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THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! Okay, I am pulling this thing up right now I Need to uh Make sure the sound is good Do that first Earth All right Then you guys hear my voice right now, okay, let me know how it sounds Let me know how this sounds if you guys can hear me, okay? Okay Okay cool. I got some new headphones, and hopefully Work better yes, we’ll find it together What’s next I’m gonna do I was feeling a bit not that hold on 6:32? What’s going on everybody, thank you for joining me And we’ll say six Cool I will be back in about ten minutes make sure you like the video hit that thumbs up 70 people watching out on the air right now should be hard to get no cash money there so go ahead And I think I like button I’ll be back in two minutes You Alright alright it looks like we have 90 people live on the air right now. Let’s see how many likes we got 50 lights That’s a not gonna get it done. So you got about 30 seconds If you want to win some cash money live on the air if not then I will give it away in the comments And As soon as we hit zero. I will refresh this window and That will give us our Final count so there. We go. It’s zero suppose that Refresh this Sixty-four all right keep it moving right? Again tomorrow Hey you guys I give away money every day, but if you can’t hit the like button then I kind of you know self-fulfilling prophecy All right, what was gonna do with a good setup on training commute? Hey Wendy, thank you for joining us good to have you Or xov Oh Cyber Monday There we go all right So this is a free account and what I’m gonna. Do is basically go through this whole thing Show How this stuff works I Just want to make sure this is set up like this So most people start look like that. I just heard smokehouse Yeah, Kevin you keep asking about those three coins if they’re not a hundred million dollar market cap and doing a million dollars a day I Don’t think anything of them all right if they’re like on page three or four of tradin view and Chances are you’re wasting your time trying to buy them It’s like a scratch off lottery ticket hit up But if they’re a hundred million dollars or above 1 million dollar liquidity on the major exchange and that green is above that orange Then I think it’s a good buy those are my three factors to evaluate That’s cool, so what we’ll do. Then is we will I go ahead and 166 30 It started If your screen is blurry Dan you probably just need to refresh the browser or the window so like close the YouTube app and Reload it Because I’m streaming really good and my date is fine So if that’s the case just refresh the window the browser You keep it Back let’s go ahead And get this part here cool Nice Nicolas look forward to talking to you Here we go Mm Yeah, and then you can always yeah Like he said just up the quality of the stream and the button bottom right-hand corners and click the little button down there Like next to the little gear icon, and you can change the bit right. I think that your stream comes in Cool let’s do this We get a 77 yet 75 lights how much are we All right Okay, I know what we’ll do then looks like we crossed it so what we can do is Do this same thing we do every day right here Facebook group number one Bitcoin Root in the world go ahead. There is the link if yet oh no not yet no Go ahead and share that link right there, and then I will come back I will pick a winner in like two minutes, so I’ll give you guys a chance to get that done just Tend to the top of the group number one pick one group in the world click share And then I will pick a winner from those people right and See that boom and then we’re gonna set up through here Huh James Costa Rica does a good background 1/2 the background Appreciate him all time in thank you all right now right all right, so let’s see When did I start trading trip crypto start trading crypto? 2016 March February March 2016 right around bitcoins four hundred five hundred dollars somewhere in there and I could see that it would go up and down It was basically sitting sideways But still going up So I started buying any time it did from about 480 was by and any time they got a bugs By baby out something but in doing that I was making like twenty percent You know every swing explained before a couple months You know then it did same thing between six twenty and seven eighty you know sat there for life But that started me and I held the theorem for a while I was buying aetherium seven dollars you Know and then I saw like the money flowing into the homes and off one’s gonna develop their own mantra as a result Yeah the winners it just messaged me on Facebook. I have like 30,000 people right now Actually look look at this I’m trying to consolidate everybody in the one group as opposed to me going back and forth every 10 minutes on Facebook, but I got about sixty two people that messaged me on Facebook So chances are if you’ve won in the past week you’re one of them, but don’t worry That’s why I come on the air every day You will get your money But does understand that it does take time and it’s a lot easier for me to do it all at once as opposed to go Back and forth every single day and catch any single person because sometimes you don’t even respond to my message Because you have any other side well, then you’re sleeping when I’m awake So it makes it easier just