The ripple effect of alcohol misuse #AlcoholStories

Consequences can range from
a nasty hangover to death and it’s a big spectrum just different levels of
negative effects from alcohol. We’ve got families in our
community who have had their life ripped apart because of a bad decision
somebody made to get behind the wheel or to you know, get into an altercation where a drunk fist fight
turned into someone falling hitting their head and now
that person’s had a brain bleed and now they’re dead and
now that family’s trying to recover. Children growing up without a father, parents grieving
the loss of their child, right to traumatic events where someone living the rest of their life
in a wheelchair because they’re paralyzed.
On the other hand, broken relationships. Children who need their mother
or father present but they’re not present because they’re
performing their roles and responsibilities to
a lesser capacity because they’re preoccupied with their
addiction to alcohol.

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