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Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Tin Can Well… what else goes? A flashlight. It’s good to have when you’re camping. Listen, Tom Thomas. Just leave a little room for me in there! I’m good to have when you’re camping, too. I’ll leave you some room. Just hide in there so dad won’t see you. And you can’t tell Simka
anything about me going with you! Alright. And last on the list, a few cans of meat. Hi Tom Thomas! Have you seen Nolik? No. Then who did I just hear you talking with? I was just reading the label. Where did Nolik run off to? Simka! Do you know… How come these cans
have no way to open them, so you can taste what’s inside? What do you mean? Don’t you know what makes
canned food special? It comes in a can! The thing that special about canned food is that it can get stored
a long time without spoiling. You see, meat and vegetables spoil when harmful bacteria
starts multiplying inside of them. So, if you can get rid of the bad bacteria or stop them from getting into the food, the food will last a long time. That’s why jars and cans
are sealed very tightly. This stops harmful bacteria and air
from getting inside and spoiling the food. So you’re telling me
that Nolik’s not here, right? So it looks like he’s really not here. Who is that? Where? Oh, right, now I remember! There’s another can I should take with me! There’s something fishy happening here. Hey guys! My mom threw this can out
a long time ago, but I hid it for later. I knew I’d use it some day. And who were you talking to
when you said guys? Moi? You’re here and I’m here and… that’s two of us! Look at this great can I got! There’s nothing great about it. Put it down on the floor. You see? What? Oh, it’s crooked. And so what? So what? It’s all swollen! And when it’s like that, you know that inside the can
bad bacteria is growing and spoiling the food that’s in there. It went bad? There’s a way to check. On every single can you can find
the date it’s good until. Sooner or later,
even canned food will go bad. And of course dairy foods
like yogurt or milk can spoil in just a few days! When you buy food in the store, it’s very important to always check
the expiration date. The expiration date is the last day
that it’s safe to eat that food without worrying
that it may have gone bad. You can find the expiration date
on each box, jar or can of food. So pay attention! And be very careful not to buy or eat any food
after its expiration date has passed! And if you see that a can is swollen,
throw it away immediately! If you eat it, your belly can swell up too. Unfortunately, when food spoils
it’s impossible to “unspoil” it. And then even the Fixies
won’t be able to help. My mom probably saw that
this can went bad over a year ago. That’s why she threw it into the trash. Right! Shame on you
for picking it out of there. You could have poisoned yourself
and poisoned your dad as well! Yeah. And the other cans,
are they swollen to? They’re fine. Goodbye then. It’s a shame I couldn’t find Nolik around here. Papus wants to give him
a brand new pack-o-mat as a present. To me?! Uh-huh! I got you! I had a feeling you would try
to sneak away in Tom Thomas’ bag! You lied! That’s not fair! And hiding? That’s fair, right? Tom Thomas, are you ready? I’m ready! Great! Then let’s get going. Hurrah! We’re going camping! I wanted to go camping too. Don’t worry, I’ll go camping with you. Really? Really-really-really! To that house outside our window. See how huge it is!!? They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Piggy Bank Tom Thomas, why are you
throwing away your money? That’s not what I’m doing.