about to everybody together, so normally people get paid inside of a week Here we go Alright alright let’s Do it Make sure you uh have a share our deal on Facebook Because I’m gonna in 30 seconds I’m gonna come back hit the reload button and pick a winner so Make sure you share it now to get in Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day This is the boasts of Bitcoin the gusto of crypto is your boy BK And if you don’t like me you must not like money, thank you join me up daddy today is November 27th and as you are you know Bitcoin is crushing all-time highs pushing $10,000 I do believe. I predicted this run right after we broke about 8200 I said the next step in the cycle would be between 92 94 96 somewhere in there we’re hitting that right now What comes next is yet to be but one thing’s for certain in the mean in between time we go make this money This is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best My name is DJ And I am the crypto trader also known as the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out Every date our graces my phone my voice is another day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception So with that being said we are going to jump live on the air we got about a hundred and fifty people Rocking out looking live on the air right now and somebody is about to get paid So let’s go into our Facebook community, and see who that will be So what I’m doing right now is jumping into our Facebook group. It’s the number one Bitcoin group in the world If watching this after the fact you can join us a link is in the description and the number one comment on this video So we can see in facebook we got 16,000 of my best friends to come together seven days a week to help each other get paid get empowered and give in traffic, right And now one of them is about to win some cash money in the way to change, so let’s see that Here we go twenty-seven cheaters Let’s go ahead and make sure everybody is loaded up here Alright big James what’s going on man? Let’s see so what I do is just go ahead Go up go down all the way around BAM. Let’s see who is it Crypto hub shared your post there go right there Thank you very much, they’ll help do me a favor shoot me Your wallet and a message. I know a lot of people have done this over the past week or so don’t worry. You can see I’ll still come in live on the air that means you steal. You know we’ll be getting paid What I do is. I try to consolidate everybody into a one you know That’s it so I know it’s a lot of people over the past week or so unless with me I haven’t gotten back to you. Don’t feel bad. I will be doing it this week It’s just a lot easier You know to do it all at once as opposed to trying to go back day by day by day to catch you all Individually, so here we go crypto hook congratulations man should be a Bitcoin wallet. I will get you paid this week everybody else You’re you’re more than welcome to join our community the doors are always open You know we got it. We got a few friendly faces around the crowd my man crypto. Yeah, I’m saying my man Sevan Bomar with understanding amazing intellectual enlightened brother right there You know and then we got the bodyguard right there holding me down at Planet Fitness with no sleeves own Just waiting for something to pop off right so here. We go guys let’s go ahead and keep it moving and Make this money one of the things I’m gonna do about what we started a while ago Which actually I? Kind of hit the reset button basically because it just wasn’t in a good sight at all It wasn’t a good part of the market. I was I was honestly I was gambling a lot out of people’s money, and I don’t I don’t like doing that when that green is above below that orange Then that means he should not be buying and if you don’t know that means then we’ll send it up on trade of you right now But what I think is happening now is we’ve hit the bottom officially a few coins have broken out and are actually starting to acid climb up You know against Bitcoin, which is very very good whereas before a couple months ago When us to try to start this training challenge we were in the exact opposite situation we were just in a very trained continuation I think they point up times like $3,800 $4,000 and you can see it basically doubled so since then altcoins basically went down another 20 30 40 percent And it wasn’t a good time to start trying to accumulate all quads But what we’re doing now my commitment to you is to show you how to make money every day I told you I get paid in my sleep and every day. I wake up I gotta get paid and like these up coins I tell you if there ain’t paying it expands So we will be building a portfolio together you guys over this next hundred days. I will do one trade every day Actually, I’ll break it out one trade every other day for the next hundred days So I guess that’s a 208 because we got a day in between the leg, but it’s a hundred days back And then that way it’ll slow it down, but it’ll give us a chance to really build an amazing portfolio. You can see How easy it is to make some money in this market? So there you go on then first things first. We have a lot of newcomers to our community and by newcomers I mean you know I Mean that the the fresh the fresh blood the young pups a young whippersnappers You know that came on it came on and decided to join us in this crypt oversight Oh the water is much