-How will October pass for the subcoins, will
the decline continue, or will spring now? Some of the top 15 crypto currencies, such
as the XRP, the Ethereum, the Stellar, the Tron, and the Tron, which are the most frequently
asked for, will be discussed in this section. It’s time for Bitcoin. What investors should pay attention to, events,
news, technical analysis is all in this section. Especially in the XRP, there may be a harsh
movement. If you are an XRP trader or are considering
buying XRP, be careful. Maybe you can turn this into an opportunity. It’s all in this section. Greetings to everyone again after a long journey. I’m finally here. I came, but I didn’t come empty-handed. I have received new gifts from Ledger France. Let me show you a new Nano S, OTG kit, Ledger
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liking my videos and writing your comments below. Now, let’s get into this. Let’s start with XRP, fellas. First, let me give you a flash notice. Binance CEO CZ’s tweet says XRP is coming
to Binance’s decentralized stock exchange. This is hopefully this is hopefully more or
less an extra volume, the movement adds to the XRP. And we’il talk later. I’il tell you at the beginning, I’il tell
you the probe. We see that Ripple lately invests and sells
XRP. In other words, he wants to improve by investing
while selling technically. If we talk about the price from the front,
folks, I’m very confident to say that we have not touched the XRP yet, but 20 cents is a
solid support. A support that hasn’t broken in a few years. I always say that. Therefore, no investment advice, but they
will invest in XRP 24-25 cent if they are thinking of buying around 19 cents or so stop
loss loss if they want to order. Because the fall of the XRP to 18-19 cents
may be due to two major events. First of all, the XRP creates a very serious
and very fearful environment with various news reports and this 20 cent support that
has not been broken in a long time can be broken. Secondly, we say that there is a bottom of
the bottom or the brother, altcoins once again sees the bottom of such a solid way, if ever
a good fall, this 20 cent support may break. Well, then it’s already turned into a bloodbath. So in any case it would be a logical move,
at least in my opinion, to stop around 18-19 cents in dollars. Apart from that, there are some partnerships
and acquisitions in Ripple that are not at the level I want and therefore create a success
and the price does not rise at least at the level I want. In the meantime, if there are any new friends,
let me tell you this. They may ask what XRP is, what Ripple means. XRP mining is a non-pay focused coin. Ripple is an unofficial company that uses
a lot of XRP and uses XRP. Although we define Ripple as a company holding
a large amount of XRP, but this level is decreasing day by day. Recently, for example, Ripple sent 31 million
XRPs from its own wallet to the crypto currency trading platform from the person we call OTC
to sell 7 million 400 thousand dollars XRP. Ripple isn’t much, either. He doesn’t take it and send it to Binance
and sell those $ 7 million 400,000 XRPs. Otherwise, the price can turn perte thoroughly
XRP’nin. No one’s mouth burns I’m going to sell OTC’de
or maybe he buys with these XRP’lerle, is paying to the partner companies. So if the OTC also sells these news, of course,
I think the negative pressure on the price of the XRP. By the way, I just said one word, but I can’t
talk. Ripple acquires Logos Network, a decentralized
payment platform. Ripple’s intention is to provide XRP with
features such as futures, crypto money loans. So, in the short and medium term, Ripple probably
has a defi feature that we call XRP decentralized finance products. Apart from that, I have to say that it has
opened to Iceland as a new news in Ripple. Ripple bought Algrim. This is a crypto currency exchange and Bitpay
payment company started to support XRP. We have already discussed in the previous
videos that the purchase and partnership series from Ripple will begin soon. If we only consider them, these acquisitions
did not have much impact on the price of the XRP because they are usually small and medium-sized
companies. We need a bigger story. And folks, as new news, Ripple’s CTO, David
Schwartz He came up with a suggestion that we should build a stable coin in US dollars
to make his lokchain more organized, and Ripple brings the XRP development platform to life,
as I said at the beginning, Ripple wants to develop the XRP in more ways than ever. You know, although Ripple says that we are
independent of XRP, of course not, if you want to improve XRP on the one hand, let’s
