Warren On Bloomberg & The Practice Of Banks ‘Redlining’ Minority Communities | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Warren On Bloomberg & The Practice Of Banks ‘Redlining’ Minority Communities | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Chronic liar… every once in a while you’ll run across people that can actually convince themselves that a lie is the truth… that’s what lying lizzy does… have a strong dislike for Bloomberg too..

  2. So, billionaires can buy the Presidency? Why isn't Bill Gates getting in on this? If I win the lottery, that will make me the President? The entire electoral process has become ridiculous! It's time for a national revolution as set forth by the the Declaration of Independence to end tyranny!

  3. Warren….falling like a rock. Say hi to Corey and Kamala when you get there. Sleepy Joe could use a ride while you're at it…gee your hair smells terrific.

  4. I really want warren to do well as a Bernie supporter… donate to her campaign as well as Bernie's… We need this to be a battle of two progressives… NOT a progressive and a centrist like the media wants… DONATE TO HER CAMPAIGN!

  5. What the heck !!
    "Buying Votes" through extensive ads is now illegal ? And buying votes through "taking popular themes, such as M4A, which beyound realistic to US economic" is a good deed ??

    Warren is a mess… She will take whatever needs to gain votes… Considering her M4A campaign with undetailed figures budget sources and unable to comprehend revenue streaming policies on that… People ought to understand whether this is going to work.. and she is just doesn't care about it…

    Based on a bunch of studies, M4A is non adoptable policy in a country having 3 situations: high income per capita, high GINI index, high population numbers and huge defisit on balance budget..

  6. Warren transferred 30 million from her senate campaign fund, which was funded by PAC money…she's not grassroots, she's just pretending. just like she pretends to be Cherokee

  7. warren needs to go. There is no way a woman can get elected president of the US. And I have believed that ever since America chose a 2 year old racist woman hating know nothing dictator over a qualified woman (even if she was hated and a bad candidate). I have no faith in the governement. The only thing that will restore my faith is when someone offs trump. I am really surprised that it hadn't happened already.

  8. I do believe Mike Bloomberg thinks that he could make a difference in this country. I don’t think he’s running into the ground. The man has Shown that he’ll do some messed up stuff to get the results that he wants. Now there’s opinions coming from a white guy. I’m 55 and live in Oklahoma. I do believe the some of the news medias are biased against Bernie you can see that. But I think that a lot of people were also worried about who gets in that office. If Bernie is elected he just might upset the balance. Lotta people figure change ain’t no good. No I’m 55 I still remember the old joke well the next thing you know they’ll Want to share a bathroom with us and I just can’t be right. I’ve seen a few things in my life. I grew up with my dad watching the news watching the world news. I remember before Jimmy Carter. I remember Reagan.I remember who was doing what. I remember how the world stage was set. Most of my entire life I’ve seen men go off to war. I’ve watched him come back.I’ve watch this world change in those in it. I was a preacher son. I’ve seen that change to. I’ve seen men die so close that you can see their last breath. People need to sit down and think about what they’re doing. Need to have a real reality check. When it’s all said and done and we can’t see each other “can we all just get along”. Wrong knows it’s wrong and right knows it’s right. Man can’t lie to him self that’s a fact. To put it blank what you see going on in that White House, That Man bit off more than he can chew. And he knows it. The man is a coward. He’s also a brat. More than likely going to have to toss them out. Will Be long before the rest of the rats leave the ship. You got to think about this. What’s best for everybody. And who’s going to represent us. This is the United States of America. We have Never ever ever never been laughed at. And that what’s happening. Pride and dignity is gone to the side. Let’s start thinking of it like this. Whoever gets in at White House would you want to sit at your dinner table. I want a president that I don’t know I consider the dinner table invite that man in my house and have a good meaningful conversation. No matter the condition in which the person lives. The president must be humble and understanding Of the family that resides within. Can we all just get along.

  9. Redlining has been illegal for 40 years, and takes some gall to pretend it still exists. Well, someone wants to play victim really badly.

  10. Now baron mind if you read what I wrote I didn’t go through the hole thing And proofread it. Just get around the graph medical errors. It’s a substance that counts. That’s what everybody’s got to start looking at. Or we are doomed.

  11. Warren , the copy cat , who hid from any ridicule while Bernie Sanders began his grass root campaign 5 years ago. Don't waste your money on a coward, spineless , copy cat, when the real deal is the front runner. Bernie Sanders****

  12. Bloomberg is a corrupt oligarch whose racist stop-and-frisk policies have destroyed millions of American lives!

    Time to BERN this rotten system down! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikgh4JbAWUU #Bernie200

  13. The " CRISES " could have been avoided had the customer understood that with a 5 year locked then after that your interest rate becomes market points , the should have re-financed into a locked rate before the 5 year became adjustable . That was not explained to them .

  14. The banks gambled on making as much money as they could. DNC allowing him to buy an election is corrupt. Big Money has to be stopped in Politics. Go Bernie!

  15. she should hire me. all bloodthirsty crusaders will cry with no tears,,,,, huhuhu… she will hit the dock.

  16. He said POOR people he didn't say anything about black/ brown people.. you're the racist assuming poor means black or brown . I'm voting TRUMP !

  17. OH Elizabeth, stop with your racist bs. Bloomberg is right, He said nothing about race. He spoke of the "poor" and their inability to pay back loans. Only a racists like Eli & msnbc would relate that to a minority community. Bloomberg spoke of allowing credit to those that weren't creditworthy.. If you relate that to a minority you just might be the racist!!