cleaner and the cash is much green. You know well. Well well Thank you come on in right so um You can see just by the charts alone like the volume of money coming in this thing is there’s no money right is is It’s it’s either coming from forts that was on the sidelines, or it’s coming from you got dollars with did you know they had a extortionists on the faces right either way It’s good for us because we can profit from it now trading view calm is the platform that we use to Evaluate our coins and trade against each other right it’s a very clean website one of the best websites I’ve come across as far as a technical analysis goes and it is completely free Right, that’s the best thing getting started you want to limit your expenses, and this thing is free right? So the method we use guys is called the boss benefit, and what I’m gonna. Walk you through this how to set it up front to back On a completely new account you can see when you register on training who your account will look something like this It’ll be all white probably her jobs with these candles and all these red and green lines. Just look like you know somebody Just really just threw it all together, you know can’t really kill nothing from it, but what we’re gonna Do is walk you through the methodology the psychology To build out the boss effective so that you can Still be profitable in the process, and then we’ll look at big point for a couple minutes Just to show you how does that Energy’s coming together up there at 96-97 on you? First thing we want to do with the boss method is You want to save? Save it as a new chart That way as we build it out You know it already updates Unlimited save charts does it let you save it it has to say also Rename, so we just rename this one and save this one so you see whatever we’re Basically on a free account you only can have one chart So instead click and save as you just click rename and then change it to whatever name you want and Then click that little top button so from now on I will do is click that little button and it’ll save where we’re at right And that way any chart you load up will have these settings built into it Right so with the boss method what we see I’m trading B right now is this is a daily chart Real quick just little background on the technical analysis When we zoom in you can see that The candle we have selected is one day Right if I change it to 4 hours those way to green bars change sizes that because that’s because the measurement of time that they’re capturing at the bottom is Changing right so the width of time Inside each candle on this chart right now is one day and you can change it up here Of 30 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes 1 hour 2 hours the best that I found is a four hour Candle right so you go ahead and change that right there And then also we can click back down on it and put it put a star by it right that way It’s stuck up there, and we don’t have to you know click through this List every single time we want to do it If you want to trade faster if you’re looking to maybe add a trader you can also use my method on a 1-hour So a one-hour and a four-hour are essentially the two Candle sizes that I recommend getting started off one hour it happens a lot quicker Right you can make a lot more money on one hour but You know you need to be on top of it because you can lose a lot You lose money a lot faster on a 100 Whereas a 4 hour for most people the numerology behind them behind it Allows us to make property one maybe two trades per week And still do very very very good And I’ll get to that in a minute all right and so now we have a four-hour candle you can see that we’re still just sitting on candles, and then this is a Moving the volume right we don’t need them at all so what we do right there. This is indicator It says volume 20 minutes. We don’t need that so we’re just gonna click that little X right there Cool what we don’t need is the boss method and shout out to the Facebook group You know putting this together from me. I forget what guy it was You know I didn’t my face looks in them cinema token of my appreciation in the form of Aetherium you know just for doing this for the people that is pretty cool. So this is all you do right here guys You go up here to indicators and for my other videos We didn’t have this if you go back to June July August when I was making videos We would step in through this step by step by step. You know and moving averages now We got a script right so as people out there all over the world making money with the boss Right so they write these little scripts and make it easier for other people to make money with the boss they automate the process That’s pretty cool. So we click this button right up here Indicators we type in the tank BAM hit him over the head with it about the crypto pro tools Calm for bringing us this script right here ultimate DK. Moving averages. That’s what we’re gonna do right click that one time and now Yeah, one step closer didn’t pay, but first. It’s a few settings that we have to do. I think one thing you’ll notice right away Is that I have? We can reset the scale I have my axis on the Left axis right if we take that off it disappears and If we bring it back There goes So this is one thing you want to do you want to make sure left. That’s axis is checked You don’t need the right axis you only need one of them, so I like to