talk about the technical analysis of XRP. When we look at the history of XRP, it seems
relatively more predictable than other subcoins in the long run. There is a small symmetrical triangle in the
XRP now, friends, and with the refraction of this triangle, a stiff movement between
the 22 cents and the 26 cents in the XRP may come in the XRP, if the altcoins in general
do not have many events, maybe a little longer. 26 cents. I would also like to draw particular attention
to the moving average of 50 days and 200 days in XRP. Right in the middle of the 50-day moving average,
it’s in the process of making a decision. Also since September 24, the XRP is below
the 200-day moving average. It may hold over 26 cents, but it may break
this level and a new wave of ascension may come. Yes, folks, I thought you were very interested
in XRP, so I tried to give XRP plenty of space in this video. Now, if you want, let’s go to Ethereum and
analyze it in the most current way. I’m sure there’s a lot of questions in the
minds why the ethereum can’t rise. Friends, whether you say short term, medium
or long term, whatever you say, but there is a very clear picture. The new projects that we call ICO have faded. ICOs are no longer available, so new investors
don’t buy Ethereum and make these investments as they are. You know the place of ICOs right now. I mean, the market has regulated itself a
little bit, but I think this IEO fury will not be long lasting. This is not the first time I’ve said that. Binance’s launchpad was a thought I put forward
in its most popular times, and we see that the trend is heading a little further. In Ethereum’s technical analysis, folks, we
see that the volume is very low compared to the past. The Ethereum, which has taken a certain horizontal
fall as support, is going down. We also see a small symmetrical triangle here. The Ethereum up and down can be severely broken. Of course I say hard, but it can be as hard
as the diameter of the triangle. Or I don’t expect a very, very harsh, radical
movement. I think it is not enough to break in there
to wait to hold a position to open. The RSI has also shown itself upward, but
let’s see, it can also break upward, but in the long run, there’s not a lot of numbers,
not a lot of stories to be open at the Ethereum. We will see if the Ethereum can hold here
once the market returns to a solid, long bullish season. Oh, huh? With Ethereum 2.0, a new story can emerge. With the proof of stake, which we have been
waiting for a long time, with Ethereum 2.0, the course of the event may change positively,
but we have to wait January 2020 for this. I think he left his investor alone, Ethereum. He got a little distant from his investor. Another example was XRP, but we see that it
is trying to approach the investor with the latest attacks. Anyway, we’ll talk about Ethereum 2.0 in a
separate video as the launch date approaches. Apart from these, for example, there is news. You know IKEA. The Iceland section of IKEA has allowed a
bill to be paid through the Ethereum Blockchain. The main player IKEA is not in this case. There are two companies named Tradeshift and
Monerium. Through the regulation of the Icelandic government,
the use of electronic money was actually paved in a sense, and this news also appeared on
thenextweb.com, which focuses on technological innovations that are not normally related
to crypto currencies. That’s a good thing. To sum up Ethereum, yes, I agree that Ethereum
and many crypto currencies have suffered severe declines for two years, corrections seven,
and the farther away you go when you release something, the more bullish season we’re calling
the bull season. Although Ethereum has a chance, I don’t expect
an Ethereum-specific rise unless the altcoins generally rise. Oh, no, it’il be nice. Now, let’s move on to Stellar. Let’s talk about Stellar Lumens, fellas. As the hottest news at Stellar, there’s this. There was an inflation mechanism in the Stellar
network, which meant that the projects in the Stellar network would earn extra money,
and now the Stellar blog says that this inflation mechanism is not working as intended. Everyone comes as an individual, friends act
individually. Therefore, the Stellar team is planning to
lift this inflation feature, but it may affect the price At this point, I think it’s not
at the micro level. Apart from that, you know Stellar has had
an airdrop-like campaign on the Coinbase stock exchange for a long time. Watching 2-3 minutes of video makes you earn
$ 2 per video. The campaign was good for a restricted user. Now Coinbase’s Twitter account says that New