  18. I think Warren should explain her grotesque rant yesterday about grabbing all tools available anywhere and using them against specific targets she detailed repeatedly yesterday It’s not the first individual that’s allowed to engage in unacceptable terrorism fantasies and terrorism propaganda rants on air in the US it happens and it’s not stopped by Google. Mabye MSNBC ( she terror ranted on several outlets );in other wants to explain or simply delete these absurdities

  19. Bloomberg earned his money. When he started out he had no more money than Warren or Sanders or you or me. He isn't getting money from Super Pacs. His dad didn't give him a few million to start out. He didn't get it from the Saudis. He didn't get it by lodging Secret Service at his own hotels. He got it by having the brains to understand how the world works and then putting in the long hours to shepherd his businesses. These might be useful skills in our President. With her background Ms. Warren surely knows the difference between Trumpian Big Money and a lone man's earned fortune, both as it reflects ethics and in how each. affect our nation – so she trots out this ambiguous snippet of vintage Bloomberg and attempts to cripple him with it.

  20. I heard warren let her cat touch blewbergs ball sack! Then he cried and tried to buy the cat with his billions. #lies #maggot

  21. He wasn’t wrong though neither are electable. Warren understands nothing of fiscal responsibility. Go back to the reservation Liz

  22. Violence against Republicans from crazy DEMOCRATS on the rise. Watch your backs Patriots! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/new-hampshire-man-accused-slapping-teen-trump-supporter-primary-day-n1136836

  23. This guy looks at it as though it is the home owners fault. But in reality is the banks practices giving people loans that they can’t pay the loans back. Remember no principal loans, or balloon payment loans, and a few more just to get the money or the land. It wasn’t the “Bailey Home Loan”. The housing market was driven by Wall Street greed. They even made a move out of banking greed. Remember the name of the movie, “GREED”..

  24. Bloomberg was right about redlining. The attempt to absolve banks from risk when they make loans to ordinarily uncreditworthy people was an earlier form of woke capitalism, where we try to make capitalism "socially responsible." It's what your mainstream Democrats are all about, especially the ones that oppose Sanders. The result was a disaster. Bloomberg was also right about the relationship of race to crime.

  25. Warrens campaign is over. Honestly I think she should be happy with as far as it got. Who would have thought a blatant liar could ever have made it as far as she did?

  26. Don't worry believe you me when minorities want a house, they'll get it via our own Ingenuity, the thousand ways you can or even traditional means. It's a shame so little is thought of black and brown people. We're not gentile kittens that need to be sheltered from the storm. Well aware of any and anything stacked against us. We make a way like everyone else to achieve what it is we want with or without a bank. Democracy for us hasn't always been right but we survived and prospered nonetheless which is who we are. Not a political pawn as it would be seen.

  27. Besides Biden, Warren and Sanders none of the others have any chance of getting the South or Bible Belt to vote for them. Even Warren and Sanders are going to be attacked as Commies! Some think, why should our government work for us? Your poor 1% owners need more tax breaks. Still you don't have worry, by the end of the year your Idol god drumpf will have started the war, declared martial law and suspend elections! Then you will not have to worry about that pesky government or self-rule anymore. Your 1% owners now control the senate and have installed corporate friendly judges, which will back their puppet! So get your favorite Corporate Flags out, whatever flag you like, USA, The Patriots or The Yankees, it doesn't matter. As long as you bow down to your 1% owners! Our Democracy is Dead, corporation are now "We The People" and money is "Free Speech." The only question left now is, are you going to jump into your owner's grinder; or walk away and let their beast system die? Time is running out, watch and understand… youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  28. Agree, if you are presenting yourself for elections, you need votes. Votes are taliied one individual at the time. Then why can interest groups buy the election.

  29. Lost respect for Lawrence. He loves his huge paychecks from MSNBC. You’ll all be supporting Bloomberg in time, you’re a sellout. Cut cable and save money. Watch progressives “The Hill Rising, Democracy Now, The Young Turks, Tim Black, so many more”.

  30. The real reason for the implosion was large loan shops operating under "The corporate Real Estate Doc Signer" legal loophole. This allowed these shops to make large political donations. It removed the "Professional – Market based" Real Estate Agent from the loan approval process. At the height, these loan shops were having notary publics signing off on loans – While they sat in their corporate offices "rubberstamping" loan portfolios for a quick – pump and DUMP. HUMMMM rhymes with TRUMP.

  31. Warren was OK with raising money for Senate reelection at wine fund raisers with wealthy donors. So as usual, she does her "people shouldn't be allowed to do… what I've already done".
    Grass root money is untraceable.. The FEC doesn't require tracking donations of less than $200. These grass root donations can come from anyone. Not necessarily just from actual supporters but from donors wanting to make a weaker candidate look more popular than they are.

  32. No one cares about that lying hoe. When will democrats actually try to elect a woman that doesn’t lie about stupid things?

  33. Warren has lost what little credibility she had left. It's clear that she has made a deal with Amy Klobuchar or Pete in case they get the nomination (not gonna happen). At the beginning of the campaign she said she supported M4A, now she won't even mention it, so she never really believed in it she was just trying to become popular.

  34. The Democratic Choice.

    Colonel Sanders: The Hidden Autocrat.

    Pete Buttgig: The Clever Tongue.

    Elizabeth Warren: American Visionary.

  35. Hey POCAHONTAS ~ you’re a bold~faced liar ~ You will never, ever be President.
    I betting you won’t even to make it through the the next 2 weeks before finally folding, tucking your lying tail between your legs and going back to Massachusetts.


  36. Remember when Warren used to be Progressive? Then she allowed former Hillary and Kamala staffers onto her campaign. Snake pit.

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