have right axis unchecked So we just have this one over here. I like to have Auto scale on so you want that button checked And then also I like to have symbol last symbol labels so in that way it pops up that PTC right there So that’s always good to know what point you’re looking at just makes it easier, and then symbol last value And it just pops up the price, right So it keeps that right there right, and it looks like it has that count down. I don’t think we really need that but Yeah, we could turn that off. You could uncheck the count down in that low timer and disappear. You don’t really need that You don’t need indicator labels. You don’t need the last value. Those. Just kind of clutter up everything I don’t really help you you know if they don’t really help you you don’t really need them And then You can also do scale price chart, and that’ll like lock in the price chart scale That way it always you know it’s like zoom extents if you know how odd ok I used to work you basically zoom in You know as close as the candle range is so that’s really a good setting to have It’s called scale price chart make sure that one’s checked too, right But here we go and then the last thing up here. We can start to look at the script itself look at that That’s a big one so my guy. I’m gonna have to try to get them to recode this to say scale left Because we wanted to rip the candles that are on the left hand side you see that Scale left right everything is still for me is scale left right if you like it on the right hand side Then you just keep it on the right hand side my candles. Also. I need to double click those and click scale left I just like everything on the left hand side because I like to you know draw lines and do all my boss analysis You know right there from the left hand side, so I like it like everything in one place I don’t like to go over here to do stuff and then still have to go over there so that’s why I scale it to the left so once we do that once we reformat everything to scale left the candles and the ultimately K script and Our axis you can see that now We’re cooking this of gas right this thing is looking just how I have it on every other video Next thing we want to is we want to change the background Right so we go from light the dark And that’ll make it a little bit easier on your eyes see if you sit in charge for 16 hours a day like me So there you go look at that look at that look at that now one of the things And let me jump over in our chat. Let me just pull this up and make sure Everything is good I appreciate your enthusiasm Joe Joe. La. Thank you for the vote of confidence So if you have any questions in the chat You can do that. I got you guys on the other screen so I can kind of jump back and forth We’ll talk about the Fibonacci in a second Okay, so here. We go here. We go right now We have three moving averages that are built on top of this thing a seven And we can double click that to see so now let’s let’s click on the settings for this thing click that little gear on ultimate BK Ultimate BK moving average and Now it’s a few things that we don’t necessarily mean right away. We can uncheck that button right there We can unchecked the 21 right there we have a 777 and a 231 and for the 231 we could leave it as an area now It’s one thing I learned and I do apologize about this. I wasn’t you know when I made videos. I really didn’t Think about all these different factors, but it’s one thing I think I’ll do you know how? That we have a method we have a script, and we have a pretty good audience I guess when people are some people their eyes. They’ll process colors the same or the color spectrum is just you know energy Differentiation their eyes just don’t separate the wavelength from spectrum So they don’t see it. They struggle to differentiate between red and green and orange and brown So what I’ll do is I’m gonna change the colors that we use on this method right so the first line is gonna be white the seven is gonna be white and the 77 is gonna be blue and the 231 will just kind of put as like a shaded Column right and this is a will do like a Great column, so you see that I click this button right here gray And now I want to move this thing and make it a little bit darker So I just kind of fade it in like that right right there to the middle and now we have three different Lines that hopefully everybody can use right and benefit from You know so that’s just one small change. I’ll be doing in my method from here on out to try to account for global adaption, right cool So that’s it. That’s it right there and again just a quick history on on what the 7 and the 77 is a simple moving average all it does is it measures the range of candles inside a Given window of time so we’re doing our first one is seven days, right? And so Just imagine that white line is just taking a picture and average in Everything that’s happening Inside that window right when that when those candles get lower that white line starts get low and you see it bounces back Right now what happens it starts to go up because every single Candle inside that gap is getting higher and higher and higher now It’s at the top guess what’s gonna happen It’s gonna flatten out so that white line is about to go flat for a second because it’s almost just given us a delayed picture of Seven days behind it seven candles seven bars right. Where is the blue line now