I’m storing it! This is a piggy bank. Oh! Here’s another coin. I don’t like its snout. That’s one very suspicious looking pig. Are you positive
your money is safe with her? Don’t worry! Whatever I put into my bank here, is not getting back out. This piggy bank won’t give up a cent! You greedy piggy! Come on, Nolik! Simka must have taught you
about how banks work. Humans came up with
the idea of piggy banks because they wanted
a good place to save their coins. For storing lots of money
people use a safe – a large metal box with a very strong lock. Now that kind of piggy bank
is almost impossible to break open. The biggest safes are in banks. Banks use them to store their costumers’
money and other valuables. There are even safes in banks
that are whole rooms. You’d need an awful lot of change
to fill up one of these piggy banks! So why are you saving up
all of this money? For roller skates. How much more do you need to save? I don’t know. I can’t see
if there’s enough in there. Then just go and open it! But there’s no way to do that. The only way is to smash it real hard. So? Smash it! No. Forget it! I’d have nothing to put my money into. But what if there’s already
enough for roller skates? And what if there’s not? Alright. Then I guess
I’ll count your money for you. Tideesh! Oh, woah! Tom Thomas, you’ve got a fortune in here! There are many different kinds of money, and they’re not just coins either. Long ago people paid each other with shells, and squirrel skins, and even parrot feathers. And of course metal coins are
more convenient than any of those things, and paper money is
even more convenient than coins. One piece of paper can be worth
as much as a hundred coins or even a thousand! All that needs to be done is
to print more zeros on it and that’s all. Today humans can pay for almost anything
without paper money or coins whatsoever. If you have enough money in the bank, you can just walk into a store, give the cashier your bank card and take your purchase home with you
without handing over any money. The bank knows
how much money you spent and they pay the store for you later. It’s so convenient! So, will you count them? Here we go. One coin, and two coins… Wait, Nolik! What “one coin, two coins”? What are you counting? You have to add together
all of the different numbers! You should have told me that before! I never learned how to. Yeah, that’s what I figured. Come on out. What can I do? What if you try stacking the coins
so they’re like stairs! That’s what I’m already doing. Why don’t you try
tilting the piggy bank over! Hang on. Stop! I’m getting buried! Put it back the way it was before! This is worse! Just put the pig down! Nolik! Hang in there, please! I’ll get some thread
and lower it down to you. I can’t get a hold of it! It’s too far away. Hey, Tom Thomas, smash the piggy bank! What?! Just smash your piggy bank! But I like it. And what, you don’t like me? Of course I like you. Then who do you like more? You’re my friend, aren’t you? Of course! Then smash the piggy bank! Will you? OK Nolik. I’m going to do it. Nolik! Are you OK? I’m OK. Thank you, Tom Thomas. Thank you, my friend. No problem. At least now you can count up
how much money you have. There’s no reason to do it. There’s no way it’s enough for roller skates. You’re sure? What a shame. But now you’ve got all this money here to buy a piggy bank
that’s totally brand new! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Globe Ready, Set, Go! Again I couldn’t do it! I told you. There’s just no way to hold on
when the globe is turning that fast. But I know I can do it! Give me that piece of rope there, would you? Now you can’t throw me off. Spin it! Go on. What are you doing? Trying to learn a bit about the Earth’s gravity? That’s a globe, not the Earth! Well a globe is a model of the Earth, isn’t it? Hey, come on, Simka! The globe looks like a ball. But the Earth is flat. We walk on it. The Earth also looks like a ball, it’s just a very, very big one. It’s not true! If the Earth is really round like you say, then it would throw people right off of it like the globe does to me. No! It’s just that the Earth
pulls everyone towards it. Are you sure? The planet that we live on,
the Earth, is a huge sphere. The Earth revolves around the Sun, and the Moon revolves around the Earth. Do you know why they don’t
fly away from each other? It’s because of a force called gravity that pulls all objects towards each other. The heavier the object, the stronger it’s pull. That’s why people, rocks, air, and water get pulled towards the Earth
instead of floating up into space. Thanks to gravity we are able
to walk on the Earth. Then why doesn’t the globe pull on me
like the Earth does? Because this globe is very light. Compared to the Earth, this globe is
like millions of billions of times lighter. Compared to the Earth, we’re specks of dust. He’s right. Look, a speck of dust. It sticks to the globe
like we stick to the Earth. Come on! It’s just because no one is turning it. But the Earth is spinning and we stick to it. What?! I just don’t believe you! There is just no way the Earth is spinning! You’ve really got no idea
how the days all turn into the nights, do you? Do too. It’s because the Sun goes up and then sets. Watch this! Our Sun’s here.
