Wireless Japan 2015 | ACCESS Beacon Framework – Access Inc.

Hi there We have to expand the solutions of beacon using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). We will introduce the characteristics of our company. We have lined up the hardware on its own. we offer cloud management system that manages the hardware, and a reference application that uses the beacon. There are various beacon vendor’s, but our company has developed the application from the old days, so we are good at application and cloud-related development. An example use, there is an example of how to use the O2O in the beacon. Product description of the exhibition, push notifications using the GPS, and the software to take action in the history of API standard, we are preparing. In addition, recently BLE has been noted as the connection with the IoT. We have carried out, such as a confirmation of position information in the factory, management of goods, or flow line measurement. As a feature of our company, a beacon with a sensor is also available. It is the appropriate product deployment, for now of IoT era. Thank you very much in advance.

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