York customers will now be able to participate in this Stellar-winning campaign. Other than that, folks, the Binance Exchange
staking service has launched a very new, you know. Stellar, including NEO, Ontology, Vechain,
Komodo, Algo, and Tron, who soon keep these coins in the Binance account, will automatically
earn free coins at the rate determined by staking, but of course you risk taking coins
in the stock market. In the past, when Binance was hacked, we remember
how those who held high amounts of money waited in their hearts. Anyway, good conversation, but the word opens
up and let’s talk about Stellar’s price, technical analysis. We’re seeing an effort to get hold of XLM,
folks. So I’m talking in dollars. Stellar is fighting over $ 0.057, and he can
do it. Stronger regions with minimal glance at 0.0557
regions also above 0.057 below. If it exceeds 57, there may be an increase
to 0.062, but the volume must first come back. The volume is weak, and since September 25,
Stellar has been commuting between 57-59. At the moment, there is no clear picture that
can change this. This table may not change much unless there
is a strong movement in the Altcoins. Therefore, buy and sell transactions in this
narrow band can also be considered. Of course I don’t give investment advice,
fellows. I share my ideas that there is no clear formation
right now. So I have formations that I draw but I didn’t
want to share them because I didn’t get very clear confirmation. In the meantime, if you have not subscribed
to my channel, don’t forget to subscribe and touch the bell. After reminding you, let’s move on to Tron. The first thing I noticed in Tron was that
in the last few months it seemed that the ties between Binance and Binance’s CEO CZ
and Tron’s CEO Justin Sun were somewhat weakened. I mean, I don’t have anything clear to prove
it, but we’re constantly observing the market or, I don’t know, their Twitter references
to each other, justin’s tweets about Binance, or something like that, now it looks like
it’s hot old. Probably for this reason, a nice support for
Tron, who entered the staking business, came from Binance and froze 12 billion Trx by staking. Although Binance has no old wind left in Launchpad,
it still dominates the market with innovations, good and bad, but Tron isn’t in the old mood
like many other altcoins. That’s why Binance is supporting Tron today,
and tomorrow is unclear, Tron supports Binance. In addition, Binance and Tron duo have the
following events. There will be an annual return of 16% for
those who deposit the crypto currency version of the dollar, which we call the USDT, in
the Tron network to Binance. In addition, the first person to deposit the
most Tron USDT to the Binance account will receive $ 50,000, the second person will earn
$ 30,000, and the third person will earn $ 20,000. The remaining 4th and 20th will share equally
$ 50,000. If I said the dollar, they’re gonna send USDT
working on the Tron network. And friends, Binance’s official online wallet,
Trust Wallet, said it supports the TRC20 token working on the Tron network. And folks, Tron has a thing I like about him
before I go through his technical analysis, which I can’t pass on. They make training series called Tron, TronClass. Here’s what crypto money is, like Oracle. I like this kind of work that will benefit
the ecosystem. They also had meetings in the past. I guess they’re not going on with him. As a result, at a time when the subcoins are
passing through the bottleneck, the Binance exchange is extending Tron’s help hand as
expected. If we talk about price, technical analysis,
I would like to take a look at Tron first and draw attention to something. Look, Tron has a double bottom formation,
a relatively trusted formation, friends on a weekly basis. This pattern can often contain signals that
the price will return. Because in the first stage, the price returns
from an important support point and then goes through a recovery process and goes back to
its previous levels, the same support point, where the second bottom point is formed and
an extra rise is expected as much as the recovery process at the previous level. This may mean that Tron, which is $ 0.013,
goes up to 0.070, but it is not a 4-hour or daily chart, but friends. Although what we draw on those charts is relatively
faster, the weekly chart still requires week-by-week times, but let me say this because we talked
about October. In October we can see the first signs Tron’da. I can also say, for example, brother. Volume on the weekly chart of the beautiful