and What I’ll do is I will just show you how you can start to manipulate some of these guys we can clear this um green I Leave that there why don’t want to color label green that way of pops out label background Right Where is here now. We’re doing the blue line is gonna capture 77 bars Right and So the blue line is a lot slower. It’s a lot It doesn’t move this much because again the window of time that it’s accounting for is much bigger right so it actually uh Has a lot more information inside of it so as a result and we’ll just move the blue line down here since you know it’s Down there right so you can see like this is how they swing back and forth Miss Nani said are you going to be changing the color of the lines for everyone? yeah, this is the new method now, so it’s white blue and great, this kind of cluster column down here right the blue line is the 77 the white is the 7 and the Columns are the 231? And we’ll do it for now. I think that’ll work better. It’s still pretty easy to determine. You know how to read everything Yeah, yeah, yeah crypto, thank you. I said hit him up on Facebook of any default settings thanks so much man That would be awesome. Yeah, crypto if you cannot if you can change the script to this one white blue and This this break cluster column. I think that would be pretty cool out I kind of like the depth of having the columns here cuz it kind of gives it some you know death And I think that’s really really really important Especially when we get to areas of a chart like this it allows our eyes to perceive. You know how pink The energy inside this little section is I think that’s lost in translation a lot of times So I do like the 231 being kind of a a thicker you know Sustance substance having a little bit of a little bit of thickness to it, right I won’t say too much about that so that’s keep it moving and 77 is our blue moving average, so essentially the 77 Captures all of those candles inside of that right, and that’s why it’s much slower, but you can see steel We started right there in the 77 Auto candles went up super super high, but the blue line only got about halfway right there Right so you can see it’s just a lagging window of data of time right that that pretty much gives you a good snapshot of The range of candles in that during that time so 77 days 77 bars and seven bars right on a 4-hour chart now. What does that mean right? This is the biggest thing to understand right so this it tells you right here Your seven is looking at the past one day in four hours. That’s just the average range of the past date Visualized in the line right visualized in that white line right there The 77 is looking at the past 12 days right don’t here you go So that’s it. That’s that’s that’s basically it. Yeah. Yeah, green above orange by I know I know, but trust me I got something I got some new quotes for you. So don’t don’t feel bad Don’t you know don’t think don’t think it’s don’t think it’s dead. You know cuz it’s not I’ve got some new ones I just got to write them down and and work out the kinks But you know I think it’s go be a white above blue. You know what to do Liuba white is about to be a code thing you know so you wanna you wanna you wanna sell it you don’t want to be Locked out in Co so I think that’s what we go roll with right now but 7 to 77 so essentially essentially what this fits is is as Long as that white is above that blue. You know exactly what you need to do and that Is by white above blue you know what the big money time that’s when we buy right And so just to give you you know real world example when that happened BAM right there And when we sell it we Sell it when it drops below that way And again, this is on a 4-hour chart So it’s not gonna be perfect, but it here’s gonna be pretty good at uh you know maximizing your return Right so just in that spread right there On Bitcoin If we would have followed the boss method We would have I don’t have any of my tools, I’m like where is everything I got like literally reading everything One of the other tools we need is I’ll do the tools on another video about that date and price range so just on that little swing right there We would have been able to lock in about 18% Right Because we would have bought it right there when the price was 5,800 actually that’s a better idea, let’s just do it, let’s the strike price So for that one. I want this guy Start coding me so Price label By right there 5,800 we can make this bigger so you guys can see it, right? Let me sell it Right there, which we’ve been right around 67 right that’s pretty good right that is a profit margin that you can live with Inside of two weeks right and so that’s the boss method guys explained and same thing we take that You know we buy back in right there Seventy two hundred And we’re still right right so again. It’s not perfect With regards to the Sprint some of you guys has might have been like oh my god. I just sold it at 6,800 and I bought it back at 7,200 why would I do that? Why would I do that you? This is why you do it you do it because all All this time right all this time You had your money on an asset that was accumulating value and Not at risk, right? So just imagine that Favorite any time that market goes down Let’s see if we can pull this up real quick There it goes Whenever that market goes down You lost not only did you lose cash, but she lost time? two days and eight