And you’re over there. On Earth. Is is dark, Nolik? It’s dark. Then it’s nighttime on your side. And here it’s day! Alright, now will turn the Earth. Hurrah! Now it’s daytime for me! And night for me over here. Oh! My side got dark again! And for me, it’s a new day! Alright, fine. You guys were right. I believe you. The Earth is spinning! The Earth goes round and round
like a tilted spinning top, and as it spins the Sun shines its light on whichever half of the Earth is facing it. And as the Earth makes one full turn, we watch how the night becomes day
and the day becomes night again. It takes 24 hours for the Earth
to make one full turn. But that’s not all. The Earth is also traveling in space
around the Sun. It takes the Earth one year
to make a full circle. As it goes along its way, the top and bottom of the Earth
take turns being closer to the Sun. That’s because the Earth is tilted. When the top half is closer to the Sun,
it’s summer there, while at the very same time
on the bottom half it is then winter. And when when it is winter on the top half, it is summer on the bottom! Nolik! Nolik, where are you? I’m not sure. Somewhere in Kazakhstan. The force of gravity
is super strong around here. So go on, spin it! You’re gonna fall off, Nolik. Don’t worry, just do it! Go ahead and tilt it if you feel like it! Told you! And you were sure
I was going to fall off of this globe! That’s strange. Nolik, come on over here! What for? You’ll see in a second. I don’t want to! You really don’t want, or you can’t? Tom Thomas, take a look. I get it. He stuck himself to the globe, didn’t he? Yeah, with the chewing gum. Isn’t it time to go? Uh-huh. And me? What about me?! You’ve got to help me! Don’t leave me! Should we help him? I never would have thunk it! But the pull of chewing gum
is even stronger than the Earth’s gravity! I almost caught one yesterday,
I chased him but he fled. But if I told my dad he’d say,
“It’s all inside your head!” You really cannot catch them,
Or find their whereabouts. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Disguise Good. Tom Thomas, why do you need
a second aquarium? Especially without any fish! First of all, it’s a terrarium. And it’s not for fish,
it’s for lizards and snakes. My friend Katya asked me
to take care of him while she is away. That’s why I brought him here. Take care of who? There’s no one in there. What is that?! It’s a chameleon, Nolik. I think he’s awesome! It’s a bad idea to take him out! He might run away! Don’t you worry. I got him. What a monster! But how come I couldn’t see him before? It’s because a chameleon
knows how to disguise himself by changing the color of his whole body! Have you ever seen a military uniform? They have special patterns and colors
that help soldiers hide. That’s called camouflage, and people learned it from animals. For instance, a caterpillar can look like a twig, and a seahorse can look like piece of coral. An ordinary gray rabbit
becomes white in the winter so a wolf will have trouble
finding it in the snow. But the champion of camouflage
is the chameleon. This master of disguise can change its color
in just a matter of seconds! Hey, Tom Thomas!
Where did your chameleon go? Oh! It disappeared! It didn’t disappear, it camouflaged. He won’t hide for long. Let’s find him! Chewsocka, have you seen the chameleon? Where is he? Do you see him? No, he’s not going to let us catch him. We’re gonna have to trick him
into coming to us. We could set a trap
with something that he likes! What do they like I wonder? What else? Their food! And what do chameleons eat? Well like flies, or caterpillars. Roaches. Where’s the fly going to come from? Well, what if… What? Oh, Simka! Just you wait, I’m going to get you! Hey, we’ve got to help Katya! You don’t see the caterpillar complaining. Quiet! Nolik, you start buzzing! Buzzing? Yeah, like a fly! Yeah, and flap your wings too! Simka, how long do I have to keep doing this? Until the chameleon shows himself. Just keep buzzing! Tom Thomas! There he is! Grab him! Let go of my brother! Tom Thomas, quickly! I’ve got a hold of him! Yup, I got you! In the army they use camouflage all the time. They use nets that look like bushes, paint their tanks in colors
that make them blend into their surroundings, and even fly in special planes
that can’t be seen by radar. They do everything they can
to disguise their location. But it’s not just the army that uses disguises. Photographers camouflage themselves
to take pictures of wild animals, people use make-up
to camouflage their blemishes, and artists – they disguise old walls
with bright happy pictures. And people just love
to put on masquerade parties where they disguise themselves
in costumes and masks. And of course Fxies have
their own great disguise. Remember? Well, what is it? Now he won’t run away. So, Mr. Master of Disguise! What are you going to say now? If only I could disguise myself that well! Nolik, what are you talking about? You know how to disguise yourself
a hundred times better than him! Oh! You right! Hey, chameleon! Look and learn. Here’s a real disguise!

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