Vision Crystal kit od Gold Drive

Hi, today´s video will be about
an electronic cigarette set Vision Crystal kit. Products from Vision are
usually nicely packed and Crystal kit is one of them. So, let´s go inside. A paper case under which we can see
a nice plastic box with Vision Crystal kit ecigarette, two extra mouthpieces,
English manual, travel charger (we will see
how to work with it later), two extra heads – which means that the clearomizer
has exchangeable heads, a “key” ring
that you can attach to the battery, neck string
– which you can use like this. So, these are the things
the packing includes. Let´s have a look at
the clearomizer now. We have two extra mouthpieces
here for the clearomizer, of course threaded,
you put them here. But we will take the mouthpiece off now
and disassemble the clearomizer itself. You can disassemble the
clearomizer like this, wash it, clean it up,
or change the exchangeable head. Let´s screw it back in,
the tube, mouthpiece, and it is ready
– just needs some liquid. The battery with standard
EGO electronics, can be locked and unlocked
again by a five-click. The capacity of
the battery is 450 mAh. Weight of the whole
ecigarette is some 35,5 g. Funny. Size: diameter 14 mm, length 123,5 mm, just the battery 59,5 mm. So, this is what Vision
Crystal kit includes. I forgot one thing… Charging the battery… We have this charger here which we can use either with our
computer or with an adapter. If I plug it in, I will
see the green light. If I screw in the battery, battery will flash
and the charger changes into a red light. When the battery is fully charged,
the charger will change into a green color. So, now it´s really all…
Just to start vaping. This item, I think, is destined to be used
somewhere kind of in secret or for ladies… Well… As you wish….
It is functioning and it vapes. So, this is Vision Crystal kit and you
can buy it from Gold Drive company. Have a nice time and see you
again at some of my videos. For Gold Drive prepared
by Vorel Vaping Film´s.

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