Working at Live Oak Bank: An Inside Look at Our People & Culture

I think there’s lots of ways that people
define fulfillment and find that fulfillment and I think that Live Oak
provides a very rich environment. There are all kinds of possibilities in a
career here at Live Oak Bank. Everyone here is so smart,
they all come from different backgrounds. We’re entrepreneurial – it’s refreshing, right? We think the way our small businesses think. Everybody wants to help everybody
succeed. You know we struggle together, we succeed together. The innovation that
you’re actually working on – building for the future building a better bank is
astounding. Chip and the founders inspire people to think differently, to come up
with new solutions and business opportunities The ability to empower
your employees to think like your customers and express their opinions
like a Max who always wanted to focus on renewable energy & now the biogas space is
one of the largest spaces at the bank. We have a unique opportunity here at Live Oak to
really invest and bring forward lots of new innovative technologies that really
drive simplified banking for clients and small businesses. They’re on the
forefront you know of changing what banking is as Americans know today. Chip, Lee and all the guys who started
this great organization, they often say treat every customer like it’s your only
customer. I think we live up to that here at Live Oak Bank. We listen, we invest the
time and energy to learn the challenges that they face, the capital needs they
have and the way they communicate and I think genuinely everybody here has a
passion for people and the bigger theme of empowering lives at Live Oak.
For Live Oak Bank to invest in potential whether it’s one person, one business, one community,
it’s very meaningful for the vitality of all of America. All the countless folks
we’ve helped get into the poultry business creating wealth for their
family a farm they can pass down to that next generation and then all the jobs it
creates in the community, it’s just an avalanche effect of all the impact it has. There’s definitely a sense of family and purpose here. We joke all the time
every night a lot of the guys will get together and play basketball.
We have stand-up paddleboarding, laser tag We had the same hobbies, our love for
food. I would say that I got pretty lucky with the people that I’ve met here. I have firsthand seen the Live Oak family come together to be there for
co-workers and families in need. There is no doubt no matter what you were going
through the Live Oak Bank family would be there for you and that’s a really
special feeling. There is not another company like
Live Oak, a combination of coming to a job that is new and exciting every day
appreciates winning, appreciates new innovation and then you add on top of
that the fact that you’re in a family that cares about you and it’s so good
for your soul and I think that there’s rewards that come in your personal life
as well as your professional life by being here. Live Oak has created an
environment that makes me feel like I can give everything my all. It’s given me
the balance and the happiness to come home every day and be a good mom and be
able to support my family in a way that’s beyond anything that I could ask for.

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