hours right here and all together just waiting on the bounce He lost four days almost five days so when they blew and that white intersection when that happens your best bet statistically for your money to increase your rate of return is To sell it and go find something else Immediately that is already on this side of the chart, so instead of Harling and Watching your money disappear every day right in front of your eyes, right? Cuz this was not guaranteed to happen It was not guaranteed to bounce like that right in fact after it reach a certain level You know almost nine out of 10 times. It won’t bounce like that big point is just so strong Can do Superman stuff like that but that’s not normal? I don’t think that’s normal Normally when that when that white crosses that blue it It drops in a drop state But for whatever reason big coin has a lot of intrinsic momentum and again this will be a separate video to where whenever it gets close to That 231 that’s more or less like the recharge so down there, right? And so I apologize if like this chart is kind of sloppy, but I don’t have all my tools But you can see how I’m just kind of building it all the fly as we go right Crypt appleís does not have numbers Yeah, it has industries we’ll talk about that later. That’s a separate video But if you look at that chart though, let’s make a deal video at the end for crypt appleís It is at 5 o’clock, so just imagine crypt oculus is a plaque just look at 5 o’clock, and that’s the coin That was door number 3 So getting back to this chart, though So bitcoin is extremely extremely extremely strong Let’s clear it off real quick, and that’s the boss method brain I’m sorry white and blue. You know what to do, right? Then we just pinpointed the intersections And that blue goes down. We’ll get out when that blue goes above and jump in That’s it That’s the boss method nine out of ten times that will make you money This is a four-hour chart on a free account trust me it can get a lot better a lot faster But for free this is the best you’re going to ever do right if you want to pay then it you know we’ll have some advanced features that a Start up going over and with you in but for a free account just getting set up This is the easiest fastest and simplest way to make you the most profit and get you the most return on your money, right 231 again is just a longer moving average, so what we’ve said before with the time scale with the seven and seventy seven just imagine a 231 basically accounting for 231 bars right and then so this thing is basically like a long wave Right it takes a lot of information in and it basically gives you like a support system like a support network so that’s all you got to think of 231 is almost like a Bitcoin support network when it drops down and just touch it again say, okay. I’m good BAM takeout, right I’ll come up with a story and an analogy to you know I used to talk about the little brother big brother But no, I might I might do something else just for the new method But that’s it. That’s it you guys I think that’s good just to get set up on training without jumping too far in the weeds too late That’s all you need to get set up, I’m gonna do some people were asking about Fibonacci Honestly, that’s a whole bit another video in itself, so I don’t want to get into that I just wanted to give the people two points Decision points buy and sell right because at the end of the day That’s really all you need to know when the Duke right what to do Do you need to buy it or do you need to sell it right and if that? White is below that blue Right there, that’s when you sell it With a little green you know a red line right there make it think so you don’t forget. We sold it right here Buy back Right there and again. I don’t think you should ever be slinging trade in Bitcoin like this I think Bitcoin is far too valuable and far too unpredictable for you to actually sell it right here This was an example of the boss method on a chart. I probably should have did it on etherium but again I would have had to get into there is a big point there in the USD. You know so I did I don’t think you should ever sell your Bitcoin when that blue goes below that white as then you’re risking a Super reverse how flex move like this, and you just lost 20% of your big points right but on the all points It’s a different story because normally to all points move a lot slower And they’re dependent on Bitcoin right so it’s a lot easier for example if we look at Trig It’s a lot easier to understand look at that Alice what how these waves work right look at that that is beautiful You guys look at how like after was under the white like this thing literally like Sank to the Bob right that’s why I like the white That’s why I really do like that white columns cuz it kind of traps it encases it even up there. It was like a crash back down Oh crash back down no and then now it’s to the point to where It’s almost gonna use that white as a floor so you can think of the white it’s almost a swimming pool Right when it’s underwater It’s going down, but when it’s above the surface then it’s it can make some real big money and intrigue is actually our five for the 100 a traded challenge right trig is set up to make some real-deal money It’s not very expensive relatively right now, so it’s not like – aetherium. You know where it’s hundreds of dollars It’s not like that and