WorldRemit: Behind the scenes on the Money in Safe Hands set

Okay – smile To me? you look up looking at the ball and action! This is your shop? yes And is it the first time you’ve done a TV advertisement here? er yes steady As you can see one of the challenges we have here is to set up this place so it doesn’t look like a demolition site Good morning class! Good morning ma’am! Have you been on TV before? no What about you two? no So you’re the one that solves all the problems? exactly Would you say your beard helps or hinders this? erm, definitely a hindrance in some circles but I make it – I make it work I’m just wondering if they’re going to give you nightmares or not And yay! (cheering) My name is Mitunze what’s your job on the set? Today I’m doing lighting Though I’m not a qualified doctor and I’m not sure I can help (giggles) You’re not actually a qualified doctor? sadly not, no when the worse comes to the worst you will make a plan! It looks like our van, which we parked here was had a small collision with several hundred kilos of rice but we’re just trying to resolve the situation We’re now going to be filming a proposal scene here one of the last scenes in the campaign Is that the first time you’ve been in a TV advert? nope! And it’s your first TVC? no, I’ve done lots You’ve done a lot – so you’re a superstar? not really but I’m getting there OK so we’ll see you in Nollywood very soon? most likely

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