100 thoughts on “Top 10 Bank Robbery Movies

  1. Sometimes i think, bank robberies would be the best things for weapons ….
    – for example, have you or when is the last time you heard every bank teller should have weapon, or be prepared. IMPORTANT
    -compared to a school, where teachers should have guns or can have guns.

    should the influence be on the bank where money is ty[e stuff

  2. Thief (with James Caan) is a must see in the heist film genre. It was directed by Michael Mann and is absolutely brilliant. Check it out when you get a chance.

  3. My number 1 is Henry's Crime. Its just so damn good. My number 2 is Reservoir Dogs. It barely has any robbery, but it's all about the aftermath.

  4. Thunderbolt & Lightfoot! Clint kills it as a bank robber and what happened to the missing $$ from a previous heißt. Stellar movie!

  5. I want money on fire in the Gotham of clowns and see you at the camera system that video was cool like a bad kids she said I don't care about cops and really bad cops were not cool

  6. Sorry i used google translate, i want find the film:
    Comedy about the topic of bank robbery, a group of people organized to rob the bank. There is content they use money printers. The film seems to be from the 20th century in the 60s

  7. 10)Set it off

    9) Banks Job


    7)Die Hard

    6)Public Enemy

    5)Sword Fish

    4) Bonnie & Cylde

    3)Dog Day Afternoon

    2) Heat

    1)Going in Style

  8. Kinda wanted to see Public Enemy on the list, I mean its a mafia movie, but it do feature robbery aswell

  9. You got this way wrong, when The Town reference's Heat it shouldbe references Heat it should be ranked lower than Heat.

  10. I don t know what s wrong whit you but every time you pick old movies. I don t say that old movies are bad but are new movies bad ?

  11. Maybe someone can help me what is the name of a bank robery movie where 2 gangs run into each other and have to cooexist to escape the police?

  12. 10). Point Break
    9). Die Hard with Vengeance
    8). The Lookout
    7). Stander

  13. Heat 1995 should have been number one. It’s so real it’s like you’re watching innocent people die right in front of your very own eyes. I have never watched a scene like that ever. You are on the edge of your seat. This movie is in my top three because it’s literally like you are there in those extremely intense scenes. But hey, I’m just glad you put it in!

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