Turnit BiBo – a hands free mobile ticketing solution

Meet Jane. She is just an ordinary citizen
doing an everyday thing – using public transport. But she has a secret. She is using an app,
that makes her life much easier. See, it already knows that the bus
has arrived to the station. Actually, she doesn’t even have to take her phone out. Turnit BiBo automatically detects
when the passenger boards the vehicle. In the bus,
Turnit BiBo takes care of registering her ticket. Using the Bluetooth beacons,
the app knows that she is riding the bus. Jane can just sit, relax,
and enjoy the ride. Turnit BiBo will even do the check-out
for her when she exits the bus. Also, thanks to the travel information
that Turnit BiBo collects. The city can improve their
public transport routes more efficiently.

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