We Predicted The Bitcoin Crash! 60%+ Profit! RIpple XRP! BTC/Cryptocurrency News + Trading Analysis

come on guys Patrick here bring you a
brand new video so you’re gonna leak of it a few guys full of information say
we’re gonna be talking that huge Bitcoin job that we called on this channel
whilst be covering some more technical analysis most tons of all the news that
went on in the cryptocurrency space also make sure you guys stay all the way to
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weekend I’m sorry for the center we have setup right now I am currently travelers
last-minute trip that I had to take into Roanoke Virginia but tomorrow I am going
to head to Atlanta where I’m gonna be staying for a longer period of time and
there we’ll be able to set up everything a little bit better again apologies with
all this happening last-minute I wasn’t able to record a video and post a video
on Wednesday or Friday but starting we are gonna get back on schedule for
Monday Wednesday Friday but let’s actually take a look at what’s been
happening this last week it’s been absolutely insane if you guys remember
the last time I made a video we talked about I don’t know those the last day or
the week before the last video or the video before the last video but either
way we were getting close to the end of this of this falling wedge we were going
to have a breakout and everybody I tell you everybody thought we were going to
be breaking to the upside that’s what everybody was expecting and you remember
if you watch that video if you have you can go check it out too
you know see exactly what I’m talking about that I said that although a
breakout to the upside seemed what was likely at the time my bias had shifted
and I was looking to the downside because of how many people won because
of how many people were actually looking for that upward break and then two I was
actually starting to notice that usually we see a breakout within you know 75% of
the falling wedge we were all the way at the end and from there again it was
getting really close to the bottom and I thought the Bulls just didn’t have it in
them to break up and so I thought the bias was overall bearish and well if you
actually went along with that then you’ll be able to see how much you could
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trades and not only have that 22 percent profit potential but also getting with
the 10x in the use of leverage you’ll actually be able to get in with a lot
more profit up to 200% profit on this trade in particular and that’s
absolutely insane but what I look at for Bitcoin right now after that huge jump
that happens some key levels and I am gonna talk more about this on Wednesday
I’m gonna highlight a specific person who predicted this correct even better
that I called the drop he’s been calling the job very very well as well so I’m
gonna be talking about them more on Wednesday but for what I’m looking at
right now big points key levels first it was the $6,800 a hold now we saw that
break that came in here recently to take it a little bit below all the way down
to 6500 is right plus/minus 2530 to be exact we saw it go there so it did
break below the 6800 I was hoping to see 6800 whole that’s why I actually got
into my long over here but even then with a stoploss wide enough I did expect
that even if it did drop lower we would see a balance at some point to come up
and hit those targets that’s exactly what we saw right now again another key
level would be six thousand four hundred dollars and then six thousand dollars if
we start to break below these and we start to go down we could be in for a
very very long December and maybe even a very long start to 2020 before like I’ve
said for the long and almost pretty pretty much everybody else on YouTube I
thought the Bull Run was going to start in early to mid 2020 I did not think
this was the Bull Run you can see we’re all the way back to six thousand dollars
we had that nice little push up that was the first push up that parabolic move
everybody’s been talking about this wasn’t it right this was not it and I
thought early to mid 2020 was when we’re gonna start seeing that happen so
hopefully that does still play out and that does give us some time to
accumulate right now before we actually you know fully see that breakout but
more on that in Wednesday’s video make sure you guys are subscribed make sure
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you can so you can increase your chance of winning to me Bitcoin right now I
just closed out the trade like I said so I’m not going to be exactly jumping into
anything I am waiting to see more of what bitcoin
decides to do and then I’ll update you guys on that as well so something else
you’ll be able to notice while Bitcoin has actually been going down is that the
back futures have actually been setting daily records they set a new daily
record trading over 20 a million dollars so that would be good for back itself
again this is all been while the price of Bitcoin is going down and just
yesterday I remember I saw a long get liquidate a four million dollar long get
liquidate I believe it was on Big Macs so that was painful to see that was one
person getting liquidated make sure you said stop losses guys it’s I don’t know
why that guy didn’t have a stop loss it’s painful but at the same time
somebody it wasn’t using their brain right so I can only be so sad for the
person make sure you set your stop losses if you look at the overall market
195 a billion dollars in mark F walkways are actually looking relatively good we
saw like some tasers be up a lot this last month
that was once performing very well but all coins like I said I think all coins
could start seeing some breathing room and start can start to see some more and
more gains especially a Bitcoin decides to consolidate between now and the end
of the year right start finding a little bit of support and start trading
sideways and get a little boring right then all coins would see the best
opportunity in order to start flourishing start seeing some good
