100 thoughts on “The Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitty Cat Bank

  1. Me thinking what happened if someone drunk bought this: “the guy uses a knife and stabs to open the box screaming, ‘COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE~’

  2. Seriously there was a meme that a man had that toy and when the cat inside the box stole the coin the orange cat at the left was staring at it like “ WHERE THE HELL DID MY MONEY GO TAKE IT BACK EVIL CAT IN THE BOX NOOOOOOW” XD

  3. not trying to be rude or anything I'm just saying that it's my opinion I just think that you should make your videos a little bit longer

  4. I just realized most of the stuff Vat19 sells is a lot of stuff that other companies already came up with and sell…
    I have one of these and it wasn’t from Vat19. No hate or anything:/

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