it’s already confirmed that That white is about the blue right so we do have some quick Momentum behind this thing the whites both the blue, and the white is above the 231 right so only thing That’s gonna happen. Now is we’re gonna fall a little bit To our next support level, which should be down and here somewhere and you draw a spot, so you guys can see it We shouldn’t catch right about there Before we start to regain our composure and go back if you want to look at the one hour The one hour will show you that these candles Basically where that wave happened where that white and that all those links Are basically the market trying to figure out it did like the price you see that? So that’s where we expect this thing to come back down to and that’s where we can set a buy order for trade I’m gonna set a buy order today at 11500 So how do we do that? I will put that in the next video, but I’m writing that down by order trade 11:5 right and so this is kind of part one of our hundred day trading challenge, but that’s our strike price right and This is getting you see it’s getting pretty quick in the trading and making money and using the charts like You know we don’t we don’t need a lot of time to make a lot of money Right and this is how this is one way to do it make your money on the buy so a lot of people don’t think That this chart will get here I can tell you right now that more than likely it will because it had a lot of energy trying to figure out what to Do on that side a lot of people might be buying it right here You know thinking it might have support on 231, but it’ll probably need to catch a little bit sit sideways. You know a couple days Before it makes its next move so this is gonna be our entry point And I’ll put the date November play seven three-point-four great right and bam Not a fun show tips there goes Right So that’s cool, then you can see it’s it’s already below that little midline right there, so that’s gonna be our entry point We’ll get a buy right there, but basically it’ll be buying into a rebound because this is a lot of negative energy That’s just basically a mass sell-off, but it’s more or less already shown the market that it has value right now So we’re just gonna wait. You know let these sellers dump it. You know we buy it back for a few pennies You know and write it back up right, but this is gonna be our trade And that’s why I said every two days every other day because this one is probably gonna need at least two or three days to Figure out what it wants to do it might even drop a little bit more But that’s not a problem right that’s not a problem at all It’s it’s better for us to buy it here and let the market figure out what it wants to do as opposed to Speculate I’m just looking at those candles the velocity of these candles are really really strong I think it I think it’s gonna crash do that when I think we might be better off getting it down here We’ll figure it out That that it’s for certain going down there, but because it’s done it so quick now. That’s what concerns me Because you see the time that it took to go up that high – where’s on this side. It just ain’t hitting right? that’s a lot of negative momentum, and that doesn’t stop all at once I Think we should lower this at least there Maybe This is kind of where you where you have to tie in your entry up C and now honestly you’re getting a lot in this first video now we jump down to a thirty minute Let’s see what this looks like Yeah We’re not bad. We’re not bad right here because you see all that happened again what I’m looking at is is this big area of? consolidation right there Right, I don’t need to make every penny But it but as long as I know I’m getting a pretty good deal on my money I’m good, but because that thing bounced there and bounced there. It’s almost guaranteed to come back to it so but that being said we’ll bump our bump our entry down to eleven zero zero zero one one and That’ll give us a pretty good entry point on it Because you still got a little bit of buffer right below it for it to fill down in there somewhere But we’ll buy it at eleven flat and that’ll be pretty good That’ll be that’ll be a good good spot for us, and this is a possible double deth Right and that’s basically if this crash is through and doesn’t hold then we’ll might throw a little bit of more money down there to Increase our position because we are still confident in the momentum of the trade the carry is higher right so there you go That’s trig. That’s our bye for today It’s gonna be it’s gonna be a pretty pretty strong Correction this is basically a violent coin right now because the market again is trying to convince itself That it’s worth buying and it’s hard To convince yourself of anything when you just lost you know Ninety seven percent of your value eighty percent, so it’s gonna be violent it’s gonna be choppy Waters will smooth out right and we will be riding this thing too much greener pastures, so yeah, there you go Cool so I’ll do that in our next video, I’ll put a buy order in Right there at eleven hopefully it feels if it doesn’t it should feel. That’s that’s a lot of negative momentum That’s that’s gonna have to it’s gonna chop down here for a mile, but yeah So we’ll be good with that and we will make a lot of money on that bye so check it out That’s trade you guys make sure you hit that like button hit subscribe I’m making a new playlist