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hi my name is Stuart Ross, I’m the co-founder of the six figure mentors and digital experts academy and i’ve got a question for you if i could show you what the new rich know when it comes to making money in this new digital economy would you be interested in knowing what they know all right so what I mean specifically by that is take me as an example I’d be making my full time income online since 2008 I’ve not had to have a job I haven’t been commuting I’ve been trading my time for money in fact I’ve been able to run my business from anywhere in the world as long as I’ve got a laptop and an internet connection so more specifically the question I have is if I could show you how I’ve been able to do that and help thousands of other people do the same would you be interested now the next thing I want to ask you is are you up for a challenge because the challenge I’ve got for you is to go through some complimentary video trainings I’ve prepared for you to really wake you up to what is possible in this new digital economy and then go out and implement it now this isn’t for everybody let me be really clear on that in fact a lot of the people that claim to show people how to do business on the internet will make money on the internet a full of high exaggerations and false promises you’re not going to find any of that here in fact what we’re going to be sharing with you absolutely requires work it takes dedication it takes you to take time and concentrate with the training most likely take notes down and then it’s going to take you actually some time to implement so if that sounds interesting and you’re up for the challenge what I suggest you do is enter your email address on this page and what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to do something else for you first of all what I’m going to do is I’m going to email you the very first video and we’re going to be emailing you some reports as well that you can download but then what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to tell you for those of you who are really serious how you can get hold of the information that’s in these dvds I recorded a private workshop and what I did at that workshop is I really reveal the nitty-gritty the highs the lows of building my business online and if you’re interested in getting that as well enter email address where I’ll tell you more about it but immediately don’t forget to check your email because I’m going to be sending you that very first video that’s going to start to wait you are too what’s possible in this new digital economy to enter your email and i’ll see you on the other side you

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