Traditional Investors Flock to Cryptocurrency

The crypto market has London Calling. For
me investing is all about creating long-term sustainable wealth. Graham
Rowan chairman of the elite investor Club is
the latest in a growing list of UK investors to explore the crypto market
in Asia and the Pacific. People have obviously been around the block a few
times they know about traditional markets and now I think they’re
genuinely keen to learn about crypto blockchain where’s it all going and how
can I be a part of that journey. Even though he’s been a more traditional
investor he sees opportunities in the crypto market as a human investor I
can’t separate my emotions completely I think one of the biggest emotions around
Crypto is FOMO, the fear of missing out The self-described renegade investor
believes those opportunities will arise over the coming years by a mix of
traditional markets and blockchain technology. There’ll be a bit like what’s
happening in the automotive world there’ll be hybrids that develop which
are a mix of the two Which are actually potentially giving
investors the best of both worlds. But he cautions against investors putting all
their eggs in the crypto basket. I’m almost having to say look you know
there are other assets out there. You don’t just have to focus on crypto and
here’s advice for anyone considering investing in crypto technology but one
of the things that are definitely degree with Warren Buffett on is don’t invest
in something you don’t understand. In other words, I think if you’re new to the
whole world of crypto technology you’ve got to start by getting yourself
educated so now might be the time to hit the books or smart device for that smart

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