Video Game Currency in a nutshell [OLD]

I want that super duper awesome magic sword you have there! Okay! Which sword do you want? Wha..what are you talking about? I’m pointing at it right now! Well I can’t know unless you point your mouse to it. Oh, okay. Give me a moment here.. Crap, crap, crap WHERE THE HELL IS IT..okay here. What the…50 COINS?!? But it says five coins right there! Yeah, well the price there doesn’t include taxes. Who said anything about taxes?! Okay, fine, is there any other thing I can buy with just five coins? Well there’s potions for healing. And I don’t have to pay any taxes? No. Cool. Then i’ll buy one. WHAT?! Oh, I’m sorry, we don’t accept coins anymore. But..since WHEN?! About five seconds ago. So this game just RANDOMLY decided to change its currency? Yep, and we added a special type of money we thought people would like. Well what’s the currency? Gold poop emojis! You know what? Screw this place, and screw your damn gold poop money. Ah, sorry, now you have to pay REAL money to get anywhere..and you’re banned.

43 thoughts on “Video Game Currency in a nutshell [OLD]

  1. Before I Watched This I Thought You Were Talking About A Real Video Game Shop Like "GameStop" But Then I Realized That It Was Just A Shop In A Video Game XD

  2. I am the 26 comment for this video. I agree with message, but the action. For "Republican System". For FREEDOM".

  3. I was able to make this animation in 2 weeks, so I plan (but not guarantee) to upload a new animation around every other Saturday. And my Q&A should be done in a few days.

    So thanks for watching, and make sure to subscribe and follow my social media accounts (especially my twitter).

  4. Yeah, I hate micro-transactions too. Especially since my parents won't let me pay for stuff online. Because of that, my free trial of RPG Maker MV is minutes away from running out T^T

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