100 thoughts on “The Story of DotA Watafak | DotA WTF | Martius | Darduin

  1. Best DotA 2 channel for fun. But it lost a bit of the initial passion and creativity they had becoming so structured and, basically, a job. I was one of the first followers, from the curiers video now removed.

  2. Dota watafak is my favorite channel❤ and I witnesses that 1 million subs and the Pudge and jug with the champagne😂❤

  3. I remember when the very first Dota WTF Rampage Moments video was released…

    It's like the happiest moment if my life.

  4. I still remember subscribing these guys since "EL ULTRA COMBO" and tried it with my best friend. Now, he's my best man for the up coming marriage

  5. I m playing dota from 9 years and i m great player of it.but there is no opportuinity of esport in my country.i hope soon ill be part of ur video.my every friend or every single player who plays with me tells me u have to be international player.but feels bad man.great content motivated me towards my dream

  6. But are they still working on the channel? I heard in one of their old videos that they sold the channel to someone because it was too much time-consuming. Am I right?

  7. Can you do jimben. He might have deleted most of his dota 2 clips but he used to make good videos especially his silly builds.

  8. Но ведь все знают что это русский канал, зачем же так обманывать людей 🙁

  9. Vi todos los videos de guias en un minuto en cuanto salian vi los dota wtf desde el 1ro recuerdo bien sus voces mientras narravan la guia de axe en 1 min gracias a esa guia axe es mi heroe insignia, seria interesante volver a ver alguna guia de un minuto de vuelta aun asi soy un gran admirador suyo sigan adelante y sigan con los dota wtf moments

  10. itll be nice if you can tell the story of "1million dollar dream carl".
    or.. actually the whole match is full of great actions. the push was spectacular as well.
    just do a story of the phenomenal match navi vs alliance. TI3 grandfinal

  11. Siempre pensé que habían vendido su canal de Youtube a unos rusos y por eso no volvieron a subir las "guías en un minuto"

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