more plate don’t try to get them more and more free things or
whatever and again I didn’t I am I when I was giving some of these people I’m
thinking of specific people I just gave them more time like just too much too
much time and attention should I just cut off all attention all right you got
some women’s stuff here Adam put a lot of work in his oral game I had put but
by my oral game was I had pride performance-enhancing
drugs called alcohol that that was that so yeah at those bars when I was meeting
this women I was always drunk oh yeah babies areas of fun freaking
times there are some five freaking times I’ve got a bucket a lot those fun times
but um you could be more productive and in this day and age it’s it with some of
these women are much uh much stricter you know they’re not going to give
they’re gonna give less and less guys the time of day and so you don’t give
them the time of day don’t buy you’re welcome Bitcoin we don’t value about
that women now you’re welcome Bitcoin only by your wealth a big one already so
you moving on the interesting question that made me ramble on good job dude
I’ve so much went down it’s so much to the title this is gonna be the longest
show ever by the way I hope you’re playing this a2x since we
were talking about women well this this is really an interesting observation in
my part I booked it I’ve made jokes to you guys that 95 percent of the people
in Bitcoin or men all right so I had looked at my YouTube statistics and it’s
like gotten to 99 percent but here’s something to remember and this is very
let’s say I don’t watch any TV I know my mom watches TV I know other females that
watch TV but my grandmother likes TV has it become how we entered a world where
TV now is for women and YouTube and the Internet is more so for men I mean it’s
it’s only like soap every single TV including the political coverage is very
emotionally based is very women based okay and women are more emotional man
most of the time think about that TV hat and TV is so it’s unfortunate I
think it’s really appealing to women everything I mean even the sports he NBA
they have days women Italy and you wonder to
yourself why do they even have this women’s stuff it’s because that’s just
watching TV now didn’t the only thing that’s keeping a lot of guys watching TV
is Sports is sports if sports were not on I mean and now
they’re watching it on the Internet good for them
again if the Ravens make the AFC title game or the Super Bowl I’ll be watching
it on the Internet but this is I think someone should make
a video about this that covers men and women’s issues TV for the women now
internet for the men because YouTube is definitely more men man centric there is
no doubt about it there’s no doubt about it I would like
to see overall YouTube numbers I would guess it’s 65% man at least yeah I want
to know what TV numbers are have men dropped TV is that the little dirty
little secret out there that men have dropped TV and advertisers are being
lied to but Saveur top well some ever time many
advertisers just want to appeal to women because they spend so much money their
women are more likely to consume I guess to spend alright that’s for another day
but it was something I was thinking about TV for men
I mean TV for women YouTube for men found that life on Earth okay
making sure I skip nothing yeah another thing I would tell my 20 year old self
is don’t drink don’t don’t drink there’s no point to drinking my batteries
running a little great all right everybody this is sad it’s gonna cut us
off I’ll just keep talking until it ends itself oh yeah
black mulberry fruit contains pectin which might act as a laxative to help
stool pass through the bowels I made a joke about that that’s linked to below
those small berries that I’ve been eating
they aren’t they do acts as they soften your stool for those of you that have
constipation problems there is your there is your health tip oh my god we’re
not gonna have time to talk about mayor Budaj eggs and Cory Booker I just want
to say that it seems like the the mainstream media is really into into
ripping on Buddha and trying to portray him as someone
that black people should vote for and I will get into that into in part 2 of
this video I’ve just decided that we’re gonna have a part two of this in
sometime in the next two days before I leave it might be it might be taped but
because I’m going to be on a flight for so many hours

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  1. You've done so much for Jewish relations Adam. A percentage of Bitcoiners were doom porners. That scene is commonly infested with antisemitism. I'm embarrassed I listened to some of it. Jews should be proud and should speak to be heard.

    I'd say the turning point for me out of doom porn was Moleynuex explaining IQ's of many Jewish people explain their stations better than any conspiracy theory. Bitcoin and Adam finished the rest.

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