movement that’s something that I want to see but also something I think is very
likely for us to be seeing in the coming weeks and months as well but if you look
at the overall market let’s take a look at two hundred and ninety four percent
gain from story I’m naturally I was not in that our own old story I mean so I’m
not gonna talk about it fusion but magic is up by coin yourself cosmos is up a
commode was up mem is up a lot of cryptocurrencies are up definitely more
red than green in the market though a lot more cryptocurrencies are in the red
a lot more losers in the day today for likes of maker hyper cash a BBC coin
Tasos like I said after was up so much just as last month all the way up to
number 15 if you guys can tell all the way up to number 15 it is starting to
see a little bit of a cool-down it’s pulling back it makes total sense but
now some of the biggest pieces of news has happened this week since again I
wasn’t able to upload for pretty much one week exactly I apologize so much for
that I am really sorry for that I will make it up to you guys I promise the
Black Friday sale for the crypto trailer group is one way that I’m gonna be
making out for you guys in that but again I’m gonna be covering all the main
highlights of what happened XRP currently an accumulation phase is a
spring is a spring breakout imminent so is XRP ready to see that breakout again
we’ve been talking about this for a long time
XRP has been very boring it’s been kind of steady it hasn’t really gained or
lost much it’s been in it’s been in an accumulation phase and I think that’s
the perfect way to put it I think is accumulating I think it is waiting for
you know market movement to start don’t forget the whole market is down
everything is dropping so seeing sideways action seems small movements in
an altcoin is not something bad whatsoever it’s actually very good that
it’s being able to be slow and boring during a time where everything else is
dropping and is in the red so when we see that bull breakout happen when we
see everything that does start breaking out right and that Bull Run does start
moving and it does finally arrive then I expect to see XR PS see some significant
gains and that’s when banking on this one I know I do I was
trying to update with XRP news because a lot of you guys watching are also fans
and are also invested in XRP and if you’re not that’s totally fine I’m
rooting for your all point as well if you want to let me know what it is in
the comments down below what your number one all point is I’m very curious as
always to see what you guys are investing in now tomo chain actually
partnered with neo blockchain to that all I’m gonna say about this is keep an
eye out on these two definitely worth checking out and seeing what they do in
the future this was announced on Friday November 22nd that day tomo chain and
neo that they have announced a partnership to enhance and accelerate
their growing blockchain ecosystems like I said keep an eye out for these could
be something big happening with these two to bigger names obviously neo a very
big name in Domo chain a big name in itself as well partnering up to see
growth and to help each other grow could be something very good to watch out for
okay judge they have also said that said that cryptocurrencies are property and
they’re going to be treated as property rather than being treated as currency so
that’s something that’s coming out as well we’re seeing more and more
countries start to make their stance on to what they believe cryptocurrency is
annoying part is that it’s not being unanimous for everybody it is depending
on the country so depending on where you live they’re completely different rules
we’ve seen this with taxes before it’s nothing new where you know something is
taxed one way in one country in tax another way in a different country we’ve
seen the likes of Portugal’s become of Portugal and a few other countries
become a tax haven for cryptocurrency investors because well they’re they’re
pretty much charging zero zero percent tax on any cryptocurrency related thing
which is pretty good because if you are the US you know how annoying crypto
taxes can be and last but not least Biman’s has actually acquired an Indian
exchange why is there X so that actually happened and PayPal is pretty excited
about Libra coming out so PayPal like he owned some Bitcoin even after he bashed
Bitcoin not too many months ago so keep an eye out for all these things
happening guys you cannot trust what you see on the news you cannot trust what
people say on TV TV has a large reach social media has a large reach everybody
knows that at this point all these guys are very high net worth individuals
they’ve been in brown for a long time they’ve seen a lot they’ve invested a
lot they know how all of this works so when they say something believe
me when I tell you every time any person like this says something even
politicians there is something there’s a reason to why they are singing it’s
never just saying it because oh this is truly just my unbiased opinion there is
always a reason as to why they say this because it’s on TV and they know how
much reach it’s going to get and how much influence that that could have so
keep it and keep that in mind as well when you do hear these people talk I’m
by no means surprised that you know people that say they hated Bitcoin and
bitcoins are worse that’s going to zero just a few months ago are now the ones
that are saying oh yeah no I own Bitcoin what are you talking about I have
Bitcoin it’s been a great investment I think it’s great not surprised
whatsoever but enough about that let’s jump into the actual crypto giveaway
guys I’m excited to bring this for you guys let’s see who the winner is of this
video all right so filtering out spam comments we are back the winner
Elizabeth Spencer who has just said the number two – I believe you’re trying to
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video but guys thank you so much for watching see you guys on Wednesday for
another video

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