The Golden Chariot – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Dear brothers and Sisters, friends, this is queen Jamnipur’s golden chariot. Which is getting auction. You people can touch and feel the chariot and decide the rates. Let’ see who bids the maximum rate. The chariot is gonna be taken by John the don. Wow boss! What a poetry. This sound is familiar like John’s goons. Leave the poetry and get ready to loot the chariot. Look there they are in disguise dressed and he must be planning to loot the chariot, let’s go and teach them. Yes, he should be punished and we must enjoy it. Hey Murli how are you? I am not Murli, before hitting you should watch out. Oh sorry, actually my friend murli looks like you. Yes friends let’s begin the bid, who is the first to bid? Rs 5,000. Rs 5,000crore, Rs 5,000crore! Any one more than this? one? Two? Three Now this this is yours chariot. Stop! You keep saying one two three you, I said Rs 5000 not Rs5000crore. Security push this man out from here, this isn’t a joke. Its made of gold and not some cheap wood. Leave me, this is my insult, I will show you. Hey Murli, you are here, because of you here I have hit to a gentleman person. I am not that person, I am not murli. Next time watch the person before you hit. I wish to bid for the chariot, but in one condition, fit the chariot to the horses, I want to see will it fit or not? Whether the chariot runs or not? Wow boss! What an idea. The moment the chariots is fitted to the horses we will take it and run away. So you are here. Murli my friend, in your search we hit a strangers twice. Three times you have hit that gentleman. Get away from me or else I will surrender you both to the police. I have come to bid for the chariot. Rs 50,000 crore, quikly fix the chariot to the horses. Rs 50,000 crore !! For Rs 50,000 crore, one? Two? Three? Now this golden chariot is yours. Hey Murli, because of you, we have hit a gentleman three times, and you are standing here. I am not Murli!! I am John, and John will be the don. No one will move, number one, fix the horses to the chariot. Get the van fast. Somebody call the police. Why fear, when Chingam is here? The name is Chingam and it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. I count till 3 and the gun should be dropped down, or else I will fire. Bye! Everbody, thanks for the chariot. Rs 50,000 crore I will send you by post. Fast!! Patlu, take the wheels too, it’s made of gold. What happened? Why you both stopped? The petrol is over. Van is empty, but you both are not empty of the petrol. Hey, now what happened? Get up and run. Boss! Our petrol is also over now. The name is Chingam It’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, we know this heard it many times. Why fear, when Chingam is here? Stop in the name of law, swear you law, motherland, Mother India, fire! What? Are imitating me? Oh my god! Why am I stammering like him? Are they imitating me? Chingam sir, don’t talk just fire in the air. Thank you sir, we were very thirsty, because of pulling the chariot. Now you will ask where is john? He is hiding in the front cave with the chariot, go fast. Now John will not be saved anymore. Motu Patlu you both wait here, I will get back soon with John. John you are under arrest. Surrender yourself to the law. John! For stealing the golden chariot I arrest you. Sir!! Sir! Back! I know John is behind, why are you all so scared with John? You both have caught him many times. Bye! John is there and then who is with me, that you are so scared? Empty stomach my brain doesn’t work, you think of something. Idea! Open the handcuff atleast. Fast!! I won’t spare you today. Enough!! I surrender! After I surrender no one can beat me. This is law, stop in the name of law. Chingam sir, I swear you on law, Mother India, stop! Fast John! Chingam sir I am very obliged and happy that you got my chariot back from John. It’s not because of me, it happens because of Motu Patlu. If Motu Patlu had not been there, John must have run away. Thank you Motu Patlu, I will reward you both in my palace. Thank you o queen. Cheers to Motu Patlu! Who will open this handcuff?

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