for a 100 day trading challenge to check that out as well In addition to that you guys I do have a few new products that I’m developing right now. I’ll just talk to my guy about Website and build and also new protocols the processes Really extreme line it home saying what we doing in this community I don’t think it’s just this little bitty website and be speaking on YouTube. That’s not it I sure you gonna be doing a little bit more but for now You know you got to take what you can get so I do have three reports that I have Developed and put together one is called the profit package This is a really just a list of the prime time real estate that you need to acquire in the crypto bows, right? This these are the highly valued highly favored assets And and they’re there for you review next up is the Dream Team This is kind of like the second generation kind of the young rookies at a year. These are a few to bigger I CEOs DRC 20 tokens that have a few hundred million dollars in market cap but still very very very under priced Given their potential I’m gonna kind of be like you know by Steph Curry when he was at date right nobody is fresh and sophomore year Thanks, nobody knew who does do what y’all send you your gear the whole world knew his name So you know that’s that’s that’s what you got with the dream team right there and then kripp topless is really just the future of innovation and blockchain and Civilization and these are these are this is my favorite list right now for topless report is up some of the major game changers that are being built out on the blockchain to resurrect society hopefully in a new beneficial way and Heightened inner standing way right shout out the Saban forum are again So yeah guys there you go, I apologize that this one went a little bit long. I think it was some good value Hopefully some good value communicated on this video with your in the chat right now Do me a favor um and shout your country out somebody said no cyber monday deals I tell you what I tell you what? I’m gonna put a deal on here cyber monday. I’ll do a bundle for the new people I’ll do a bundle of all three reports I gotta figure out the price But I’ll do a cyber monday Bundy’s bundle deal all three reports for new people for like 50 hours for something like that You know so there you go Cyber Monday be a bundle $50. I’ll put a little output a little package there, but you Cool shout your country out. Let me know where you’re repping from in addition to all that I did another video today 2-minute tip Saturday check my channel for it this one was About a you know taking a little holiday mom mine is in South Beach shout out to the 305 You know I’ll be down there in a couple of weeks kickin it with some my crypto people So if you in Miami and you want to meet up I think we’ll do like a little beat a meet up down there. My that would be pretty cool Look forward to that and then uh last thing. I am on Twitter as well So make sure you follow me on there be cake crypto trader. I do post charts trade breakouts On there as well, so here we go a question of the day This is your second chance to get some money you guys question of the day. What coin should we buy next for our? 108th trading challenge leave your answer in the comment on this video right now as soon as we get off the air and I will be picking a winner next Friday so with that being said let’s go ahead and Get some body pain I’m sorry not get paid let’s let’s shout our people out Don’t don’t answer the coin question now leave it in the comments The chat is just for the country shout out, so let’s do it, Canada, Australia Ireland was going on yeah Cody. I know we’re meeting tomorrow. Don’t don’t worry. I got to yo, Texas in the house, Canada uh Texas three times back to back to back right Seattle miss Debbie, how’s it going near Seattle hello? Hello, thanks for joining us Canada Charlie city in DC England Japan shout out to Japan I was just thinking about Japan earlier today for whatever reason so there you go manifesting already Hey, ROH can Colorado big dildo, thanks for joining us, Australia Indicators are updated shout out the crypto ProTools said the indicators have now been updated using new colors by BK Thank you, sir. Why Carlos buying me drinks in Miami like a boss? Compliments of Bitcoin cash yes, sir Canada was going on Boston, San Diego, right Philippines, Bulgaria Richard said he subscribed cuz he do black money BAM Welcome to the money team with that being said it’s that time of the day signing out this stuff boasts the boy DK No matter where you stay from Brazil to debate telephone Are you all the way back out don’t dirty money good night. Good morning a good day Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time Make sure you subscribe Turn you notifications on copy and paste this video, Texas somebody you care about to empowering change They like do that for me if you appreciate my honor to meet again. It’s a cryptic y’all

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    I know it's been a couple weeks since you recommended to set a buy order at 11,000 for TRIG, but looking at the chart now it doesn't look like it filled and it keeps dropping below the white, blue and the 231. Is this still a coin to buy and if so, should I wait to buy once the white is above the blue, according to the Boss Method?

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