Tron. This raises my hopes. Friends today, XRP ‘We talked about Stellar,
Tron and Ethereum. Don’t worry we’ll also talk a bit about Bitcoin. And today I want to tell you something about
crypto-money mining, fellows. Now you can know that mining, especially Bitcoin
and Ethereum mining had exploded a lot in 2017. With everyone craving madly to produce their
own crypto money, mining revenues fell and became unprofitable. Then what we saw. First, everyone shut down their mining equipment
first. Because it doesn’t burn water, these tools
draw electricity like crazy and want a solid ventilation. Miners who entered the market especially with
the big increase in 2017 turned off these devices and waited for a while. Then they looked at the hope that they began
to sell these devices. Here we have to talk to Turkey, we begin to
see something in Bitcoin mining sahibinden second-hand devices. Anyway, this does not mean that mining will
become unprofitable in the long run but that mining never ends. Even today, not necessarily. After all, if we talk about Bitcoin, someone
has to produce the 12.5 Bitcoin that comes out every 10 minutes, right? Today, someone went to the mining and then
sold the Bitcoin and Ethereum, which we bought from Turkish stock exchanges or Binance from
Huobi. So there will be production. There will be production so that these coins
can be bought and sold on the stock exchanges, but the mining is very relevant to the market. Make sure that in 2 weeks, if Bitcoin hits
$ 20,000, you’re going to talk about mining like crazy. Oh, I’m gonna bring it up here. We need to know mining and keep ourselves
up-to-date, and there’s this thing. Let me talk briefly as a sponsor. prices in Turkey we want to get the expensive
mining equipment, we brought from China to the customs duties may be expensive because
of blah blah blah liner. There is a company called Familitia. They reached me and I wanted to share this
situation with you. They say we are the official dealer based
in the Netherlands. You can buy and rent mining equipment from
us. Moreover, there are no surprises such as customs
tax. Just think about it. There is a fixed 50 dollar shipping charge. They say, for example, consider a $ 1000 purchase
as $ 1050 or a $ 2000 purchase as $ 2050. They say there is no surprise customs tax
that you may encounter afterwards. The link is below. You can look at it, and at this point, folks,
let me share my experiences very briefly. Companies can do that. You know that Ledger is sending me gifts from
France to share with you. When they first sent out customs tax, I even
got a little disrupted but came home, paid and delivered. I said next, so please, no customs duties. Indeed, customs subsequently came without
tax. Now, if we talk about this Familita, there
is also Bitmain’s S9 device, which was very popular in Bitcoin mining. Then there’s A9, there’s Z9, there’s S15. We also have Obelisk series. Innosilicon. That way, folks. They say they provide shipping with a $ 50
shipping charge, as I said in Turkey. You can take a look at the link below if you
want to get it now. If you don’t have it in mind right now, I
said, mining is a trend, and crypto is very much associated with money prices. Tomorrow one day, if mining is popular again,
you might think where to buy it. Then you can look here again. Like I said the link is downstairs and there’s
the code. If you consider purchasing, you can get an
extra $ 50 discount by typing that code. You can actually think that the cargo will
come to you in a free way. In the meantime, I did not buy one to one. Please do your own research before making
any order. I am only sharing possible opportunities with
you. Do not skip this research point, it is important
and always approach it first in a minimal way, if you are willing to have a look at
the smallest number, if you find it safe to continue. I can never give you a clear direction here
because you get it here and here and there. Anyway now, if you want, let’s move on to
today’s bonus information and let me quickly share that information. Though when I heard this, there was an immediate
movement. Folks, you know that
the number of living things on our skin, bacteria and stuff, is a lot more than the world’s
population? Think we have billions of bacteria in our
skin. Even interesting to think off. Now in the previous section, if you want what comments, questions, let’s look
at them quickly. That’s it, fellas. If
you like this video, you can support me if you share it on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. You can also know that our signed Bitcoin
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